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Tryndamere Build Guide by Phauzzy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phauzzy

AD Carry Tryndamere

Phauzzy Last updated on January 9, 2013
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Hello. Today I will tell you my personal guide/build for Tryndamere. This build is relying to critical damage, and eaven more heavily relies on his passive, Battle Fury. The items chosen are Berserker's greaves, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, The Bloodthirster, The Black Cleaver, and Spirit Visage.

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Runes/Importance of your passive/crits

For Runes, ill pick up Critical Damage Quints, Critical Damage Marks, Armor Seals, and Magic Resist Glyphs. I choose Critical Damage because that will give you a HUGE boost late game, being after your Infinity Edge, semi early game, you have 83.45% BONUS critical damage. Your runes add 33.45% of that. Mathematically, if your basic attack is at 200 damage, and you hit 283.45% of that, nearly TRIPLE the base amount. That is 566.9 as a critical hit. Full build your hitting 398.73 attack damage, that means that you are hitting 1130.200185, and that rounds to 1130 attack damage, PLUS armor pen. That will chop down a squishy mage in 2-3 hits. Every time you get below 100% health, your damage go's up. If you use your ult correctly, your attack damage will go up exponentially. That means your crit will also go up.

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Masteries are simple. if you take frenzy, whenever you land a crit, it gives you a bonus of 10% attack speed. This supposedly stacks, and if so, will give you an extremely big edge to any 1v1 or team fight. This I know, stacks with other attack speed buffs/stacks, like Sanguin's Blade.

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Skill Sequence

Also simple. Take spinning slash first and max it last. Basic Tryndamere skill sequence. Max bloodlust first, mocking shout second, and spinning slash last. Your spin is mostly for escaping, and takes the place of flash as a summoner spell. you can close gaps, spin through the jungle, and just own everything you see with your initiation. if you don't take spin first, you may not be able to escape the brush in top if 2 moronic idiots are waiting for enemy solo top.

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The infinity edge is one of your most important Sources for power. It increases your crit chance, damage percent, and base damage by 70. You will require this item, but being that an attack speed boost is required, we will take Phantom's Dancer first.
The phantom's dancer... this will save your *** more than once, let me tell you haha. Okay, so you rush this item with boots, because of the movement/attack speed boost. The passive will allow you to run through minions, pets, etc, so you will be able to continue to rush the turret and get out quicker without stupid minions get you killed. After you take this item, begin to zone heavily, as you can rush turrets like never before...
Okay, so your boots. Simple, enough some people will want you to take something like a defensive boot, but were not really trying to be defensive. I do think that if you REALLY are having trouble with a champ like Cho, you should take mercury's treads so you can counter the CC and counter his magic damage. Nuff said.
THE LUSCIOUS BLOODTHIRSTER!!!!!! The Bloodthirster will stack and kill all those ******* ****ing bastards that want to try to mess with you. Lifesteal stacks with Spirit Visage so you will have crazy sustain with your q.
The spirit visage stacks with your bloodthirster's lifesteal and your bloodlust active. You will heal yourself and be able to sustain fights much more than when you just had lifesteal.
Your last item... The Black Cleaver... This item will help you chop down late game armored targets like butter and with added armor pen to STACK with it's OWN passive... This is very good for a Tryndamere in my opinion.

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Ranked Play

Be smart, plink your spin, and you'll do fine... If you quickly rush a zeal and berserkers boots, you should be fine in game. Just be wary of ganks and remember the red/yellow/green zone. Zone the enemy, but with care; you don't want to get ganked, even WHEN you have your spin.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -
1.) Your damage output is insane.
2.) Your survivability if ridiculous due to bloodlust.
3.) You can out-solo-top in almost every scenario if played correctly.
4.) You have a very good early game, and even Better late game.

Cons -
1.) Your build is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!
2.) You don't have 2 swords...

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Creeping / Jungling

Now for the jungle... You definitely, obviously don't need blue. Let your jungler take the buffs early game and ask for red if you need it late game. Your build doesn't require a buff, it could land some BS ks's though, haha. You don't need buffs so don't take them. Your jungle needs them more then you.

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Team Work/Ganks

Trynd ganks pretty well due to his e. If you spin in crit the hell out of them, then w as they run away, you'll be feared by every squishy ap. You can gank tanks late game very well due to high damage and The Black Cleaver, the armor pen is too much to pass up when fighting an enemy garen, so make sure that when you gank a tank, you basic attack them hard.

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Tryndamere is a very underestimated champ IN MY OPINION. If you play him correctly, you can own the world. trust me, if you rush a zeal/berserkers greaves, you'll be able to begin to chop when all you rage is up. You are very sustainable, you can hit crits over 1.1k, you can chop down squishies in 2-3 chops end game... Just an excellent champ, and deserves to be played with the correct build. I believe that my build can deal more damage than most other builds, and can sustain much better due to Spirit Visage. Thankyou for viewing my build/guide. I would appreciate if you like my post =D!!! I will update this guide regularly. It is still in de