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Kayle Build Guide by Alexanderjj

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexanderjj

A Guide For Kayle. Slap Your Opponent Out Of Lane.

Alexanderjj Last updated on October 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Kayle Is a ranged APC. But what makes Kayle different from all of the other APC's is that her main damage is not based on skillshots or spells, its based on auto attacks. (Her E). She works as a normal APC but also as an ADC because she has to stay in the backline of the teamfight's to do as much ranged damaged. This is why I love Kayle so much, she has so much mobility with her W and also a heal with it. She does so much DPS with her E and she has a slow with her Q which gives you enough time to get acouple auto attacks of without any struggle. If you Combine her Kit with some attack speed and a Sheen then you will se amazing resuslts.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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Starting Items

This is a basic starting item for any AP champion. Gives you tankyness with health, Ability Power for damage, mana regen so you dont get out of mana when spamming your E, And also mana back when killing a lane minion this also helps with not getting our of mana.

Take two of them. Having a health pot is standard, try having atleast one in your inventory everytime you go to the shop. This will increase your sustain. If you have 1 more pot than your laning opponent then you will get more damage of out the trades since your pot will heal you for the damage he just delt to you. stop buying them at around the level 11 since they start becoming useless.

Sight is key to win. If you have sight on the map then you can see where to enemies are. This will be good when you roam. Lets say you have a ward in the river and you see the enemy jungle heading to the top lane, you can follow him and help your top laner when the enemy jungler is coming. A 1v2 situatuon just became a 2v2 situatution and if your jungler also came then its a 3v2 and you just got yourself a butload of gold.

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Must Have

This item is extremely over powered on Kayle. It give you 50% attack speed which is enough during the whole game. It also gives you 60 ability power which increases your damage with your E and Q and also inscreases the movement speed you get form your W and and the healing you get from it aswell. On top of that you also get bonus damage on your auto attacks. I have No words, just two letters, OP.

Try getting these just after you got your nashors tooth, Because movement speed is so good on Kayle because you can cath up to opponents to auto attack with your E. If they are faster than you then obviously you are useless since you cant auto attack because you are not in range to. Aether Wisp also gives us movement speed which is one of the items we need to get Lich Bane. So with Lich Bane and Sorcerer's Shoes you are fast enough for almost any champion. Homeguards are good to get out of base quick and to heal up faster.

The ability power on this item obviusly empoweres al of Kayle abilities nicely. The mana fixes her "mana problems" and the movement speed makes her catch up to fleeing opponents. What would they to other than to run? But the main reason we are getting Lich Bane is becuase of Sheen This item is so stupidly amazing on Kayle Becuase she is an Auto attacking champion. Just a simple E+AA+AA+AA+Q+AA+AA will proc sheen twice and you will completely obliterate opponents. During the lane game you only need to Q+E+AA+AA and the job is done becuase this item is so strong.

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Pros / Cons

High Mobility with W
Extreme Burst damage
Anti carry with ultimate
Nice wave clear with E
Looks like female robocop
realy nice late game heal

Heal is weak early
Wave clear is meh if behind
Gets ks'd easily by nubs
Slight delay when E ends
Teemo destroys us

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Green Spots: Keep Warded.

Orange Spots: Ward If You Can.

Red Spots: Ward if realy necesary.

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Laning Phase

This is when Kayle is kinda weak but at the same time strong. What makes Kayle weak is that she automaticly pushes the wave with her E, which makes her extremely easy to gank. thankfully you have your W to save you but sometimes its not enough when your enemy jungler has a gap closer. But Kayle also has extreme poke becuase she has such a long auto attack range with her E activated. 525. Its realy easy to get level 2 kills with Kayle since your auto attacks do so much damage with your E and its so easy to just walk up to your enemy laner and give them two or three slaps in the face. If they choose to trade back then you can just keep auto attacking becuase when their spels are on cooldown then you can just keep auto attacking. When they reach around 50% help and you feel like you can kill them on next all in. Then just Q them and slap them acouple times. The Q will slow them and would probably force them to use either their flash or thye will die. Dont be afraid to die as long as you ignite them. And if you are having a hard laning phase just try to roam to the other lanes becuase you can get there so fats with your W since it gives you some nice movement speed for a short duration and your Q is a nice slow to put on the enemy when you reached the lane. If you are level six when you roam then dives will be realy easy and you can win fights which are 2v3 or 3v4 becuase your ult is so nice.

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During teamfight Kayle is a hybrid APC/ADC because you wanna try staying in the backline to do so much damage as possible with your ranged auto attacks. But keep in mind that you have a Sheen in your inventory which gives you alot of burst with just a Q+E+AA combo. If you are ahead and you are focusing somone squishy then that will be enough to chunk them to about 20% - 30% Health. If somone in your team hit their ranged cc ability then your target was oblitirated in less than 3 seconds. My favortie ranges cc abilities are. Aqua Prison and Dark Binding. Dont forget to ult your ingager in your teamcombo becuase htye are gonna take alot of damage being in the middle of the enemy team. I see alot of low Kayle players Ult somone when they are already at low health. This dosent realy help anyone. Try to ult somone when they are getting targeted already. Block the damage before it comes and blow the enemies cooldowns. Or use it to protect your friendly ADC or maybe yourself becuase you are probably most likely to get targeted becuase you deal alot of ranged damage. If you are playing in lower elo aka Platinum 5 and lower then chances are that your enemies will keep attacking the target you ulted becuase they are to lazy to switch target, to stupid to notice the ult or just maybe they have a bad reaction time.

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My current KDA as kayle is 10-6-11 which realy good, obviously. I have alot of kills, abit to many deaths in my liking but I do also have alot of assist, not becuase my team always does good, becuase kayle does get alot of assist in general becuase of the roaming which is being done and becuas of the AOE damage spread With her E. Her heal also grants an assist by just doing that #Helped. I even managed to get a PentaKill in ranked, Yay me. Even when I lose I get good stats. Becuase of the recent nerfs to Kayle she isnt Over Powered anymore. She is still good but she isnt realy pick or ban anymore. She rarely gets banned unless your playing 3v3 or such. Which we al like. Enjoy My guide and I hope you found it usefull. Thank you for reading this far.