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Nautilus Build Guide by xDopii

Support Abuse the Meta as Nautilus (Unstoppable Korean Builds)

By xDopii | Updated on February 16, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Shield Bash
Bone Plating

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
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Support Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

Abuse the Meta as Nautilus (Unstoppable Korean Builds)

By xDopii
Hi I'm Dopi, a diamond 3 Support main in EUW and I mostly main hook champions. Nautilus is one of them. I made this guide to show you the best current builds for Nautilus in this season and teach you how to abuse the currently broken Sunfire Aegis, an item that provides a lot of health, protections and damage!
Check out my Youtube and Twitch channels if you want to see some Support Gameplay!

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Youtube Channel
Sunfire Aegis Back to Top
Sunfire Aegis is currently a very strong tank item. It makes you very tanky providing protections, health and ability haste while also dealing a lot of damage. The damage scales with health which we will have a lot of using this build. This item gives you pretty much all you need, the bonus damage will help you win fights and you won't miss out a lot on stats you would get from other items.
Pros and Cons Back to Top


+Hard CC
+Good Damage
+Great Engage
+Decent Peeling for allies

Nautilus is a very strong engage tank Support with a lot of CC and damage. He also has decent mobility and a shield to keep him alive.


-Bad Hooks can easily be punished
-Hooks can be hard to hit

Hitting Hooks and finding the right target can be rough. When hitting an enemy, you pull yourself towards you meaning that a bad hook can easily be punished.
Runes Back to Top
Aftershock: Increases your armor/magic resist and deals a little bit of damage to nearby enemies after immobilizing them. This is a very good rune if you want to be a bit more tanky and survive more enemy attacks.

Shield Bash: Gain extra armor and mr when using a shield, also increases the damage of your next auto attack when shielding yourself.

Bone Plating: After taking damage, the next few attacks used on you from that source deal less damage. Good for being more tanky in lane and being less punishable.

Unflinching: Increases your Tenacity for every ability and summoner spell on cooldown. Very useful for reducing the duration of the enemies' CC and being more mobile.

Presence of Mind: When taking down an enemy, refund a percentage of your max. Mana and increase your maximum mana by 100 (Max 500).

Legend Tenacity: Increases your Tenacity for every takedown you get. Great for being more mobile.

Perfect Timing: Gives you a free stopwatch after 14 minutes or earlier depending on how many takedowns you get. Also reduces the cost of Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Cosmic Insight: Grants 5% CDR, Increases your max CDR by 5%, 5% Item CDR and 5% Summoner Spell CDR

Ghost Poro: After your wards die, they remain for another minute or untill an enemy walks by. This is useful for having deep wards or warding when you're losing as it can be more dangerous to walk into the jungle but with a Ghost Poro this can be easier.

Ultimate Hunter: Reduces your ultimate's cooldown depending on how many enemies you've taken down.
Abilities Back to Top

Staggering Blow [Passive]

When Nautilus basic attacks an enemy, they are rooted for 0.75s to 1.5s (depending on level). His basic attacks also deal bonus physical damage.

Dredge Line [Q]

Nautilus throws his anchor forward in a line. If it hits an enemy, he pulls them towards him whilst also dashing towards them, dealing magical damage. If it hits a wall, Nautilus pulls himself towards it reducing half of its mana cost and half the cooldown.

Titan's Wrath [W]

Natilus shields himself for 6 seconds. While the shield is active, his basic attacks deal bonus magical damage and hit all enemies around his target.

Riptide [E]

Nautilus creates 3 waves of explosions around him. Each explosion deals damage to enemies and slows them.

Depth Charge [R]

Nautilus selects a target. He then fires a shockwave that chases the target while dealing damage to every enemy it hits. When it reaches the target, they are knocked up into the air and stunned while also taking magical damage.
Conclusion Back to Top
Nautilus remains a strong champion in season 11, the new items make him very tanky. You will be unstoppable with this build and new item Sunfire Aegis. Good luck in your future games and I hope you liked this guide :D

Check out my Youtube and Twitch channels if you want to see some Support Gameplay!

Twitch Channel
Youtube Channel
League of Legends Build Guide Author xDopii
xDopii Nautilus Guide
Abuse the Meta as Nautilus (Unstoppable Korean Builds)

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