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League of Legends Build Guide Author PieTime

AD Teemo FTW

PieTime Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction of Build

Hello all, my build is used to make a Teemo be the best carry on your team. If you use the build correctly I will ensure you you will get lots of kills and maybe you won't even die once if you don't be so greedy. Also, a tip if you don't buy elixir of Fortitude I will insure you you will die very easily if you are against casters. Another tip that you need to know is always keep a Hp pot with you because the team you're against is probably gonna aim for you first. Finally, try and put as much mushrooms down as you can, I know you're not going AP but the mushrooms will either make you a escape route if you have no where to go or the mushrooms will help you slow and kill the enemy even if they have blink. If you want anymore guides please leave a comment and like. Thanks for reading xP

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Tips when Playing Teemo

1. Never be too greedy, if you let greed take over you I will ensure you will get killed ASAP.
2. Put alot of mushrooms, mushrooms are very useful for offense and defense.
3. Make sure you chat with your team, teamwork is essential if you are playing Teemo because it will help your teammates level up and you will know map awareness always.
4. Use your passive alot, camouflage will help you gank other lanes and it will trick the opponent (make sure they don't have a oracle and if you see clairvoyance make sure to run).
5. Gank the enemies forest alot and put mushrooms down there, it will make sure your opponents team doesn't get fed as well and it will make a fast game.

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Red and Blue Buff

Late game, make sure you always have these buffs because one thing is you need lots of mana for laying down mushrooms and blinding them with damage. Also, it will make you not waste your money on mana pots and you will be able to save and get the items.

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Any time in game you should pop some wards down in the enemies jungle. It will help you with map awareness and it will help with ganking junglers (Warwick, Trundle, Shaco, etc.). Also, you will need wards to stop them from ganking and destroying your team. Another useful thing the wards can do is watch when they go baron or dragon so you can steal it and get the buff/money from it. Lastly, wards can help you teleport to your allies to help and gank the enemy team back.

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Some people say why would you get a bloodthirster on Teemo? Well here's why one if you're in a 1v1 in mid you would be able to take out his hp while making you lose no Hp. Also, bloodthirster can help you survive ignite or poison (from Twitch for example). But a bad thing about bloodthirster is it doesn't give you any attack speed so if you want to change it to the Black Cleaver be my guest any is okay.

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Frozen Mallet

Frozen mallet will help you when hunting down a opponent. First of all, if you aren't near any of your mushrooms it will help you slow and kill the enemy even if they have blink. Also, frozen mallet will slow the target even more if he is hit with a mushroom. That is why you should get frozen mallet after nashor's tooth.

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Madred's Bloodrazor

Some people might say why would you get Madred's last? Here's why you should get it last, first of all, if you got it at the beginning you wouldn't get as much critical as you would later. Also, recurve bow will boost your attack speed by 50% so if you got it at the beginning it wouldn't be as useful because you would only have around 30-50 added while if you had it late game it would add around 60-100 attack speed. That is why you should get Madred's as your ending game item.

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Attack Speed

Attack speed is very useful even if you don't have alot of damage because 1. It will make you get more life steal over time if you have a bloodthirster. 2. If you have a slow that stacks he will just keep on getting slow and slower. That is why Attack Speed is useful even without that much damage

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Summoner Spells

I chose exhaust and ignite for my summoner spells.
I chose exhaust because 1. If you didn't have a frozen mallet or slow you would have to use this as your last resort. 2. If you can't kill a enemy that's getting away and your ally that is about to get there can it would be useful.
Also, I chose Ignite
1. I chose ignite because there will probably be a 10% and lower chance of an enemy going into a mushroom while going back to heal and 2. If you aren't level 6 you could use this to finish the enemy off while they run to get a kill.
That is why I chose exhaust and ignite as my Summoner Spells
(I didn't choose ghost because of his 2nd skill)


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