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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shrean

A True Display of Skill!

Shrean Last updated on April 23, 2011
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First of, this is my first build. Tell me in the comments if there is anything i can/could've done better. Thank you :)

Ezreal is a very unique champ and a very potent damage dealer. He can be build both AP, AD and hybrid between those. This build will be a hybrid, but will rely mostly on AD. That is what this build is about. It can be used in both 3 vs. 3 and in 5 vs. 5. There is not many changes in the gameplay, but it is different though.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I pick Flash and teleport.


Flash is a very nice spell which can help you out in many situations. It can be used both as an escape-spell and as a ganking spell. However, it has an extraordinary effectivity when playing as ezreal. If mixed with Arcane Shift you can pass huge (well, large) amounts of landscape without your opponent spotting you. You should remember to use flash first and then Arcane Shift after. Else you will waste the attack from Arcane Shift and it is possible that the damage it would've done could've saved your ***. Always do as much damage as possible.


In a typical 5 vs. 5 match you will benefit mostly from going solo lane, because of Ezreal's potency of getting first blood. Therefore, it is good to be able to return swiftly to your lane if you've gone back or for some reason are missing. It is also very good in teamfights if you want to get to your team, battling for the enemies inhibitor. That makes you able to line up your ulti with a safe aim too. The skill is pretty useless in a 3 vs. 3 match though.


I prefer taking this with me in a 3 vs. 3 match instead of teleport due to the small map. It is, kinda like flash, both potent in ganks and escapes, and will help you survive... Alot! The skill is simple and doesn't require further explanation. A great spell for Ezreal in twisted treeline :)

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Skills and Skill Rotation

Here I will explain Ezreals skills and their potency.

Mystic Shot: An AD Ezreals best friend. It does good damage, has a low cooldown and does not cost loads of many, unless spammed as hell. In that case you have enoungh mana regen from manamune to regain it again. It is a skillshot with a rather long range and can annoy you enemies and hold them from pushing. Best used late when engaging your opponent since it has a long range and can finish them off. Oh, also it can be used to "snipe" your enemies, running in and out of the teamfight, shooting when entering and then leaving. This will be one of the primary spells in this build.

Essence Flux: Alike Mystic shot, this is also a skillshot abillity. It has a shorter range and should be used in the middle of a combo, but can also be used to damage multiple enemies, since it damages in a cone. With this build you will not favorite this, because of the low AP, but you will defenetly not forget about it!

Arcane shift

Arcane shift is one of the (after my oppinion) best spells Ezreal got. You blink a short distance and shoot a missile at the nearest target, favorising champions. It is not suitable as a damage-dealer (of course it does some, but it's not that much) but rather you should use it to line up other spells such as Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. This should be the first skill you use when engaging an enemy.

Trueshot Barrage (Ultimate):
A hell of an awesome abillity, trueshot barrage can dominate a teamfight if used right. It can also be used in 1 vs. 1, but that is a kind of waste. It does loads of damage in a cone with a huge range, alot like lux's laser. Best used if your enemies stand in a line. Keep and eye out for that!

Rising spellforce (passive)
This is great for pushing. As you use your spells, your attack speed will increase by 10%, stacking up to 5 times for a total 50% which is very useable when pushing or fighting. To maximise its potency when pushing you can shoot random minions with Mystic Shot and Arcane shift, while still targeting the turret.

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Item Description

Here I will fast describe the items I buy for Ezreal.

Dorans blade: As Ezreal is a squishy champion it is recommended to pick this, as it gives some health and still supports your damage.

Manamune: Great mana regen and its effect to regen mana at normal attacks. Is build from tear of the goddes.

Ionian boots of lucidity: Boots, of course we need boots! In lategame you will be grateful for the cd reduction, which is more important than the other boosts could give you.

Malady: Gives attack speed and a bit ap and makes the target more vulnerable to magic damage, which ezreal benefit alot from.

Guisoo's Rageblade: As it gives both AD and AP, plus an attack speed buff, this item is very very good for Ezreal. Also, it is not really expensive and can be bought fast in early game.

The black cleaver: Gives a large bonus to your AD and also support your attack speed a bit. Now the most awesome part comes :D Mixed with malady, with this you will make your target more vulnerable to both magic and physical damage, which almost calls for a skill-spam rain! Now you will benefit from all the attack speed you've gathered. It will help you greatly in a 1 vs. 1 situation.

Trinity Force: Build up from Phage, Sheen and Zeal, this makes and ecxellent finale to Ezreal item list. It gives attack speed, healt, mana, crit, movement speed, AP and AD. It also got various effects which Ezreal would also benefit greatly from.

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In a 5 vs 5 match, you will not always be allowed to solo lane mid, so you can also be forced to lane. Then you should go with a tough melee, possibly a tank, but a bruiser or a stunner would be better, as you can get away pretty fast anyway.

In a 3 vs 3 you should pick to go with someone in bottom lane. Again, a melee would be good. Stay out of the enemies range and shoot off their heads!

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As I told before, Ezreal is rather unique, but he is also simple. All of his skills are skillshotting and skill is required to play him. So here is a solution for you. 1. you are skilled: no problem! 2. you are not skilled: go train!

Problem solved :D

Just kidding. Hope you enjoyed!