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Teemo Build Guide by 646ttm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 646ttm

AD carry teemo (season 3)

646ttm Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Most of the teemo builds you see now are AP and also there are very few builds that are up to date with season 3 so I decided I should do an AD build for teemo. In my opinion, AD teemo is much more powerful than AP teemo. This is because with an AD teemo with high attack speed you will be able to push lanes and farm like mad. If you have only every tried AP teemo or you have never tried teemo before, I definetly recommend giving this build a go. This is my first build so please leave a comment on what you think and if you have any questions leave a comment with it and I try my best to reply to it! Enjoy!

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The runes are quite easy to see why I chose each one. The attack speed helps with DPS, the armor helps with how squishy teemo is and I am sure that you can guess why I chose damage and attack speed.

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Like the runes, the masteries are quite simple to why I chose them and don't need much explaining. The high offense makes it even easier for teemo to push lanes (something that teemo already does very well.) The defense gives teemo a little bit extra health which is something that teemo really benifits from (mainly early game.)

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As well as buying the items that I have put in the list, make sure that you keep yourself topped on health potions to help make up for how squishy Teemo is. These items will make Teemo attack speed and damage amazingly high. I start off with boots of speed and potions. The potions mean Teemo can stay in his lane for much longer before having to go back for health. This gives Teemo the chance to get lots of minion kills early game. The boots of speed help avoid attacks and help Teemo run away. (This is particually useful before you unlock Teemo's W and level 3.) I then move on to 2 daggers. Buying these daggers early on means that you can start farming and pushing lanes much quicker. After the dagger I have chosen berserker's greaves. The recurve bow and dagger build into the runaan's hurricane. This item is a new item that was added in season 3 and it feels like it was made just for Teemo. The main thing that this item does best is farming, this item becomes even better late game when teemo's DPS is really high. The next item is the phantom dancer which is a great item for teemo as it improves movement, attack speed, critical strike and makes it so Teemo ignores unit collision. Next you start building towards the statikk shiv another new and great item that is really good for Teemo. If you find yourself getting a lot of gold you could buy the trinity force instead of this item as the trinity force is a better item but it is just very expensive so if you are unsure I would reccomend sticking with the statikk shiv. After this I have put the black cleaver as I already have enough attack speed an the damage and amour pen from it is very useful. The final item is the frozen mallet, this item's passive makes it even hard for people to escape from teemo. Another strong item to get would be the Guardian Angel If you do chose to buy this item I would recommend buying it instead of the black cleaver.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence I have chosen is slightly different to many other teemo skill sequences as most of them will say either level up your Q every time you get a chance or level up your E every time you get a chance. In mine it is slightly different because I recommend leveling up your Q and you E in turn after each other and maxing your Q first. I think this is the best skill sequence for teemo as it means that you can go in and attack someone with your Q then while they are blinded you hit them a few times and your E will passivly apply a few stacks of powerful poison onto them. I max the Q first as I think it is a very important ability as it allows teemo to do poke damage very effectivly. The way that you should use each of teemo's skills is you should go in for an attack with your Q and then get as many hits in as possible. You should use your W alot as it helps you: chase people, run away and it helps you get to the action faster. Teemo's R is his mushrooms. The mushrooms is an absolutly amazing ability! But only if you use them correctly. How to place shrooms is so important that I have giving it a whole chapter.

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How to place shrooms correctly!

If you use teemo's shrooms correctly they are one of the best abilities in the game, if you don't use them correctly they are nothing but a waste of mana. If you start placing your shrooms in better places then you are on your way to becoming a much better teemo player. The shrooms will show your team where the enemy are as well as getting you kills. If you place your shrooms well the enemy team will be too scared to even go into the jungle. The first thing and the most important thing I have to say about the shrooms is spam them! You can spam them so much but I don't see many other teemo's placing them as much as they should! If you are doing it correctly then the map should be absolutely covered in shrooms. The next important thing you have to consider with shrooms is DON'T USE THEM TO FARM!! Please! This is something that I see a lot of people doing when they play teemo and it is such as waste of shrooms, don't do it! Now I have said those two important points I can talk about where to actually place the shrooms. If you are playing top lane (as you should be with teemo, some people play him mid but in my opinion he isn't the best mid) then the first place that you should place you shrooms is in the ganking bush as shown in photo 1. If you do not know what I mean by the ganking brush it is the bush that is in the river right next to your lane. It is very important to place a shroom here, even more so if the enemy have a jungler as it gives you a bit of warning if someone is coming in to gank you. Another good place to put you shroom on top lane is the bush shown in photo 2. A lot of people wait in this bush and when they are runnig away they will often run through this bush. Once you have placed your shrooms here you should place your shrooms in any entrance to the jungle (as shown in photo 3) and then spread your shrooms out all over both your jungle and the enemy jungle (as shown in photo 4.) Another two very good places to put your shrooms are just infront of the baron and just infront of the dragon (as shown on photo 5 and 6.) This means that you and your team will know when the enemy are at the baron or dragon. One thing you shouldn't do with teemo's shroom in place to right next to each over so that they are basicly touching as shown in photo 7. This is something else that I see a lot of people playing teemo doing and it is a pointless thing to do. Another thing that you shouldn't do with teemo's shrooms is place them in the middle of lanes. You shouldn't do this because it is unlikely that a enemy will actually walk over them and a minion will probably just walk into it.

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A lot of builds won't use heal and will recommend something like ignite instead. As teemo you have your E so you don't really need ignite and you are very squishy so in my opinion heal is a better option. I have chosen flash instead of ghost teemo is already very fast and has his W so flash is a better option than ghost but ghost is also a very good spell to use.

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Pros / Cons

Really high DPS
Really good at pushing lanes
Really quick
Brilliant skins!!!
Easy to to pick up, hard to master
So good late game and when fed

Not brilliant (but far from rubbish) early game
Every plays teemo

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What to do in your lane and in team fights

You should always try and play teemo top. (even better solo top if you do have a jungler) My first point on what to do in the lane is quite obvious but very important, try and farm as much as possible! If you are 1v1 top lane then you should give that person as much pressure as possible and keep playing really agressivly (but don't over extend) If you are against 2 people or one person who is giving you a lot of trouble you should try and stay close to your tower. You should try and use you Q for poke damage (Try and do Q followed by a few auto attacks for maximum poke damage.) You should use your shrooms to make sure that you don't get ganked, to make sure you have an escape route if things get out of hand and to make sure the enemy cant escape on low health. If you don't have a jungler try and make it so you are laning with either a support or a tank. In a team fight the chances are that you are the one that your team are relying on to do the damage. Always targer the biggest threat to your team (probably the person who is highest level) and never target the tank as it is their job to take damage for their team. The next point is very obvious but very important, try not to do in a team fight. This is important as teemo as you are the carry so you should try and get as many kills as possible and as few deaths as possible.

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Try and last hit!!! If you don't know what this is, it is when you wait to the enemy minions are on very low health and you do the final attack to kills them. This means that you get the gold for killing it. You shouldn't use your Q or your R to farm, just use auto attacks. Even though teemo doesnt have any farming abilities you get a lot of minion kills. If you play it right you should be able to kills minions so quick late game.

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How to lane with a tank or a support

When in a lane with a tank or a support, if you work together well, then you will be able to absolutely dominate. If you are in a lane with a tank or a support and you don't work together well then you will just feed the enemy and get under leveled so I am sure you can imagine how important it is to work with a tank or a support properly. I would recommend playing with someone you know as you will find it a lot easier to work together. When in a lane with Alistar you should wait till he has done his Pulverize [[headbutt] combo and once he has you should do as much damage as possible to who ever he has done this combo to. When in a lane with any tank you should try and stay behind then and let them take the damage.
If in a lane with Lulu you should make the most of her abilities! If lulu uses Whimsy on an enemy make sure that you make the most of it and do a lot of damage to that champion. If Lulu uses Wild Growth On you then make the most of it! This been said, if lulu does use one of these abilities on you, then don't just run in like an idiot and get killed.
I am only going to cover what to do if you are in a lane with either of these 2 champions as I can't just describe what to do when in a lane with every tank and every support. The purpose of this chapter was to give a few basic tips on how to make the most of a tank or support.

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In summary: Last hit, try and get fed as much as possible and place your shrooms in good places. If you have any questions or feedback (positive or negative) please comment. If you would like me to do a guide for another champion please leave a comment with who you would like me to do and I am very likely to do a guide for them.