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Shyvana Build Guide by Kathalyse

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kathalyse

A Shyvana like no others...

Kathalyse Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Shyvana is a multipurpose champion, she can jungle, solo top or lane with a partner. She has got as stylish as powerful abilities, and she can transform herself to an powerful dragon, which will increase her abilities and her survivability...

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Skill Explaination

A spell: Double bite
The next attack will hit twice Shyvana. The two attacks apply effects and the impact of the dragon.
Shape of a dragon: double bite wounds all units to Shyvana.

Z spell: Combustion
Shyvana causes magic damage per second to nearby enemies and moves more quickly for 3 seconds. The bonus movement speed gradually decreases.
Shape of a dragon: Combustion burns the ground and enemies that are above continue to suffer damage.

E spell: Breath of fire
Shyvana launches a fireball that deals magic damage and melted the armor of the target for 4 seconds.
Shape of a dragon: Breath of fire burns all units in a cone in front Shyvana.

R spell: Flight of the Dragon (final)
Active: Shyvana turns into a dragon and flew to the targeted location. The enemies along the way suffer damage and are pushed to the target area.
Passive: Shyvana hardens its scales, increasing their armor and magic resistance. Defensive bonuses are doubled in the shape of a dragon.

The dragon (passive)
The melee attacks of Shyvana improve their skills.
Double bite - Reduces the cooldown of 0.5 sec.
Combustion - Increases the duration of 1 sec to a maximum of 6 sec.
Flame Breath - Inflicts 20% damage to targets within the jurisdiction affected by the spell.
Flight of the Dragon - 2 pts attacks generate Fury and the Fury Shyvana gaining steadily in his human form.

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In Red, I take some attack speed marks, because improving ATK speed, you will improve her abilities, so her efficacity in battle.

In Yellow, I take HP/lv seals, Shyvana can up levels easy, because she can handle a lane alone, so I think it's better to have these seals. Armor seals flat is also a viable choice.

In Blue, I take ATK speed also, same reason as marks, but You can take Magic resist flat is you prefer.

In quintessences, I take HP regen, because they help her to sustain more in early, which is important. HP flat quints are good too.

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Summoner's Spells

I take Flash and Exhaust, Flash is useful for everything: gank, escape, place out your R, and more. It's a must.

Exhaust: Same as Flash, take it because you don't have any CC (slow, snare, root, stun...)

Others Spells:

-Teleport: A useful spell for gank, defend a lane, arrive to a team fight. Change with Exhaust.
-Ghost: same as flash but you will not need mostly because your Z replaces it, but you can take to have an epic mouvement speed.
-Smite: Only for Jungling... Change with Exhaust.

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I take a 8/22/0 masteries, for max ATK speed and her sustain potency in early. But you can take an Other Combination...

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Skill Sequence

I take Z at lv 1 for farm well, and at lv 3 I have all the basic spells, to harrass easier. Then Max Z, because of the MS bonus, then max the A for burst damage and finally up the E, E is only for harass in this guide. Up the R spell when it is possible.

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Be an assasin...

I take an Doran Shield as first Item, for sustain easy a lane until lv 6.
Then take your Mobility boots, because have a lot of MS on her synergies with her Z. To gank, and place your R, etc...
Take your Sheen for Boost your A, a zeal for purchase Trinity later.
Then take Wit's End for ATK speed, Magic Resist and his DoT, shyvana NEEDS IT!
Take out a sunfire cape, for survivability and the Aura which is synergies with Z
Take out an Phantom Dancer because of the MS and ATK Speed and Crit %tage synergies with A spell and finally the Infinity Edge to boost your A and your AD, synergies with Phantom Dancer.

The aim of this stuff is to boost your spells A and Z, as you can see those items synergize a lot with Shyvana, she will be rapid, powerful, and she can sustain in a whole team fight.

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Wanna a Bruiser with others Items?

Hum... Actually I don't like the idea (even if it is her main role) of bruiser on Shyvana, but I can only do some suggestions:

-Take Atmog combination.

-Trinity force is a must on every Bruiser on the game (Garen, Nasus...)

-Force of Nature is always a nice Item, which is synergize with Warmog or Frozen Mallet.

-Randuin's Omen is an amazing item on her, due to the easyness of approaching ennemies. Randuin's active can do the change of an Team fight.

-Hum, you can see also others builds or guides, to see an offtank Shyvana, there is a lot of those builds. Besides, this is not the aim of this build.

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I didn't try yet Shyvana jungling. But I know she is an Amazing jungling champion. She can do it quickly.

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Pros / Cons

- Good mobility with the Z and R spell.
- Good defensive stats with R's passive.
- Can AoE damage with the Dragon form.
- Good farming.
- Multipurpose Champion which can jungle rapidly and easily.
- Doesn't need much Damage stats to burst out an ennemy, even it is better.

- R spell useless in a duel.
- Hard to gank when not at LV 6 or more.
- Lack of sustain potency, which is mitigated with Runes and Masteries.
- No CC, but it is compensated with her mobility.

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Shyvana is finally a powerful assasin eventhough she is actually a bruiser, which can track an ennemy when she wants, and hard to kill, because of her mobility and survivability, even if she cannot stun, slow, snare etc...