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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShooKeN

AD Ezreal - Catch me if you can!

ShooKeN Last updated on May 1, 2011
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This is a build for the champion Ezreal. I have learned all that know about Ezreal by referring to Booshido's AD Ezreal build. However I have modified the items, masteries, and spells to what I believe is a more effective way of playing Ezreal. This build I have created is simply what I feel is more effective and what I personally do better with in games.

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Pros / Cons

Perfect Mid.
Spammable skills.
Great escape.
Great early game Nuke
Usefull Ult.
Best dance in the game.


Vulnerable to CC.
Targeted first.
Hard to Play (very rewarding)
Slight mana issues.

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Ezreal's items I have selected are waht they are. The only thing I can say is that Youmuu's Ghoestblade can be swapped out for another item easily since it is not the best for Ezreal. Items I suggest buying would be another Blood Thirster or maybe a Madred's Blood Razor if your up against alot of champions with high hp. Selling Brutalizer and buying one of these items will be beneificial and I HIGHLY recommend doing so if in late you have enough Gold for it.
Late game -Playing any Champion in League of Legends you have to sometimes buy times that you need. Not just what the build has.

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Mystic Shot- Really great range, and amazing damage, use this to bush check and harass/kill chasers that are in range of it.

Essence Flux- Another good range skill, goes over minions, so aim this only at champs, very useful to buff allied champions when attempting to take down enemy turrets.

Arcane Shift- I wouldn't use this for damage, its cooldown always seems to get me killed, but thats what Brutalizer is for, use if for chasing and positioning, but when someones mia, save it for escaping. I like this as something to fall back on when is on cooldown.

Trueshot Barrage- Lol, see that guy running? *Presses R* "An Enemy Has Been Slain", throw this into a team fight and check out those assists. At the start of a team fight you'll NEED to use this first to get your passive at 5 stacks. Late game your mystic shot is not nearly as much damage as your auto attacks will do.

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Summoner Spells

Ezreal can be used with alot of different summoner spells. The only ones i recommend using other than FLASH would be EXHAUST.
Exhaust makes the enemy at mid useless and quite the easy kill but if you plan on using this I suggest putting a mastery in Cripple instead of the 1 in Ability Power.
IGNITE - is a summoner spell I do not recommend taking as Ezreal in all honesty i have never been in a position where I feel its been useful. If you like it with Ezreal go for it but not once have I found it useful.
GHOST - this is a summoner spell i would never play Ezreal without. It's amazing for ganking bottom lane or getting away from a gank. By the time the enemy team calls mia you'll have 2 kills at bottom.
FLASH - is amazing for Ezreal. Just when they think there out of range a well placed FLASH followed by an arcane shift will makes them pay. Also Double Flash is great for escape when ghost isn't up.

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1. 23-6-1 DAMAGE only use this if your confident, you don't need more survivability and you know what your doing.
2. 9-0-21 Cooldown reduction. the Utility treee is something i ahve been messing around with i feel as though this gives you slightly less damage but it allows for great survialbility. Flash and Ghost will almost never be on Cooldown and chasing down and ganking will never seem any easier try it out. see if you like it. It is still something I will have to look into more in the future.
3. NEVER USE THE DEFENCE TREE. If your honestly that dumb you shouldn't be playing Ezreal, let alone League of Legends.

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Early Game

Ezreal has great damage early game. Do not be afraid to attempt to hit your enemy at any chance you think you have. Early game you will be very vulnerable to ganks if your not using flash with ghost, otherwise you can push up a little but I dont recommend pushing on there towers unless your enemy at mid had to recall, and you know where the entire enemy team is. Keep laning once you hit about 1,600 Gold find a good time to recall. Buy your Sheen and Boots of Speed. If needed protect your tower with your Trueshot Barrage from your spawning pool.

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Mid Game

Now with sheen your foe at mid will really start to feel your Mystic shot. Play aggresively but make sure you DO NOT TOWER DIVE (please reread the following in caps). Once your oppenent is dead your now ready to easily gank bottom or top. I'm not saying in any fashion that you shouldn't and can't gank early its just when i feel like your damage will be high enough to really gank some champs that are around half there health. After picking a few kills from ganks checking your gold some more find a good time to recall, then RINSE AND REPEAT BABY.

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Late Game

Now is the time to watch you enemy's run away as soon as they see you. Let your tanks engage Ultimate the teamfight and let your auto attacks crit 500's easily getting assists and kills. Chase down the few runners and achieve the ace. Also having a teammate ward baron since using EZREAL'S ULTIMATE FOR STEALING BARON. is hard but will make you really happy and the other team quite upset.. Push towers and make sure to hit your teammates with Essence Flux for taking down towers and Inhib's.

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Fun Times

Swain rage quiting at lvl 2 after one death. 4v5 no problem... I love this build! Try it! :D