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League of Legends Build Guide Author MiguelGC

AD Ezreal (With resistance) - Because maps are for noobs

MiguelGC Last updated on September 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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***Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian.***


Hi! Let me explain the build:

- Summoner Spells

Flash: It's good to have a free blink (Arcane ****), it's better to have another! With Flash (and Ghost) you gain extra mobility, that's very good in Ez, such for positiong, chasing and fleeing, keep that in mind!

Ghost: Chasing, Fleeing capability and Mobility, this things are crucial when playing Ez, so that's why I pick Ghost.

- Runes

Armor Pen Marks and Quints: Your damage output will come of your Mystical Shot and basic attacks, so Armor Pen is crucial.

Health/LVL Seals: I just use these runes to add some resistance to Ez, just because he's very squishy.

***You aren't going to have any mana problems with Manamune fully stacked (or at least half stacked), so, you don't need to use Mana Regen/LVL Seals, you can also use Dodge Seals.***

CDR/LVL Glyphs: Help you spam your abilities more often, you can use Magic Resist or Mana Regen/LVL.

- Purchase Order

Try to follow this order:

Start of the game: Meki Pendant + 2 Health Potion

1st Trip back: Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed + Long Sword

2nd Trip back: Manamune + Vampiric Scepter

3rd Trip back: Sheen + Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi

4th Trip back: B.F. Sword

5th Trip back: The Bloodthirster + Phage

6th Trip back: B.F. Sword + Vampiric Scepter

7th Trip back: The Bloodthirster

8th Trip back: Banshee's Veil / Frozen Heart / Guardian Angel

- Item Explanation

Manamune: The new item works really great with Ez, gives you Mana, Mana Regen, AD and the real purpose of buying this item is because 2% of your Mana becomes AD, Ez spam abilites and attack like crazy, so this item is perfect for him.

Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi: Regular boots, it's going to depend of the enemy team composition, more DPS champions? Ninja Tabi, more CC champions? Mercury's Treads.

2 The Bloodthirster: AD and Life Steal, what to not love?

Trinity Force: This item gives everything, and the most crucial, it's the "aprimorated" effect of Sheen, your Mystical Shot is really going hurt!

Banshee's Veil / Frozen Heart / Guardian Angel: Again it's going to depend of the enemy team, more CC champions? Banshee's Veil, more DPS champions? Frozen Heart, dying to much or being focused? Guardian Angel.

***Frozen Heart, this item is really nice, gives you Armor for resistance, CDR for ability spamming and Mana that helps the Manamune to build up, don't forget the AS reduction that applies on the enemies in your screen from it's passive, it's a great combo when you debuff their team with Essence Flux.***

***Don't forget to buy the 3 tipes of Elixirs when your build is complete, it's going to help with Health, AD, AS, Crit %, AP and CDR.***

- Situational Items (Substitute 1 Bloodthirster for 1 of them)

Last Whisper: Help to take down tanks

Madred's Bloodrazor: Same thing, help to kill tanks

- Masteries

21 in Offense: This will help your damage output.
9 in Utility: Help you to spam your abilities more often because of the Mana Regen and added Mana.

- Phases of the game

Early Game: Solo Mid, this will be better for you, farm the creeps by last hitting them with Mystic Shot, when your opponent gives a chance, harass him with Mystic Shoot, don't try anything stupid until LVL 6, by the time you reach this LVL and your opponent is half lifed, Trueshot Barrage on him, jump the wave of creeps with Arcane Shift, Exhaust and spam Mystic Shot, and of course basic attack, job done, if things went wrong, pop Ghost, Essence Flux on the enemy champ and flee, try to get at least 2 kills early game.

Mid Game: It's gank time! Go to an easy lane and gank, pushing the lane you ganked, if the game is going wrong, defend the towers, and gank when possible, to gank, use the same combo of the early game, there's no mistery.

Late Game: Time to the real fights! Initiate with Trueshot Barrage (Trying to hit all your enemies), after that, Essence Flux on them to debuff their AS (only if they have DPS champs, if not, buff your allies, priorizing the DPS champs), kill the squishies by spamming Mystic Shot, if things went wrong, flee with Arcane Shift and Ghost, Arcane Shift and Ghost are also good for positioning.

***Try to not die, this is the most important thing that you can do for your team.***

- Conclusion

This build will let you spam your abilities without problem of mana, you will have a great damage output and you will have some resistance.


I hope you enjoyed the guide, I would aprecciate +1! That's all folks!

OBS: If you hate -1 post why!