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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaldBadger

A rework on the Champion's Role Types(WIP)

BaldBadger Last updated on October 13, 2013
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Hey guys, Badger here.

I'm doing this more for my friends than anything else to better help them with their choices in champions. These are for players who had played DOTA 2 before League, and is attempting to make the transition. Please also note, I will be adding my own notes into the sections on these Roles when I have time for it (I will use the DOTA Wiki for a lot of the wordy details).

And on top of that, I have a huge problem with League's current Tag system for a Champ's roles... especially if someone knows nothing about that champion, or wants to get a quick idea of what would they do for a team. So, without a further a do...

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In this section, I will put down the list of roles:

Lane Support

We'll go through these, and then come back to Secondary Roles, which I will explain in a minute.

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We all know what this is, just by reading the name, but I'll explain it in more detail:

Lane Supports, aka Babysitters, are champs who can help their team's Carry control the lane in the early stages of the game. They are able to either repel enemies from your team's carry and thus keep them safe (such as slows, stuns, or even walling or escapes for their carry). Or, to allow the Carry to stay in lane much longer by giving them health and mana when they are low.

Champs that are usually in this role tend to either be long ranged auto-attackers, or have abilities that have high utility even at level 1 and up. They should always lane with their Carry. They do not require much gold or levels to be able to assist them, so they usually do not need to farm to be able to assist their Carry in lane.

Why do this? A Carry needs items to be able to carry their team, as well as levels. Putting a carry in a solo lane could give them a great level or gold advantage, but could also put them at great risk of being shut down for a very long time. Lane Supports are very very important to a team that uses a Carry.

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Disablers are champions whose abilities are more focused to reliable crowd control, whether by single target or by area. Though fundamentally Support-like, they can act as an Initiator in a gank for a single target, or even two. I'll explain why in the Initiator section.

They often lane with a team's Carry mainly to be able to stop any attempt on it's life. Disablers are kinda slow some times, so be aware of that when itemizing. Otherwise, unless they are backed with a team to capitalize on their superior crowd control (CC), Disablers tend to not want to go headlong into a large team engagement.

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If I have to go into heavy detail here, I'm going to cry:

By default, a Carry does what it's called... Carry. This can be a large range of champions, but the champs you already know as carries (or like, all of the Marksman), are pretty traditional. But the Carry section is a lot larger than just a couple of Marksman. This can include APCs (Ability Power Casters), or even some Assassins.

The essence of a Carry is literally late game power from getting a level advantage, or a gold advantage (usually the latter). These champions are often easy to kill in the early stages of them game, and need protection when farming. And, again, Marksmans usually already do that, but some APCs still go mid instead of being protected.

Regardless, a Carry may be a late game powerhouse, but when one is on the team, you DO need to have some Early game champions to make up for their lack of power early on. Most "Fighters" and Assassins can do this, along with most Mages.

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Gankers are Champions with abilities that have long duration crowd control, or have a large amount of burst damage in the early and middle stages of the game. They tend to have good mobility (such as jumps, high movement speed, or both) and sometimes have a high amount of hybrid damage (magic and physical). Their goal is to get your team an early advantage for keeping the enemy team down.

How do they do this? By Ganking (duh). These champions will usually also fall in the Roamer category. These guys are supposed to keep champions from farming by sending them back to the fountain... or, in english, kill them. Gankers usually have the potential to become what is called a Semi-carry.

Semi-Carries are usually champions who can do very well with a gold advantage, or level advantage, but don't have the heavy ability scaling late game as an actual Carry has. Semi-Carries shine in the early and middle game.

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Nukers are Champs with fast, strong, and/or sustainable damage output, whether it be through single-target abilities or area-of-effect ones. Because area of effect damage comes mainly from nukes, Nukers can provide a huge damage-per-second advantage in team fights when they can lay down a large amount of damage to multiple targets.

Area-of-effect Nukers also tend to push lanes fairly well, since their abilities can clear minion waves fairly easily. Burst Damage Nukers can be pretty deadly to more fragile champions, such as your Carry, since they can lay out a large amount of damage in only a few seconds, if not one second, there by making them a high threat in team fights. If they are able to burst down a high priority target, fights can easily become one-sided and much more winnable.

Mages, Assassins, Carries, and some Fighters fall into this category.

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Initiators can safely and advantageously start a team fight. These champs typically have strong area-of-effect damage or disable or some skill to affect the positioning to initiate a teamfight. Many of these champs also rely on a summoner to do their job, like Flash or Ghost, or even Teleport.

While it is common for these champs to be in the Durable category, they can also be fragile. Not much explanation is needed for this section.

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Junglers are Champions that can efficiently jungle neutrals at the start of the game, rather than a lane. This can allow for some solo lanes, which in turn can give those champions a large gold/level advantage. Junglers tend to have some sort of sustain (or healing) to take the direct damage from creeps, or can quickly clear out a camp of minions with Area-of-Effect abilities or true damage.

Although having a Jungler gives a large advantage to the solo lanes, it leaves them to exposure due to a lack of a champion present and actually makes them much easier to gank. Consider this when deciding upon a jungler.

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Pusher are champions who focus on bringing down towers very quickly, thereby acquiring map control. If they can do this, they can often shut down the enemy carry by forcing them away from farming or farming under their turret. They typically have skills that can either buff minion waves, or clear them faster than most champions, summon their own minions, or even deal large amounts of damage to towers.

This one is also pretty straight forward. Pushers are usually essential to a non-carry team as they avoid farming for a long period of time, and also tend to avoid team fights later on.

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Durable champions (or Tanks) are champs who have the potential to sustain large amounts of incoming damage from the enemy team. They tend to have a large health pool, health regeneration, armor or magic resistance. They often have abilities to mitigate damage, avoid damage completely, or disable assassins.

Despite some champions can literally force people to attack them(select few of Galio, Rammus and Shen), others just can be very good meatshields.

Durable champions are not only tanks. Durable champions can be champions that can also stand and fight in a team fight much longer than another champion could. Healing and health regen can easily accomplish this. At the end of it all, it really just means that this Champion can survive in a team fight with the possibility of being attacked by more than 2 champs at the same time.

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Please don't make me explain thi- okay, I will.

The main goal of a Roamer is to gain as much map control as possible, by either warding constantly, keeping up with champions that are missing, and either trying to find them, or help find them with abilities or the said wards. Roamers also usually don't need to farm much early on (like a Lane Support), and are crucial to stopping a jungler. These guys can also counter jungle.

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Champion List (Time to read, *****es!)

Here is the chart, my lovelies, in alphabetical order~!

Aatrox [ Pusher, Initiator, Durable, Carry ]

Description: Aatrox is an auto-attack champion, so he naturally pushes lanes, along with Blades of Torment, being able to clear minions very easily. Due to his Dark Flight, he can start on any specific target in range, along with being able to survive in the thick of a fight with Blood Well, Blood Thirst, and his ultimate, Massacre. On the Carry side of things, Aatrox deals A LOT of damage, even when he builds tanky, and with his passive, he gets a free Guardian's Angel. His passive gives him FREE attack speed, and his Blood Price gives him free damage, coupled with his ult.
His job is to get into the fight and do damage quickly, being able to do moderate AoE, and stand up to a lot of carries. Aatrox works very well on a non-ranged carry team as long as the rest of the team is prepared to dive in.
As far as farming goes, he pushes lanes easily, AND he can jungle fairly easily. First two levels might be rough, but afterwords, all is well. His ganks are completely reliant on landing a q and e combo, so his gank potential is so so (which is why I didn't list him as a Ganker, or a Jungler. Having a lane gives him a much better carry advantage).
Items: Because he is a tanky carry, build a mixture of health and damage. He carries by doing large amounts of damage and not being able to die... Lifesteal is your friend. Getting a Guardian Angel wouldn't hurt either. Blade of the Ruined King is a very important item for him. If you skip it, make sure you have something to make up for it. Warmog's Armor is also a good one. Just be sure not to build critical strike items, as he aims to outlast his targets, not out damage deal them.

Ahri [ Ganker, Pusher, Nuker ]

Description: Ahri is a pretty powerful Mage, as she is both a Mage AND an Assassin, giving her a ridiculous amount of Nuking potential. She ganks extremely well due to her ability to be mobile Spirit Rush (jump over walls, jump to people, jump, jump, jump) and if she lands her taunt, Charm, can force flashes or score kills like no one's business. And with Orb of Deception, pushing potential is pretty nice and easy due to the true damage coming back.
Ahri is by trade, an assassin. Assassins should be ganking as often as they can (farming usually doesn't keep them ahead far enough.. they need to hit carries or other laners and have levels/gold ahead of em). When team fights start, try and stay in the back or flank your enemy to the back line. Your Spirit Rush allows for some very great things.
Items: So. Much. Ability power.... but specifically, go for Spell Pen early. The less resistance, the better... and also because a lot of your abilities ( Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush) do not have high initial damage, but do small bursts that side with your abilities. Having Spell Pen makes sure it all gets through. Liandry's Torment is a core item to her, so don't skip it unless you have good reason for it. Abyssal Mask is another good one. Getting a Zhonya's Hourglass is a great item to use to buy some time in a gank or team fight, or even something to start building against an attack damage laner. Just be aware of how fragile you are, and you should do fine.

Alistar [ Disabler, Lane Support, Pusher, Durable, Initiator ]

Description: Alistar is a cc monster with Pulverize and Headbutt, being able to cancel a lot of channeled abilities, disengage with ease, or just lay out some crowd control whenever he pleases (if he has the mana for it). With his Triumphant Roar, he can help his lane-mate sustain a little bit longer, on top of naturally pushing his lane by replenishing the health of friendly minions. And, with his ultimate Unbreakable Will, he can get into the thick of things and tank some normally lethal damage. In strength comes weakness, though: he is incredibly mana hungry (just look at his mana cost on Pulverize) and he's short ranged, on top of having long cool downs.

Items: With Alistar, build health and cooldown reduction, and some mana if you can afford it. With his ultimate, you really do not need much resistances, but having a large health pool behind it is incredibly effective. And, of course, the cooldown reduction helps make sure your ult is up more often, and you can combo a lot more often.

Amumu [ Jungler, Initiator, Nuker, Ganker, Disabler ]

Akali [ Nuker, Ganker, ]

Anivia [ Nuker, Pusher, Disabler, ]

Annie [ Nuker, Initiator, Ganker, Disabler ]

Ashe [ Carry, Initiator, Disabler, Lane Support ]

Blitzcrank [ Initator, Durable, Lane Support, Ganker, Roamer ]

Brand [ Nuker, Pusher ]

Caitlyn [ Carry, Pusher, Ganker ]

Cassiopeia [ Nuker, Initiator, Pusher, Ganker ]

Cho'Gath [ Durable, Disabler, Pusher, Initiator, Jungler, Ganker ]

Corki [ Carry, Nuker, Pusher ]

Darius [ Durable, Nuker, Pusher, Initiator ]

Diana [ Durable, Initiator, Ganker, Jungler, Pusher ]

Dr. Mundo [ Durable, Ganker, Jungler, Roamer ]

Draven [ Carry, Pusher ]

Elise [ Durable, Pusher, Jungler, Ganker, Disabler ]

Evelynn [ Roamer, Ganker, Nuker, Pusher, Initator, Jungler ]

Ezreal [ Pusher, Carry, Nuker ]

Fiddlesticks [ Jungler, Ganker, Disabler, Lane Support, Nuker ]

Fiora [ Carry, Pusher, Jungler ]

Fizz [ Ganker, Roamer, Nuker ]

Galio [ Durable, Disabler, Initiator, Nuker, Lane Support ]

Gangplank [ Pusher, Initiator, Carry ]

Garen [ Initiator, Durable, Ganker, Roamer ]

Gragas [ Durable, Nuker, Pusher ]

Graves [ Carry, Pusher ]

Hecarim [ Jungler, Ganker, Durable, Roamer ]

Heimerdinger [ Lane Support, Nuker, Disabler ]]

Irelia [ Disabler, Durable, Ganker ]

Janna [ Lane Support, Disabler, Roamer ]

Jarvan IV [ Durable, Ganker, Initiator ]

Jax [ Carry, Durable, Disabler, Jungler ]

Jayce [ Pusher, Durable, Nuker ]

Jinx [ Pusher, Nuker, Carry, ]

Karma [ Nuker, Disabler, Pusher ]

Karthus [ Nuker, Pusher ]

Kassadin [ Nuker, Disabler, Ganker, Roamer]]

Katarina [ Nuker, Ganker, Roamer ]

Kayle [ Carry, Pusher, Durable, Lane Support, Jungler ]

Kennen [ Disabler, Initiator, Pusher ]

Kha'Zix [ Nuker, Jungler, Ganker ]

Kog'Maw [ Carry, Pusher, Nuker ]

LeBlanc [ Nuker, Ganker, Roamer, Disabler ]

lee-sin [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Pusher ]

Leona [ Lane Support, Disabler, Initator, Roamer, Ganker ]

Lissandra [ Pusher, Nuker, Disabler, Initiator, Ganker ]

Lucian [ Carry, Nuker, Pusher ]

Lulu [ Lane Support, Roamer, Disabler, Initiator, Pusher ]

Lux [ Lane Support, Disabler, Nuker, Initiator, Roamer ]

Malphite [ Durable, Initiator, Ganker, Pusher ]

Malzahar [ Pusher, Disabler, Nuker ]

Maokai [ Jungler, Ganker, Pusher, Initiator, Durable ]

Master Yi [ Carry, Pusher, Ganker, Jungler ]

Miss Fortune [ Carry, Nuker ]

Mordekaiser [ Durable, Pusher ]

Morgana [ Disabler, Initiator, Lane Support, Nuker, Roamer ]

Nami [ Lane Support, Disabler, Initiator ]

Nasus [ Durable, Carry, Pusher ]

Nautilus [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Initiator, Roamer, Pusher ]

Nidalee [ Nuker, Pusher, Ganker ]

Nocturne [ Initiator, Ganker, Roamer, Carry ]

Nunu [ Lane Support, Durable, Nuker, Pusher, Jungler, Ganker, Roamer ]

Olaf [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Carry ]

Orianna [ Nuker, Lane Support, Initiator ]

Pantheon [ Durable, Ganker, Pusher, Nuker ]

Poppy [ Durable, Ganker, Nuker ]]

Quinn [ Carry, Ganker ]

Rammus [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Initiator, Disabler, Roamer, Pusher ]

Renekton [ Durable, Pusher, Ganker, Initiator ]

Rengar [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Nuker ]

Riven [ Durable, Disabler, Nuker, Ganker, Pusher, Carry ]

Rumble [ Durable, Pusher, Nuker ]

Ryze [ Carry, Disabler ]

Sejuani [ Nuker, Durable, Initiator, Jungler, Ganker, Disabler ]

Shaco [ Jungler, Ganker, Roamer ]

Shen [ Durable, Ganker, Initiator, Lane Support ]

Shyvana [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Initiator, Pusher ]

Singed [ Durable, Pusher, Roamer ]

Sion [ Durable, Disabler, Carry, Pusher, Nuker ]

Sivir [ Carry, Pusher ]

Skarner [ Jungler, Initiator, Disabler, Durable ]

Sona [ Lane Support, Initiator ]

Soraka [ Lane Support, Pusher, Roamer ]]

Swain [ Durable, Nuker, Pusher, Initiator, Disabler ]

Syndra [ Nuker, Disabler, Pusher ]

Talon [ Nuker, Ganker ]

Taric [ Lane Support, Durable, Disabler, Roamer ]

Teemo [ Lane Support, Nuker, Roamer ]

Thresh [ Initiator, Ganker, Durable, Roamer ]]

Tristana [ Carry, Pusher ]

Trundle [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker ]

Tryndamere [ Carry, Nuker, Ganker, Jungler ]

Twisted Fate [ Disabler, Ganker, Pusher ]

Twitch [ Ganker, Carry, Jungler, Nuker ]

Udyr [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Disabler, Initiator ]

Urgot [ Durable, Pusher, Initiator ]

Varus [ Pusher, Carry, Nuker ]

Vayne [ Carry, Nuker ]

Veigar [ Disabler, Nuker, Carry]

Vi [ Durable, Jungler, Ganker, Initiator ]

Viktor [ Pusher, Disabler, Nuker, Carry ]

Vladimir [ Durable, Nuker, Pusher ]

Volibear [ Durable, Initiator, Ganker, Jungler, Lane Support, Nuker ]

Warwick [ Durable, Initiator, Ganker, Jungler ]

Wukong [ Durable, Nuker, Initiator, Ganker ]

Xerath [ Nuker, Pusher, Disabler ]

Xin Zhao [ Durable, Ganker, Jungler ]

Yorick [ Durable, Pusher ]

Zac [ Durable, Jungler, Initiator, Ganker, Disabler ]

Zed [ Nuker, Ganker, Pusher, Roamer ]

Ziggs [ Nuker, Pusher, Disabler ]

Zilean [ Lane Support, Initiator, Roamer, Pusher ]

Zyra [ Lane Support, Nuker, Disabler, Pusher, Roamer ]


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