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Ashe Build Guide by Disturbed386x

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Disturbed386x

AD Caster Ashe

Disturbed386x Last updated on December 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have been playing Ashe for awhile now, and I couldn't quite find a build where she could fit into the ADC role well. I pretty easily figured out she is more of an AD caster than a "i'm gonna mess you up with basic attacks" kind of AD character. Granted basic attacks are still important but your volley and basic attack mixed are the main focus in this build. Now, let's get into this shall we?

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The runes I listed are not really the only thing you can use. Change them around however you like. Although I do recommend armor pen vs AD runes because I think you can get more damage that way.

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Once again these are allowed to be messed with but I would take to 4 points in the Sorcery skill for sure to help out with getting close to 40% cdr.

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The first item listed is Manamune. I know people think it is weird to build but it is used on Ashe more than most adc's and I find it works well on her. I would start with getting the tear part first and then finish it when you have the gold.

Next I would go straight into getting the boots of swiftness out of the way because they make her so much stronger. Yes the Furor enchant is necessary because it makes kiting so nice. It is the most important part of the boots. I used to use beserker greaves on her but she doesn't really need the attack speed and the movement speed on BoS makes her scary to try and run from.

Next Essence Reaver because if you are an AD caster the cdr is so nice and you cant beat the life steal and AD added to it. Plus with the mana gainig passive you can leave your q on with almost no impact on your mana pool.

Now for the Black Cleaver. I never really did like the item (don't ask why). But we need to get our Ashe some armor pen and LW wont cut it because the Black Cleaver has that cdr you need to spam that volley more often to annoy the **** out of anyone chasing you.

Finally I chose tri force as my last core item. Why? you may ask. Well I think you are going to need more damage and trinity force's description says it has a lot so I went for it. But really when you get your volley maxed and you have a good amount of cdr its cooldown will be around 2.5 - 3 seconds so you can proc the sheen and hit people hard. Also with the phage passive on it it gives you another furor like movement speed bonus to kite more which I love <3

The last three item up to you and how the game is going. I chose more cdr items to help you get 40% and make that volley scary :D

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Skill Sequence

Obviously I max volley to help lower the cooldown and the more damage the better. then go into your frost shot for kiting or stop those enemies from running away. Always take an early point in hawkshot because it makes all the difference to shot you into a fed position into late game if your farm well enough.

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Spells are totally up to you but I like heal and flash. ignite has too short of a range for me so I don't like to use it.

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Pros / Cons

- good kiter
- really good late game
- great utility
- gotta love the gold bonus on her E
- great poke
- low cool down volley can really help your team run from a very determined enemy team

- Slow AF
- not as much base damage as I would want
- hardly any escapes unless you want to waste your ult (which never ends out well for me)
- nobody wants to support you in team builder -_-

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Creeping / Jungling

Focus hard on farming early game. The more you kill the more gold bonus you have from your E which gets ready for late game. I like to use a volley to kill those cannon minions.

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Team Work

Early game:
Tell your support to not set up a whole lot of kills unless they are sure it is an easy fight. You need to focus on farming and poking the enemy with volley. I hate when my blitz pulls in an enemy when I am out of position to farm which forces us to fight and I usually lose because Ashe kind of suck in the damage department early on.

Mid game:
This is where the fun begins. Very important stage in the game. Stay in a good position and volley and Q anyone out of position. Ashe has such good CC for team battles. Work with your team to become just try and get any stragglers for easy kills and in return they should protect you. Don't run anywhere alone because you will most likely die.

Late game:
You should the goddess of kiting by now and anyone who wants dat Ashe so to speak will have to be jumping for you like khazix or something.

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Well this is my first and probably only guide so if you guys have anything you want me to add tell me. Just remember:
- Have good Positioning
- get the Furor enchant on those boots
- farm early on
- and always have fun