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Miss Fortune Build Guide by HybridReaver

A Straight Forward and General Guide To MF

A Straight Forward and General Guide To MF

Updated on January 1, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HybridReaver Build Guide By HybridReaver 6,015 Views 0 Comments
6,015 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HybridReaver Miss Fortune Build Guide By HybridReaver Updated on January 1, 2014
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Introduction: Why Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune is the Queen of Bot Lane when it comes to early game. She wins trades with her incredible early chunk damage and dodging skill shots.
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Triple Dorans wrecks early game. The sustain, the tankyness, the damage. Some of you might think, ok so? Percent health damage counters the tankyness and actually gives the enemy damage. Well this is only in the case of Kog'Maw, as he gets extra range from the percent health damage. In the case of Vayne, you just kite her, auto and Q E. BT provides a huge spike of damage and makes your ult hurt even more. On top of that, I add Static Shiv, which provides great burst damage with a passive that works well with Strut. The attack speed and crit allow you to have good fighting without your ult and Q and more consistent damage.
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Basic combo on Miss Fortune is auto attack Q. Only E when the enemy ADC has good gap close to even the trade. Poke with autos as much as you can, as mana is your best friend as a caster MF. When you are OOM, your W is your best chance of winning a fight. One Q's burst is not going to equal the amount of damage output coming from the AS and magic damage stacks of W, especially in a fight during laning. Also, attack and move forward when aggressing. When aggressing, the amount of space you moved forward will allow you to get enough damage and range on your ult if they try to escape.
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Miss Fortune pretty much has no escapes, which makes positioning on her so important. Good ults come naturally, let your team decide that. What you really want to do is walk to the back of your team, as far away as the range of your ult, and fire. Another important thing to remember is that to maximize your ult's damage, wait until the enemy uses their CC on you. Either walk back or flash away. You never want to waste your ult if you are about to die. That's what makes flash and other escapes your team provides so vital, so that you can micro back and ult. That is the core of your damage when it comes to team fights.
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Poke, disengage, ult, the basic and general Miss Fortune combo. The amount of power Miss Fortune displays down bot lane and the simplicity of her mechanics makes her my favorite ADC. I hope you have learned something, and please feel free to suggest improvements!
League of Legends Build Guide Author HybridReaver
HybridReaver Miss Fortune Guide
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A Straight Forward and General Guide To MF

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