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Aatrox Build Guide by Jimitrix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimitrix

Aatrox - Smack 'em All

Jimitrix Last updated on June 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first attempt at making a guide.
I dont like doing all this typing part TBH but just know that This build is quite good. I love this build.

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Quick Info

How to use his abilities to your best advantage:

Now to use Aatrox's abilities to your best advantage you need to know all of his abilities.

Passive:[/b]His passive Blood Pool is extremely useful. To make full use of this make sure its full as much as possible as often as possible. The more it gets filled the more attack speed you get. It is a very useful passive. Early its easy to fill. 2 e's or q's can fill it pretty fast. My personal favorite way to fill it when in lane is to have your w on Blood Price. Since we should have Vamp Quints we can use the blood price early in the game.

Dark FlightThis is his knock up ability and his get away ability. Know when its on cd and know how and when to use it. I love using this to set up ganks and also to save the adc who is being focused. Don't use it to catch up to someone. I use the e for that since it has a slow that is pretty effective. Only use the q to catch up to someone if you know that their flash is down and u can hit them with the knock up. This has a 10% health cost so it can fill up your blood pool pretty easily.

Blood Price and Blood thirst are your bread and butter.

Blood Thirst: I only use Blood Thirst when im below half hp. It double the healing effect when you're below 50% hp. Blood thirst should not be used when you are dueling an opponent until you reach that 50% hp mark, Sometimes then its not even a good idea to use. If u are dueling and you are using the thirst the whole time yes you have great sustain but u arnt going to win that fight, he will most likely just flash away and get away.

Blood Price: This is my favorite thing in the whole world. Early game it does tons of damage to the enemy if you know how to use it. Hit minions twice to get it proced then if the enemy champ gets too close change to blood price and hit him for a great amount of damage. This move can cripple champions so fast if you have the attack speed and damage for it. Every 3rd hit does so much damage i dont even want to talk about it. You may not want to use it early beause it has a health cost but it isnt even that much. It works well when last hitting the big creeps and at lvl 3 it can one hit the range creeps. (with the execption that you bought at least a vamp scepter + longsword (I think))

Blades of Torment: This move is great for slowing down the enemy to catch up or to run away. I have saved a lot of people just by using this ability to slow down the enemy. If you are chasing someone use this before you q them. If you can catch up to them using the e and finish them off its great. If you know their flash is up its better to use this first to catch them beause its cd is less than your q's cd. If i know their flash is down i q first to knock them up and then i e to slow them down so they dont get away. This move can do a bit of damage as well and can poke enemies under their tower. It is a skillshot and is harder to hit when they are further away but just use it smart and you should be fine.

Massacre: The ult. This has a really low cd so dont be shy on using this whenever your dueling. It does 200/300/400 magic damage to surrounding enemies, boosts your attack speed by 40/50/60% and increases your melee range by 175. This is amazing to use when dueling. Make sure you use it at the begining or the middle of the fight. Its bad to use it right before the end or right before you might die or go into your passive state. It adds to the ability to just cripple your enemies very fast. One thing you need to make sure you notice is if you are dueling a ranged champ and he is just barely in your current 325 range (thats with the ult). If your ult runs out you will have to walk forward and continue striking your opponent. I didn't realize this in a duel once and I started walking towards the enemy and lost the duel i would have otherwise won.