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Nocturne Build Guide by TheNewBreed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheNewBreed

A Simple Beginners Guide to Nocturne Jungling

TheNewBreed Last updated on May 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jungler Noctunre?

Nocturne, though not very popular, is my favorite Champion. He is a fair jungler thanks to his (its?) passive and skill set, and his ganking potential is almost perfect because of the skills set.
Need to catch up or secure a kill? Use Duskbringer!
Someone trying to stop your gank with a stun or slow? Use Shroud of Darkness!
Need to keep your opponent in place? Use Unspeakable Horror!
Need to gank from a distance or just want to make your opponent **** his pants? Use Paranoia!

In this guide I'll show you how I play..
Noctunre, The Eternal Nightmare

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Masteries and Runes

The runes and masteries I use as Nocturne are focused basically on dealing damage whie having some durability.

21-9-0. If you watch Phreak's Champion Spotlight Videos on Youtube, (Here's Nocturne's :D) (Credit to Phreak and Riot Games)
then you must be pretty familiar with this number. This is his usual masteries for most AD characters. It focuses mostly on damage and durability. Perfect for Nocturne
In my rune page you'll mostly see attack damage runes, with some penetration and health. Again my focus here is damage and durability.

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Skill Set

A big conflict with choosing Nocturne's first skill to learn is to either learn Duskbinger or Shroud of Darkness. Here's a little chart I tried to put up to show some pros for both skills.


- Skill shot nuke that travels in a line and damages all enemies it hits
- Enemies leave a dusk trail
- While Nocturne is in the dusk trail, he(it?) enjoys bonus movement speed and damage and ignores unit collision

Shroud of Darkness

- Passively gives Nocturne bonus attack speed
- Actively gives Nocturne a spell shield when cast
- If the shield is hit by a spell, it pops and grants Nocturne double the bonus attack speed

I chose to go with Duskbringer because when jungling it helps with initiating and finishing off neutral monsters. This is also the 1st skill that I max out, next is Shroud of Darkness for the bonus attack speed. I max Unspeakable Horror last basically because its mostly a utility spell for keep opponents in place, so 1 point early is good enough.

Now let's talk about his(its?) ultimate. Paranoia!
On first cast Paranoia turns everyone's vision, allies and enemies, to a diminished little circle, except Nocturne's.
On second cast he(it?) can jump onto a target enemy champion with sight and radius.
Personally I just LOVE Nocturne's ultimate, forget a last second Undying Rage from Tryndamere or Shen/Twisted Fate's Teleporting out of nowhere, this is THE most ****-your-pants ultimate!
Imagine jungling innocently when suddenly everything goes dark and a ghost with huge blades charges at you out of nowhere and suddenly you're dead.

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Build Set

Alright, here is where everyone has their own different opinion like,
- Why keep the Ravenous Hydra? Why not sell it for another Bloodthister?
Well I am open for your opinions but here's my reason for why I put these items up. Don't worry there's a method to my madness ;)

First of all this is a jungler build so I focus mostly on clearing jungle camps and minion waves quick and easy, thus I didn't dispose of my Ravenous Hydra

Second, the reason I didn't include an Infinity Edge is because, well,.. no good reason really. Mostly because I see Infinity Edge as a carrier's item and I don't use Nocturne as a carry.
I use him as a pusher though so I may need it, but until then that is my build.

Another thing I want to point out is to, as much as you can, save Wriggle's Lantern until you're ready to rush build your last item. This is because you will want to place wards in key locations such as Baron's Pit, Dragon Cave and several bushes. This is because it aids your ultimate nicely, seeing low level champions from your well placed ward could be the key to winning or losing a game.

Another thing I want to add is about the Black Cleaver, I use Black Cleaver because the tanks I face are easily killed by me and my friends. If you are having trouble taking on tanks I recommend switching Black Cleaver for Blade of the Ruined King. That is because it proves to be the best anti-tank item in game after Madred's Bloodrazor ( :'( ).

Note that in my Buildthrough I have a Satic Shiv, I use this to clear minion waves and monster camps, but after you get through that phase you will definitely want to change it to a Phantom Dancer. Trust me.

Small note, alot of junglers have Boots of Mobility as their boots because they want to get in nd out of monster camps quickly for gold and experience, in Nocturne's case its okay to switch out Berserker's Greaves with Boots of Mobility due to his second passive giving him alot of bonus attack speed.

Lastly getting Frozen Mallet is for durability and chasing purposes late game, if you find yourself being too squishy try switching boots, turn Berserker's Greaves into Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads depending on your enemy teams main damage output and trading Frozen Mallet for a Radndium's Omen.

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Summoner Spells

This'll just be a short discussion on why I chose those as Nocturne's summoner spells

Smite: Most, if not all junglers must have Smite as their summoner skill, this makes taking buffs and killing the Dragon and Baron Nashor easier.

Ignite: The most irritating thing about a gank is that if the target gets away with some or little health to spare, Igniting them solves this problem nicely.

Here are some other nice ideas for summoner spells on Nocturne.

-Flash: This gives Nocturne more mobility and better placement, not to mention more chasing and ganking capabilities and escaping options.

-Clairvoyance: No wards where your target is going a quick and well placed Clairvoyance into Paranoia will make quick work of it.

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Jungle Route

Short and simple:
Blue Golem - Wolves - Wraiths - Small Golems - Recall(buy Madred's Razor)- Red Lizard-Wraiths - Enemy Team Blue Golem - Gank

After this it goes different ways, depending on weather you failed or succeeded in the gank.

Success: Push their turret and continue jungling, help other teammates get buffs when needed.
Fail: Go back to the jungle, help other teammates get buffs when possible, gank again.

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Parting Words

Aaaand that's it :)

This is my first REAL guide (I didn't count my Troll Yi Guide since its mostly a gag then a guide) so I'd really appreciate any and all creative criticism :)

Hope you understood all if not most of whats in here. If you have any more questions my inbox is still empty so feel free to ask questions! Also there are other guides here written by more experienced guide writers so don't hesitate to read them up ;)

Thanks for your time! This is TheNewBreed signing off!