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Tristana Build Guide by goodguy2166

AD Carry A Rocket Jumping, Fire Blasting, Cannon Shooting Yordle - Tr

By goodguy2166 | Updated on March 17, 2013

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I actually know whats going on. (You got the build now so go on and kill a

I don't always read the Title first but when I do
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Pros / Cons

-No one shall touch the tristana but when they do they're about to feel a world of hell.
-Two versus one their way, no problem your Tristana.
-You fly across the map
-You have the most range out of the ranged carries.
-You attack super fast
-Farming is fast and easy

-When you have a enemy snowballer late gamer your doomed. E.g Leblanc, Ahri, Brand, Varus, Morgana etc. BUT if your mid lane your gonna have the easiest time of your life. Watch out for the CC. (crowd control)
-Once you jump in you never come out.
-What every weakness a champion has - the User, Controller, you know.. you playing the champion.
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The End if there was one

Be friendly to your support and don't rage at the support. It will be your fault if your support becomes the downfall of your team. You have two jobs, help the support and get all the kills.
The support backs you up and does most of the crowd control and if your support is horrible and doesn't know how to manipulate his/her crowd control tell them off and command them. Overall your support is your dog that needs to be on a leash. If you are able to make your support stand out in the team and at the same time annihilate the other team then your job is done.

I don't care about the info I am required to give your I'm here to just give you the build.
It is suspected that you are able to play at the standard level. Not a noob.

But if you are noob never rocket jump in when you just want to harass cause that is dumb and the cooldown is horrible good luck.
League of Legends Build Guide Author goodguy2166
goodguy2166 Tristana Guide

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A Rocket Jumping, Fire Blasting, Cannon Shooting Yordle - Tr