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Kha'Zix Build Guide by nokturius

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nokturius

A Kha'Zix That Will Make Them Fear You - Guide By Nokturius

nokturius Last updated on October 9, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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1. Introduction

Hi my name is Nokturius and this is my way to play Kha'Zix which I find to work best with this character. I had tried to adress in this build his weaknes and strength at the same time to make him a good ad assasin/fighter champ. Hope you will enjoy this build and if you do dont forget to thumb up. For the last word of this into i would say what to evolve.

1. Claws
2. Wings
3. Ultimate

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2. Runes

This Rune setup is used to adress the wakness of this champ and to make him an equal in the lane and team fights. Not much more to say beside it works.

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3. Skill Sequence

Max Skills In Following Order For The Maximum Effectivness.

1. R
2. Q
3. E
4. W

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4. Items

Build in following order:

Dorans - Boots - Breserkers Boots - Vamp. Scepter - Zeal - Bloodthirster - Sheen - Trinity - Infinity Edge - Silent Whisper - Thornmail (Optional)

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5. Early Game

It is good to start with Doran's Blade as it gives you abit of life and attack + life steal. Best partner for the lane is Warwick. When his ulti goes all power of Kha'Zix q attack from the bushes is reavealed. Early game hide in brush with your lane partner and try get first blood by double ignite+q skill flash after target if needed. When you get first blood and second enemy chapion wants to kill of one of you with leaser health try to run toward your tower to lure him out then with your partner auto attack all the time it is enough if they make 3 steps and they are as good as dead and you gotten yourself two kills. Push play agresivley it is good way to control the brush. Alawys attack from the brush with E + Q. It dose some terrible damage to enemyc hamps and makes them run pretty quickly. Then your getting your core build items which are Dorans+Breserkers+Scepter. Try to snatch as many mid ganks as possible to earn extra gold. Kha'Zix power is his ability to close distance in a blink so use it to your advantage.

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6. Mid Game

By now you should have all the core items + Blood Thirster + Zeal + Sheen. With this basic build is complete and you begin to really lash it out on unwary enemy targets. Because of the choice of runes you can freely participate in team fights without fear of being papper thin. You should have as much health as enemy champs and as much defense too. So dont be afraid to team fight. After all good jump out of brush can turn the tide of many a battle. Support your team always lurk around waiting to ambush. Use your escapability to lure enemy champs into traps. You will have your kill score full. Trinity works really well with Kha'Zix so remember to always get it. If u get champions which are having abit too much DMG use thornmail to counter them it works really well with your own dmg potential.

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7. End Game

If your team didnt let you down by know you are pretty much unstoppable. There isnt much to be said beside show them the meaning of pain. Gank anything that seperates from main team, avoid open confrontation with too much cc. This is important you have to watch out for stuns and such as they will be the death of you. Always choose your timing wisely. You might get accussed of Ksing but the power of the Kha'Zhix is unmatched.

Breserkers Boots
Trinity Force
Infinity Edge
Silent Whisper
Thornmail (optional)

Pretty Damn Strong

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8. Last Words of Wisdom

Sometimes you get the side quest for killing the Rengar and if you succeed god protect the enemy team they lost. But the tide could easily be turned against you if enemy team helps Rengar to gank you first. So be on your guard and do not allow this to happen or Rengar will become lethal. Remember that early game you relay heavily on support of your lane partner so dont play with noobs or you will feed and game will go from bad to worse.

Good luck and have plenty of fun with this simple but hopefully efficient enough guide.
Might add abit more as it develops.