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Vi Build Guide by TeaTime4

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TeaTime4

A Girl in the Jungle

TeaTime4 Last updated on January 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, this is TeaTime,
this is my first guide and i hope it pleases you. Dont be to harsh with me and feel free to give me advices on how to improve my guide.This is my first guide so help me getting better instead of flaming and insulting :)

Why Vi ? Because she is just awesome in the jungle, can do great ganks with ( and without ) her ulti , and clears the jungle fast with her E. When you have the complete build , she has great health and does tons of damage ! You can just go trough their tanks with your ulti and kill their adc, and still have enough life to get out of it all. Vi is great!
Have fun wiht my guide!

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So wonder about my items ? ok here is why :

First you get Hunter's Machete , this will allow you to buy 5 Health Potion's. The Hunter's Machete gives you extra damage in jungle and the 5 potions give u enough life to cleare the whole jungle without backing. But more on the jungle later on!

As for the Boots of Speed , you must see what opponents you have. Adjust your boots to your needs. Wriggle's Lantern is a must for a jungler , you get a free ward ,and lifesteal and so on. Good item.

Then you buy the The Brutalizer because it gives you attack damage , and cooldown reduction ! Awesome !
Phage will give you even more attack damage , and more life ! Fantastic!
So it is obvious why you buy The Black Cleaver next , and what it gives you :D

Ok now, Frozen Mallet isn't a must. You can go for a Trinity Force too, thats how you like , and need it ! As you bought a Phage early on, you can go either way.

Then Atma's Impaler. Ok first of all you get armor, but its the passive thats awesome. You get 1.5% of your max life as attack damage ! So guess why your next item is .. the Warmog's Armor :)

Ok so now you have decent life, armor , and attack damage. But if you get The Bloodthirster now , you can get even more attack damage , and some life steal too :) Great :)

So that should be it !

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Skill Sequence

OK i will shortly explain why you go for the Excessive Force first. If you are in Jungle, you can easily kill the witches and the wolves with your E, you attack the big one, and kill the other ones while attacking the big one. Its fast, and does a lot of damage. Later on, you will do the most damage with Excessive Force as it increases acording to your attack damage.

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Ok Jungle :
SO here is my route:

You start of at the ancient golem . Asked your teamates to help you , and finish him of with your smite , if you need to. If not , save your smite for the lizards .
After blue go the the Wraiths / Ghasts and kill them , with your Excessive Force you should get them easily and fast.

Then , do the wolves , and if you have over half of your life, go for the lizards . Now you can gank if you have enough life left :)

The other golems, i prefer not to do them in the beginning. If you have enough life , do it but they dont give you that much gold ,and take a decent amount of your life. Later on you can do them.

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So you dont know how to use Vi´s skills ? OK :

When you gank, try not to initiate with your ulti. If you are to far away, ok ult the enemie to get to him fast enough. But if you can , try to initiate with your Q, Vault Breaker, because it already stacks your W , Denting Blows twice, and then you can press E , Excessive Force twice , get her armor down , because of your Denting Blows 3rd stack. Then , your enemy starts running. Its time for your ulti now : Get him with your Assault and Battery and by then your Vault Breaker should be ready again. Finish him off!
Vi is so cool :D

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Outcome and History

Games using my build

04.01.2013 Creation of my FIRST guide - A Girl in the Jungle

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The End

Ok this is it ! I hope you find my guide successfull , please rate and comment it !! Id like to improve it with your help !
When you Play Vi , you can go to the enemies jungle and try to steal his buffs, as Vi is pretty tanki , you should get away without being killed. Vi is my favourite Jungler and if you Play her often , it will be yours too!
Please don´t downvote my guide if you fail once, try the build more then once and then take a conclusion ! I hope you like it !