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Caitlyn General Guide by JimHalpert

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JimHalpert

A guide to Caitlyn

JimHalpert Last updated on December 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello I will be doing a guide for Caitlyn with the new updates to sort of keep you guys up on the new meta of what items are good what new masteries are good and I'll try to teach you new things about Caitlyn because I have played her several times and really enjoy her. Note: I am really new to guides and am not sure how to really add cool videos and pictures yet but I will try and update the guide more after its release to make it look better and not so boring and basic. Basically I looked at the top guide for caitlyn and seen how it said buy dorans blade at level one and sort of face palmed but it might of been an outdated guide so idk. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

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Flash is a good pick and a must have on almost any role and champ for escaping or chasing. It is also really good on Adc's for Repositioning and getting tanks off of you.

Cleanse is a Great spell on adc's because tanks love to cc and focus you. With cleanse and flash you can escape things like an alistar pulv and flash out of the way.

Ignite is also all around good for finishing kills and getting that extra added damage. If you struggle to properly use cleanse this is a good backup.

Thought on the new heal: Heal has been nerfed pretty hard recently and i just don't see it being effective at all late game in team fights compared to cleanse. You can still try it out if you want but its not my first choice.

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The runes with the new patch haven't really changed so far they are still standard 15 ad armor yellow MR blues. I have seen a few pros try and go with the armor pen reds, this might be better now damage wise by a little but i'm not sure yet, and this also makes last hitting early much harder to do and learn all over.

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The masteries I like to do are 21-0-9. In season 2 21-9-0 was also very good and you could go either way on adc's but with the new trees and the mastermind mastery in utility, I just cant pass up going 21-0-9. Not only am i getting the mana regen from meditation(Caitlyn being a pretty mana hungry champ) but I am getting the 15 sec flash cdr and an overall 10% cdr reduction on both summoner spells. That 10% cdr for just 3 points early on in a tree is so effective. I think this is really op and something that you would see near the end of the tree so I would really take advantage of it and how much your getting for only 9 points.

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The items thats season 3 has brought for adc's so far aren't the greatest. I still prefer the standard build from season 2 but I might edit and update the build if I notice the meta changing since it has only been a few weeks since the big change. There are a few changes i'll point out such as purchase order early on. In season 2 the standard early game purchases were boots, 2 dorans blades, and the vamp scepter. Now that vamp scepter gives you that longsword ad and has a price increase I reccomend going with just 1 Dorans and going straight to vamp. You will find yourself spending a lot of gold getting 2 d blades and the vamp now and this can set you behind if you do not get started on the major items. Also, in season 2 you could go either bloodthirster or Infinity edge first depending on the situation, but with the price being increased on the vamp scepter, the price being reduced on B.F sword, and the final price on bloodthirster going from 900 down to 650, I find picking up bloodthirster first to be really easy, cheap, and more effective espeically now that it gives 70 AD. After this I follow up with the standard phantom dancer, last whisper, IE, and finish off with a GA. Another great option other than a GA is the new QSS called Mercurial Scimitar. I always preferred GA myself but with the added AD on this new QSS it can be more effective it just depends overall on how good you are at using item actives.(I'm really bad XD) And finally I will talk about the new black cleaver and how it is "SO OP". I do agree its insanely good but I prefer the bruisers getting it and I think last whisper is still more effective. With the bruisers already shredding armor, I will have my instant armor pen to sort of combo onto that and do faster damage then trying to get my stacks up. Also as an adc you are always switching to the target that is in range and it can change quickly so you will want that instant armor pen. Also keep in mind that black cleavers are getting nerfed not only in stats, but they won't be able to stack anymore soon.


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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is quite simple. Just grab your W level 1 if you plan on guarding your brushes or buffs from invades, or if you plan on invading hold onto the point and get either your E or Q depending on the situation. After this continue to max your Q to maximize your damage and harass in lane. After getting your Q I believe getting W or E is really based on your own opinion. Both do equal damage(neither skill does much damage) but one is an escape/slow and the other is an immobilize. I prefer going with my W because I am constantly using traps for protection and control over the lane. Maxing E early in my opinion isn't as effective because until the really late game fights you wont need to use your E more than once. Also your W can be used offensively and in combo with other CC such as blitz.

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Caitlyn's passive is extremely good in my opinion. In combo with her Q you can trade really well and outdamage your opponent. They never expect you to all of a sudden have the added damage and you edn up doing more. Late game with an IE crit Caitlyn can really do a lot of damage and begin to destroy people.

Caitlyn's Q is very useful but also pretty useless. Early game it has great damage and gives you good zoning/control of the lane, but as the game goes on the damage begins to fall off. As you begin team fights in the later parts of the game I only recommend this skill as a last hope for finishing an enemy type thing because your autos do a lot more a lot faster especially with the cast time and damage reduction as it goes through enemies.

As I said earlier I really like to spam Caitlyn's traps in lane to have that extra safety and control of the lane. Caitlyn is the ultimate Adc in lane imo and this just gives her an even bigger advantage. The traps can be used offensively or defensively to save you or a teammate or stop an enemy from escaping. When you see an enemy AD kiting away they can easily be caught off guard and walk into the trap without noticing it.

Caitlyn's E is extremely useful for kiting and repositioning. If an assasin or tank tries to get on top of you and focus you this helps you get them off of you and get yourself into a better position to burst them down. This is also useful for escapes and chases as well as dodging skil shots like a malphite ultimate that is coming at you.(This requires good reaction time)

And finally for the ultimate on Caitlyn. This ultimate can be used several ways, but the best way is after a fight to clean up in chases. Using her ult during a fight takes a lot of time and can get you caught out. The only time you want to use it during fights is if your too low to get close enough to fight, or if you are far away and can't be auto attacking. Other ways to use her ult are for dominating your lane or just using it when you recall. Landing a passive auto into a Q and then ulting the enemy as harass can easily get them down to 30-40% hp and force them to back or be in danger. Also, try and ult whenever you go back because by the time you get into lane or want to even use it again it will probably be up again.

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Pros / Cons

1. Safe laner and amazing laner.
2. Very strong harass
3. Easy farm and good wave clear with Q
4. Safe in team fight and doesn't rely on the tankiest of front lines.(Vayne -_-)

1. Damage is not as strong as a kog or a vayne late game.
2. Can be pretty mana hungry if you constantly use skills.
3. Lacks an instant nuke like graves and corki and is all about cast time.
4. Ult can be easily blocked -_-

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Farming is very key to learn if you want to out cs and gain an advantage on the enemy ad. Caitlyn is really good for learning how to last hit on adc's because of how safe she is and how good of a wave clear her Q can be. Last hitting comes with practice and time so keep laning over and over and you WILL learn how to do it and get better. Sometimes learning your damage in custom games and how to last hit can really help XD.

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In the end i really recommend Cait for people looking to learn the adc role. She is fun easy and completely viable. She can play it safe and still do quite a bit of damage. Ignore haters who say shes weak because although she is weak, she stays alive extremely long and gets more autos off than any champ with her great kite and her escape/trap. Thanks for reading this guide I hope to update it soon.

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Good Cait's

Your text to link here... Doublelift is in my opinion the best Caitlyn player in the game. I haven't really watched the vid but i'm going to trust his insane skill and hope he owned lol. An analysis on a high elo Cait game on a really good pro player by a great commentator. Check out colbycheeze's other vids :D Just another well known pro adc with i'm sure another great gameplay.


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