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Lucian Build Guide by Paradox989

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paradox989

AD Burst Life Steal Lucian (IN THE WORKS)

Paradox989 Last updated on August 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Let it be known that this is my first guide ever and i don't claim to be great at the game either. I just noticed this build worked nice for the way that i play. Lucian is an extremely squishy player. Everyone will tell you that and he is, trust me. If you think you have a good idea to make this build even better tell me comment do whatever. Im pretty open and just like everyone else i want to win and get better.

*Edit* yes the 19 BloodThirsters are a joke.

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Pros / Cons


    Easy to be OP mid to late game
    Great burst capabilities
    Very easy to stack AD
    Strong ranged character
    Very squishy (easy to kill)
    Heavily reliant on early game farming
    If you aren't OP the only thing you can do is poke and run
    limited sustainability
    No crowd control or slows/stuns/silencers
    Relies on items alot!
    Abilities are obviously nerfed
    This build is still a bit mana draining
    Extra Skin kinda blows

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These runes are what i consider basic for AD burst champions. (these are the same runes i use for Talon) Attack Damage Attack Damage Attack Damage, this will help over come your low health and quick mana consumption. With this i also added attack speed seals because it will help tremendously since we are stacking AD. The glyphs of cool-down are wonderful to use with your Q and W. Granted this will drain your mana but late game you can get your Q to about a three second cool down with roughly 600 damage. The Seals of armor are a must especially because AD bruisers like to gank people in the bottom lane. Same goes for the Glyphs of Magic Resist. You need sustainability and these help amazingly.

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Honestly im only level 20 so i dont have all 30 mastery points but once again attack damage is the key to any burst. I used the left over points in defense to give you more sustainability and less trips back to base.

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I first start building attack speed because i think its easier to farm with it. Once you are ready to start on your Blood Thirster you should have around 1.09 attack speed. The Bloodthirster is a great item, it has the highest attack damage for ranged characters. I also am a huge fan of stacking Life Steal, i think it can truly change the way a battle is going. After that is the Stinger which quickly builds into the Zephyr wich will polish off your attack speed, give you extra damage, movement speed, cooldown reduction, and tenacity! Next is where you can change things up. If the enemy team has realized they dont like you killing them alot they will build armor which is where Youmuu's blade comes in. Which great armor penetration, cooldown reduction,and even more attack, it helps alot. Then buy as many Bloodthirsters as you can. If the other team doesnt build armor buy one Bloodthirster then does as i say above. If you are getting beat up pretty bad i personally choose the Spirit Visage because it will work wonders for almost any champion.

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When youre farming it helps to use your Piercing Light to not only kill minions but poke or harass the enemy champions so they dont attack and drive you back.
Literally it helps you so much late game when you have more money than you need and you can just mow down the enemy like they have never played the game before.

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Skill Sequence

I always build the Piercing Light first because it gives you great bonus AD for a time. Piercing Light must have a target in range to shoot but can damage farther than its range. if someone is on the run aim at a minion thats in line with them and you can hit the enemy champion.

Along side that you can build Ardent Blaze (which really does explode in a star patern) to to help out against minions. It can also help get that last hit on people who have nearly escaped.

*I nearly forgot but Piercing Light has a delayed attack(similar to Lux's horrid mega rape blast) so you can set your Q then nearly immediately set and fire Ardent Blaze which is alot of damage almost all at once.*

I dont put too many points toward towards Relentless Pursuit since it is more of an escape ability and i dont go on attacking rampages till later on in the game anyways.

The Culling is a great Ult but it is extremely easy to counter! It has great range and can really chop down alot of tanks, it is countered by almost everything. If i minion where to step in between you and the enemy champion the minion will take all the damage(YOUR ULT DOES NOT PIERCE)! Also your ult will immediately stop if anyone uses any sort of crowd control on you. You can be .01 seconds into your ult and if you get stunned its over. The best way to use it is when there are no enemy minions around and your enemy is running, you can use your ult and cut them down while they run. Dont forget you can move during your ult but you cannot change the direction your are firing! You can also use Relentless Pursuit during your utl. If you kill someone with your ult Relentless Pursuits Cooldown ends.

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Team Work

This build REQUIRES a good champion to go bot lane with you.

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Flash is a must at all times. Always. Combined with Relentless Pursuit you can really put some distance between you and your enemy when you need to run.

Since you are a burst character with no slows or CC i often choose exhaust because it can give you that extra two seconds you need to really put a hurting on someone.

Heal would alwasy be a solid choice for early-game play since it will help you stay in the lane longer and get more gold. If you stack life steal like i do it doesnt help muc later on. Still not a bad option either.

Barrier can do the same thing. With low health champions sustainability determines life or death.

The rest of them are really just up to your play style.

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In summary remember you are a Ranged Burst Character, not a tank. You can be killed if you over estimate yourself. Remember since you have low health but high damage Life Steal can sway any battle in your favor. Farm early as much as you can, dont target enemy champs until mid to late game. Just use your Q and poke them from a distance.

Again this is my first guide. if you have any ideas just tell me and ill put it in here. We all want to win.