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Shen Build Guide by xjevn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xjevn

ad shen / abit tanky :)

xjevn Last updated on October 4, 2011
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Early game

You start of whit doran's shield and first time back buy ninja tabi, but if you cant then buy boots of speed and if you can cloth armor but if you only have gold for boots of speed only buy them u dont need boots because of hes vorpal blade ability.

Next time back u buy chain armor if u dont have gold to it buy only cloth and dagger because of you are building black cleaver to.

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Later game

When you have black cleaver ninja tabi and thornmail, then its time to the build later games items!

first we start of by building warmog because that is a amazing item to shen he get more dmg to hes passive and alot of hp to ;)

when you are done whit warmog you are gonna build yourself a wit's end because of the magic resistance u get from it and the passive from attacking whit it!

when wit's end is done you are gonna build a force of nature cause you are a tank and need to be able to take dmg for your team :)

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Vorpal blade: the vorpal blade is a really great support ability beacause of when you attack whit it you mark the target in a speciall way. the thing is that when you attack after used the ability on target it starts to heal you for 3 sec i think it is.. anyway it heals you for 18 every second and it help you and your teamate to stay in lane longer and get more level.

Feint: its pretty simple it puts a shield on you that really can save you many times! i choose to max it first because it makes you able to heal from vorpal blade whitout taking any dmg, you can harras enemys easy, you can make them end up using all there mana so you they cant do anything (if they are mana users xd).

Shadow Dash: this ability is awesome you are able to jump to other side of walls, taunt enemys to easy kill, and save someone whit your ulti.

Stand united: stand united is un ability that gives you the power to save your teamates from being killed and even be able to support them to kill the guy that is trying to kill him!

how to save whit stand united best way: have your shadow dash ready and put in you Feint to not take to much dmg so you will be able to kill him easy whitout taking alot of dmg. thats the easiest way i think..

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Why i choose my runes?

I choosed my runes because of i allready had them and tried shen whit them and i played whit them and find out that why dont play shen as un attack speed dps tank? he has a prefect passive for it and kinda good spells not the best but they are good! :)

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Why i choose my masteries?

you might think that if i say your gonna play him ads why dont i take all on offense then?
well it because of he is mainly a tank and u should some masteries inte that then!
but u still need that ats from offense its good early and later in game for more attack speed.
the utility masteries is because your gonna plat whit ghost and why dont grab that less spent dead time thingy to? :)

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you can easy steal minions kills whit you vorpal blade and get $$$ chaching thats mostly usefull in early game you need alot of money then. but other farming ways is take last hit on minions and just make meat of them you are un attack speed champ u can take them down easy :)

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shen is able to jungle easy but in this build its only go in take 1 or 2 camp get out on lane again you aint suppose to junlge all game long whit him! :)