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League of Legends Build Guide Author soelra#9830

AD ezreal basic guide for 5v5

soelra#9830 Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Build now out of date because stupid roit nerf'd AD ezeral to oblivion so AD ezreal is now useless.

Attack damage Ezreal basic guide for 5v5

Masteries: For masteries go 9 into offence just so your other spells still do decent damageand also it get improved exhaust and cooldown reduction. Dont get increased crit chance as a bonus 2% is useless for ezreal as most of his damage comes from mystic shot so a bonus 2% crit chance won't help you much. I then went 21 into utility just so you have pleanty of mana regen so you can spam mystic shot like crazy.

Runes: The runes are a simple rune setup i use these runes on most of my champions and it works well. The armour penetration just generaly boosts your mystic shot and normal attack damage and it means you have arent't easily beaten by people stacking armour. The mana regen runes speak themselves just help you lane longer and mean you never run out of mana all game. Cooldown reduction runes basicly just make it so you can spam mystic shot and you dont have to worry about mana because of runes and masteries. The flat health quintessence runes just increase your survivability early game as you are really squishy and the bonus health is really useful.

Summoner spells: I use exhaust and ignite because they can really destroy an enemy particualy early game. It's really good for defensive reasons such as xin trying to tower dive when your on low health you can just exhaust him and just finish him easily. Other summoner skills that i use and would work are: Teleport as it is always useful being able to get around the map fast. Cleanse is good for any champion as it can get rid of debuff that will otherwise kill you. Flash can be used when arcane shift is on cooldown to escape also combined with arcane shift you can easily ambush unsuspecting champions. Ghost is very useful for chasing and running away. Heal is also another possiblity as it can save you on many occasions. Rally,clairvoyance and fortify would be possible but they would be better on support champion Do not get revive as you should not be dieing very often. Also dont get clarity as your masteries and runes mean you should be fine for mana.

Early game
Item's: To start out buy a sapphire crystal, this helps you lane longer and it builds into sheen which is a great item to boost your mystic shot's damage by 80% and 2 health potions just so you can stay in lane longer. When you get the chance recall and buy basic boots and sheen and if you have the money upgrade the boots. Get either mercury's tread's if they have either lots of cc and/or mainly magic damage and get ninja tabi if most of the enemies dps comes from physical attacks. Dont get beserkers greeves as you dont need the attack speed you have your passive to give you attack speed your better off getting something to increase your survivability as you are really squishy.
Tactics: While laning you should just spam mystic shot as much as possible to last hit minions and to harass whoever your laning against. Also if you can go help other lanes gank their opponents, but try not to leave your lane completly defenceless and lose a tower. With your ultimate don't be afraid of wasting it, try to use it at the start of a fight as then you will hopefully have max stacks of your passive also you can try and hit enemy champions trying to escape even if they arent in your lane. It cost's a fair ammount of mana, but you have pleanty of mana regen to deal with that. The cool down isn't an issue either as you have cooldown reduction runes and whenever you hit with mystic shot it reduces its cooldown by 1 second.

Mid game
Item's: Mid game you should get sword of the ocult if you are doing well I generaly get it if I have about 3 kills and you seem to be doing well as it boosts your damage a lot and it doesnt cost very much!. If you arent doing great it's probably better to save the money for you next item. Brutalizer is a must for AD Ezreal as it gives you everything you need attack damage, cooldown reduction and armour penetration. Black cleaver is good as it really boosts your damage and reduces their armour with every hit (mystic shot procs black cleaver) which is always good.
Tactic's: Join in team fights as much as you can as you are a very powerful source of damage, but don't leae your lane defenceless if there are still enemy champions there.

Late game
Item's: Getting trinity force is useful as it upgrades the bonus sheen already gives you by another 50% to 130% and it gives you health, move speed, mana, etc basicly everything you want. Then upgrade brutalizer to ghostblade as its just generaly better and the active helps for team fights and running away. Finaly if the game is still going get frozen mallet for the health and damage.
Tactic's: At this point just stick with your team mates at all times you are still squishy and you can easily ganked even with your arcane shift. If you do know your safe in a lane try to push it up a bit just so if in the next few minutes you score an ace you have a tower which can easily be taken down.

This build is best for 5v5 I have tried it in 3v3 and it didnt work very well. I hope this build helps you win more and enjoy Ezreal please leave constructive comments so i can improve the guide for mine and your benefit.