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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jstyles

AD Carry & You - A Detailed Guide to Improvement!

Jstyles Last updated on January 28, 2013
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This Introduction, A Bit About Me, and More!

Hey guys,

Here and everywhere else besides League I go by the name of Jstylish. I've been playing since Pre-Season 1 and from that time up till now I have mainly focused on the role of " AD Carry ". I have done this through normal games, ranked games, in-house competitive games, team vs. team games and so on and so forth~ so that would be my " valid " proof of my experience with the role thus far. I can also tell you right now that I have no success in Solo Queue ranked nor do I have a rating in Team Ranked, but my experience is there and I can still teach you quite a bit about how to shine in this role.

What will I learn from this guide?

Quite a bit actually, especially if you're looking to improve like I am. You'll learn about the importance of your role, how to play your role, how to build in your role, micro management, lane dueling, etc. It's very in-depth and I will tell you now that by the time you're done reading this guide, you're not gonna learn a thing until you've practiced what I'm about to teach you. It's like watching a professional's livestream, you don't actually learn it till you've practiced it.

If you're not high elo, why should I listen to you in this guide?

You don't have to read this guide, you don't have to take anything from this guide. This is just a mere wall of text about how to ADC through my long experience from start to finish. It has brought me a lot of success in my matches so I'm just sharing the idea. I can also tell you that I've taught my friends how to utilize themselves as an ADC, and I've also taught my own girlfriend how to ADC. Most are still practicing, but they have had many successes as well.

Is there a guarantee that I'll improve or learn anything by reading this guide?

Perhaps... like I said, it's all words and it requires a lot of practice before you actually improve or learn anything from what I'm about to tell you in this guide.

Anywho, let's go over the guide now section by section.

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What is it and what does it do?

It's basically what it sounds like, you're the Attack Damage Carry of the team. The trump card when people need to be carried to victory. You shine and scale well from start to finish when things go well, but you melt from start to finish if things go bad. Everyone will expect a lot out of you when you play this role, some will expect a bit too much. Yeah, you're THAT important.

The ADC has a few simple tasks:
    Micro Management (Moving and Attacking)
    and more...

Sounds simple huh? Yeah, not really. It's a tough job, just like almost everything in every day life. Farming is one thing, can you farm high and fast enough to get what you need to carry to late game? Can you carry your team regardless of your mistakes or your teammates mistakes? Can you micro manage yourself in small skirmishes or team fights to change the outcome of the game? A lot of these factors come into play when you play an ADC. It takes a lot of quick thinking and microing to be successful in this role. Not too many realize that though, a lot would like to think that this role is by far the 2nd easiest to play next to support. Trust me, it's not and you'll see that when you get outclassed by a high skill level ADC player and his / her team.

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Finding the fitting AD Carry for the team!

* This is for Ranked / Draft Only

A lot of people like to pick and play what they please, especially in low elo Ranked. If you're going to play ADC, it's best to pick an AD Carry that is best suited for the situation for the best results. I mean, you do care about gaining rating right? In every ranked match I play, even in private competitive matches, I like to get what's best for my team. Do we need more CC and Utility? Do we need a tanky true damage carry? Do we need a burst AD carry? All of these should be asked before you decide to pick up your ADC at Champion Select.

How do I pick my fitting ADC?

Before you pick, look at your team and your enemy team. What do you need most? Does the team have a lot of gap closures and high damage output with tankiness? Then you would probably want to get a Corki using the Trinity Force build path to kite away from those gap closures and use the " Phage" passive to perform kiting. You're also a bit tanky with the Phage, so you can take some extra punishment.

Have a lot of squishy targets with high threat material that needs to be taken down as fast as possible? Then you would probably want a Graves who has a lot of high damage burst to go around. Maybe even Ezreal included.

Need a lot of ground covered with Utility? Does your team need that extra CC? Does the enemy team look like they can be heavily affected by slows and a stun? Then you would probably get Ashe for that situation, the all-around situational AD carry.

These are just some examples. Of course, you don't have to play " proper " ADC if you don't want to. This is just for a greater chance to raise that elo that you've so long complained about~ probably.

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Fully synergized combos are the best combos! Maybe...

As an ADC, you want to have a support that would fully benefit you without too much disadvantages against the enemy team or maybe create open opportunities. When you pick your ADC or have decided on it, ask the support to pick a support that's fitting for yourself, the team and against the enemy team. With that being said, here's some common bottom lane combos:
Ezreal, Graves, Corki / Leona - Aggressive.
Ezreal, Graves, Corki / Taric - Aggressive & Sustain.
All ADC / Soraka - Passive Farm & Sustain, Small Exchanges.
All ADC / Sona - Passive Aggressive & Sustain, Small Exchanges.
All ADC / Janna - Passive Farm, VERY Small Exchanges.
All ADC / Alistar - Passive Aggressive & Sustain, Small Exchanges.
Caitlyn, Vayne / Nunu - Passive Aggressive.

The most common lane is the Ezreal, Graves, & Corki with Leona combination. A lot has to do with the aggressiveness within lane fights and team fight contribution. Consistent stuns, stun combos and so on and so forth makes this lane combo a nightmare. Though, like all combos, there are a bit of disadvantages so it's not really the best combo to have.

But, but... Caitlyn & Nunu are OP.

Sure, if you know how to use it and when to use it. It has its own downfalls too such as no sustain, maybe even combo CC lanes like Corki & Graves / Leona would even stomp that lane. It's team contribution capability lacks in some things too if a Nunu decides to do anything shifty. Movement displacements and stuns pretty much stop him from doing that if he attempts to do such things. Ice Blast does slow an opponent down a whole ton in terms of movement, but it can't slow everyone. This combo also relies on heavy micro management quite a bit since it's utilizing slows, keeping your distance, and benefiting from a " Free Phantom Dancer Speed " which is great for advanced ADC players and Support players who have the same mindset.

* Low Elo players try to utilize this combo the most and it's absolutely hilarious. Remember, if you're not micro managing well as an ADC then this combo is probably not for you.

So as a small reminder, try to utilize a combo that benefits the team and not just yourself and your support. It's never good to take on more than what you can chew.

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Money money money! LOADS OF MONNEEEEYYY!!

This section will be short and brief since this requires almost little to no knowledge to know how important farming is. Since you're the ADC, the amount of gold you farm from creeps is important like no other. Your items are expensive and you have no time to be slacking off and being behind in farm. The second you fall behind is the second you won't scale fast enough for any phases of the game.

When you're doing your last hitting in Lane Phase, just make sure you prioritize the tank minion when it comes to it above all else~ it's worth the most. That doesn't mean lose 3 - 5+ last hit farm over a tank minion either. If you're new to last hitting, try to find a rhythm in your movements and creep scoring. There's always a rhythm in everything that people can get into.

Also take some Jungle minions if you're allowed to do so, it helps with the extra gold especially in laning phase.

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Always try to adapt to changing weather!

In every AD Carry, there's usually a one trick pony build that everyone loves to do. As great as that sounds, you should really diverse your build depending on what your team needs. The common one trick pony build that I refer to is to build straight down the common DPS path, then a defensive item:

Berserker's Greaves -> Infinity Edge / The Bloodthirster -> Phantom Dancer -> Infinity Edge / The Bloodthirster -> Last Whisper -> Guardian Angel

In most of your matches, you might need a little something else a bit sooner. Perhaps you need to mix it up due to the following reasons:
    No one is able to peel for you.
    Taking too much damage.

If there are any more reasons than that, you're probably doing something wrong. Aside from that, a little bit of early defense item doesn't hurt anyone at all. Maybe you can go for a Guardian Angel after your 2nd damage item. Perhaps they're stacking armor early game, doesn't hurt to get Last Whisper after Phantom Dancer.

Here's a common build I go for Graves if the enemy has Aegis of the Legion and some additional follow up armor such as Randuin's Omen at to about 25 - 30+ minutes into the game.

Berserker's Greaves -> Doran's Blade -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom Dancer -> Last Whisper

and to add on to the touch, you can buy Guardian Angel if need be. Warmog's Armor is a good exception too since the new item meta is to be truly tanky in health and armor. Try to pick an armor best suited for the situation.

I run the epic Corki Trinity Force path! What do I do?!

Same thing, except you'll most likely not have Phantom Dancer I'm assuming. Decide what is best for the situation. As Corki, you're already tanky as is with the Phage built-in with Trinity Force.

Statikk Shiv and Runaan's Hurricane are good items! BELIEVE IT!

Stop it, in what universe do you think Runaan's Hurricane is good on any AD Carry? It's a mediocre item meant for trolling. You're here to do as much damage as possible. This item does not provide anything to help you do heavy damage output. This goes along with Statikk Shiv as well. You'll scale a lot better with Phantom Dancer with SOME very minor exception as Graves or Tristana, maybe~ I don't prefer it.

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Moving around is a great way to stay in shape! LETS GET MOVING!

In team fighting, your job will most likely be seen as: Kill any squishy targets that YOU MUST get your hands on. Maybe your job will be "Focus [Target]", and then that's the end of it. Lets be honest, you'll be focused, you'll most likely get peeled and chased down. There is no avoiding it and you'll usually get the short end of the stick because of it.

Most people will look at it this way and say that's the role of an AD Carry. Truth be told, it's not. Your PROPER job is to do as much damage as humanly possible while you're getting peeled or chased down by whoever. No human with proper logic will allow you to attack freely. Bruisers will go after you, AP carries will go after you, tanks will go after you~ it's the real truth. You'll most likely die with all of these bruisers, tanks and carries going after you but... why not try to take people down with you?

With that being said, there's also an exception. If there's an opportunity to take down a really easy-to-kill target, I'd say TAKE IT!

I don't get it, why not just target the squishy targets immediately and ignore everything else?

Like I said, no decent person will allow you to do that. You'll just become on their top priority list and get melted like no other. It's best to pay attention and take out any high threats towards yourself.

Wouldn't proper positioning get you the kills you need?

Of course, proper positioning is everything as an AD Carry. However, there's tons of champs out there with gap closures that can chase you. Diana, Malphite, Vi, Ezreal, Corki, Graves, Akali, Maokai, etc. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a very important aspect... you just can't rely on it too much and then blame everyone else because of it. That's not how it works. Good positioning only gives you good opportunities by chance, not guarantees.

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If I could micro my Marines like that, I could totally... what?

This is probably the hardest part of playing an AD Carry. Only about 30% of the total amount of AD Carry players know how to actually micro and kite their opponents thus giving them the edge in each match they play. If you're new to this, I can guarantee you that you won't learn this on the same day that you've read this section. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of hand work, and a lot of practice.

What is micro / kiting? I don't even know if you're talking my language now!

Easier said then done, hah! Anywho, kiting or microing is basically where you utilize and abuse movement while still throwing out the damage. In simplest terms, you throw an auto attack then move back or step to the side repeatedly. Move, attack, move, attack, move, attack, repeat.

Just keep note that the more movement speed and attack speed that you gain, the faster you'll need to micro. This way, you'll be able to keep up with your damage output as you micro or kite.

Here's some examples of kiting and microing:

Kinda simple, kinda not. You'll get used to it once you've practiced it a couple of times. Also, these videos are not mine so I give credit to these guys who actually put the effort to make them.

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It's time to... D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!!!!

Unfortunately, this is something you can't do on your own since exchanging and dueling comes best from both you and your support. However, if you're clever enough and you can read the minds of players like I usually can, then you might just be able to pull off a trick or two that could lead your lane to a complete win. Allow me to explain~

When you go down to your lane with your support, you both decide on three things:

Passive - Aggressive.

All of that is determined by what AD Carry you have decided to take and what Support he or she decides to take. It is also determined by what the enemy team has as a Support and an AD Carry. Not only that, you can't immediately assume what kind of potential skill that the enemy team has so you have to include that into a factor. I mean, let's face it~ there's a lot of sneaky people out there that play a lot higher than their said rating. In other words, don't be fooled.

Now, without adding skill as a factor into the lane, let's pretend you're a Ezreal / Leona combo vs. Taric / Graves lane. Admit it, that lane is a nightmare for you. Taric has burst and is probably too tanky for you to take down. Ezreal has to land skill shots for efficiency and Graves can cover more ground with damage using Buckshot and Collateral Damage. You're definitely not winning exchanges in this lane, but you JUST might win a duel.

Maybe your lane is both sustain, such as Corki / Taric vs. Ezreal / Sona. I can see a bit of the first combo winning a duel since their lane advantage is much higher than Ezreal & Sona @ Pre Lv. 6. However, anywhere at Lv. 6+ if there were no all-in duels, the table can turn at any point. It's just a matter of mind games and thoughtful strategy at that point. You'll most likely be doing the farming game anyways.

Those are just some examples, there are a lot of thought that goes around when you look for exchanging damage and doing all-in duels with your lane. Just take a few minutes to think about what you're doing before you actually do it, you might regret it!


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I'll miss you baby! <3

Well, that's about all I have to say for my guide~ for now. There will be updates in the future if I can think about anything else that I should cover or fix. Feedback is also appreciated, I did write this for that very purpose as well since I'm very well experienced in AD Carry (and Jungling). So please, if there's anything you'd like me to cover, let me know! I'd be more than happy to go over more things that is AD Carry related. Perhaps a very detailed FAQ? <3

~ Jstylish


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