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Wukong Build Guide by ThaMushy



Updated on May 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaMushy Build Guide By ThaMushy 5,066 Views 0 Comments
5,066 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaMushy Wukong Build Guide By ThaMushy Updated on May 23, 2012
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This is a quick guide on how to play Wukong and what to build. I think that he is a very good champion and I mainly use him as a tanky dps who can also initiate very well. Sometimes when im really fed early, I will build alot more dps so I can snowball further on in the game and get even more kills. Now in this guide I won't explain everything but I can say for sure that this guide will give u good item, runes, masteries and playstyle recommendation.
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Why Wukong and why not?

Wukong is very good at:

- Escaping ganks during laning phase.
- He can poke really well in lane.
- Really good ultimate to initiate.
- Can punish enemies for their mistakes really well.
- Nice gap closer
- Decent damage

Why not?

- He loses to most champions.
- If you have a bad team your ultimate can be easily wasted.
- No sustain in his skills.
- His Q is in melee range which can be very annoying.
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Which runes and why?

So for my runes I go for a standard dps tank rune page that has alot of AD.

I get Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage because Wukong has 3 skills that scale on AD, so these quints will give you a great amount of damage.

For Marks I get Greater Mark of Attack Damage because of the same reason as the quints, more damage.

For Seals I get the most standard rune for tanks Greater Seal of Armor. This will protect you to pretty much everything except for magic damage. Most top laners are AD so these are a must. Even when ur against an AP top laner you still wanna grab these since they make u tankier against minions, turrets and other ad lanes(junglers and ad carries).

As last for Glyphs I get Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to protect you from ap mid or an ap top laner, maybe even an ap jungler like Karthus. But you can also pick magic recist per level runes since they will make you way more tanky the longer the game goes on. But I like flat.
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Masteries, why 9/21/0 instead of 21/9/0?

So for my masteries I go all the way in the defense tree because I personally think it fits Wukong way better. BUT!!, I think that masteries are all personal prefrence, aslong as u don't go in the utility tree ur fine. If you play Wukong reeaaallyy aggresive than you might wanna take 21/9/0. Eventough I play Wukong pretty aggressive I still go for the defense tree since I think it fits the initiate role alot more. For the offensive tree you obviously just go for poking, get him low, E + AA + Q + *wait for flash* + Flash or Ult if ur in range + Ignite = kill.
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Early game and sustain items. (BUILDING)

So the first thing I want to say is that everyone can build differently to fit his playstyle or counter the enemies. I always build against my enemies since I can adept my playstyle to the way I build. So please don't go 21/9/0 masteries and build a bunch of AD and than play like a tank..
It will be useless so adept ur playstyle to ur build.

Starting items:

Boots + 3 Health Potion or Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion

I always get boots because I love mobility in my early laning phase, it also allows you to get 3 healh potions which is some sustain that you really need as wukong. Only pick up cloth armor when you have a really tough matchup since you will need the sustain than, also never get this against ap tops since armor doesnt affect their damage which is equal to a waste of money.

As a top laner you now wanna go for sustain items, how you build this depends if the enemy laner is AD or AP.

Against AD sustain items:

Wriggle's Lantern or/and Vampiric Scepter

If im against an AD toplaner I always build Wriggles unless ur against someone who deals true damage. The Vampiric Scepter is for after your Wriggles if you need more sustain but I rarely get this. If you pick Vampiric Scepter up tough you wanna build it into a bloodthirster later.

Against AP sustain items:

3x or 2x Doran's Blade

Now why would you wanna build Doran's Blade over Wriggles against AP laners?? Its simple, in wriggles there's armor, now you will have to pay money for that armor, but you dont need armor against a AP top laner so its basicly a waste of money. You will save money by getting 3 or 2 of these things, sell them later if you need space.

Against toplaners who deal mostly true damage like Olaf, you basicly wanna build alot of health, or/and get 1 HP regen item like a Philosopher's Stone. Still get a vamp scepter, doran's blades or wriggle's so you don't only have regen as a sustain item.
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Which boots (BUILDING)

So after you have some sustain you wanna get your boots as fast as possible. As wukong you have 3 decent choices when it comes to boots:

Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads and Ionian boots of Ludicity

Ninja Tabi is when you are against an AD toplaner who auto attacks when fighting you, the armor will nicely help you the whole game and the passive is pretty nice.

If I don't need extra armor, I will get Mercury's Treads since they will give me MR for teamfights. When my main role is initiating I almost always get these boots because of the tenacity. I really like these boots since its one of the only good MR items that fit Wukong.

Now I only get CDR boots when im really fed and my jungler is a tank and initiator. You wanna get these items when you wanna do more damage because the lower the CD of ur Q and E the more damage you do. But really when your fed the other boots are still one of the best choices.
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