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Ezreal Build Guide by nlionf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nlionf

A Simple Guide to AD Ezreal

nlionf Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I get Berserker greaves instead of ionian boots of lucidity because Brutalizer gives you 10% CDR anyway, and alot of Ezreal builds lack attack speed.

After you get the brutalizer and atk speed boots buy a Sheen. It will increase your damage by alot, especially your Q. A good combo is E > auto attack(with sheen proc) > Q (with sheen proc). That will be a lot of damage early game to harass with.

Get Phage 2nd not Zeal since you need more survivability and you already have attack speed from your boots. Finish the Trinity Force then save up for a B.F sword, don't bother getting the vampiric scepter first since you already have 6% lifesteal(masteries and doran's).

After Bloodthirster get either a Banshee's Veil or an Infinity Edge depending on how well you're doing. Finish off with a phantom dancer and then sell your boots for another.

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Skill Usage

Your Q skill Mystic Shot is your main ability. You can use it to harass, to last hit, to reduce the CD on your abilities, and to buff your attack speed (using your passive). Use it while running away to reduce your cooldown on Arcane Shift, this will save your life countless times.

Refrain from using W early game as it costs double the mana of your Q(if they're the same level) and does less damage(scales with AP, not AD). Use it only to buff attack speed in a fight or to push turrets, not for harassing.

Try to use your E Arcane Shift so that the little spike hits the enemy champion, it will hit the target closest to where you land.

Use your ultimate to finish off a fleeing enemy, to damage the whole team if they're clustered together, to steal buffs, to damage a creep wave while pushing or while being pushed. Alot of times when I recall my lane opponent will push to my turret so I shoot my ultimate at them creeps to stop the damage my turret might take. One time I shot my ultimate at an Ashe that was pushing my turret with 3 ranged creeps and she had half health. My ultimate killed the remaining minions and brought her to a quarter health where the turret finished her off. I was still at my spawning pool :)

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Runes + Masteries

Armor pen runes are awesome, they're much better than attack damage runes. You need health per level runes because you're squishy and together with the defensive masteries i take, you'll have around 275 extra HP at level 18, which is a lot. I take Magic Resistance glyphs but you could take whichever glyphs you want really.

In the defensive mastery tree, take 3 points in armor and only 1 in MR since you'll most likely be laning vs another AD carry(if playing ranked) and they + minions will be your main income of damage.

Don't underestimate the 3% lifesteal early game. Together with your doran's blade that's 6% and that's enough to heal up quite nicely in lane. If you take Exhaust then take the mastery for it instead of putting 1 point in AP. I prefer cleanse though.

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If Going to Mid Lane

When I go to mid lane I prefer starting with a vampiric scepter and building into an early Bloodthirster. However since you don't get a brutalizer it's a good idea to get cooldown reduction boots.

With 18% lifesteal at level 1 you will out sustain almost any champion. You will pwn vladimirs with this.

Ezreal is a great mid laner and if your teammates are scared to go vs whoever's on the enemy team that's going mid, feel free to take it. He's a good counter to a lot of AP champions.