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League of Legends Build Guide Author x tokenfrokid x

AD, the more viable Ezreal

x tokenfrokid x Last updated on August 7, 2010
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too long, didn't read - Ezreal, if played right pops heads like zits.

Now for those of you that can handle walls of text...

The Foreword

Ezreal's build path is very controversial. Many people believe that building up ability power benefits him the most. I have tried ability power builds but have found that attack damage builds work better. It is somewhat counter intuitive, but once you understand how his Mystic Shot works, you will find that you can kill more effectively with my attack damage play style.


I have chosen armor penetration quintessences and marks because those maximize the damage output you can receive from runes. (More information on armor penetration here). The mana regen seals allow adequate mana management throughout the game saving you a couple hundred gold that could otherwise be spent on a Meki Pendant/Chalice. I choose cooldown reduction glyphs to help offset the cooldown nerfs given to Ezreal's arcane shift and to even further cool down his ultimate so it can be fired more often.

NOTE: runes are a personal choice. As long as you make smart rune choices, (I.E. not stacking armor and health on a dps(damage per second) champ like Ezreal) you will be fine.


The masteries I have chosen further maximize Ezreal's damage potential. Critical chance and critical damage when stacked with the Youmuu's Ghostblade and Trinity Force allows very high damage potential; 29% crit chance total from items and masteries is an exact measurement. The points in damage and armor penetration also allow Ezreals base damage to strike more 'truly'. (because you have armor penetration runes and masteries and ghostblade, a standard enemies armor is pierced through close to 0. This means you can count on your attack damage and Mystic Shot to hit almost true damage). The cooldown reduction further helps your Arcane Shift and Trueshot Barrage, and the 9 points spent in Defense allow Ezreal an extra boost in fleeing when things go south.

Skill Selection

Mystic Shot - This skill is Ezreal's bread and butter in a fight, and his best skill for farming thus it needs to be taken first and given highest priority for leveling. use it to last hit creeps, wear down enemy health, and get crazy unpredictable last hit champ kills through walls. Also note that it can hit just a small tad past that skill shot arrow, so make sure you use this to your advantage.

Also, this skill is to be thought of as an extension of your basic attack. This is because it deals physical damage and activates any extra ability your basic attack triggers. (Black Cleaver's armor reduction, Frozen Mallet's slow, Tiamat's splash, etc).

Essence Flux - Very low priority skill. I suggest hanging it out to dry until you are required to take it(lvl 13). Its cooldown, on hit effect, range, and damage are ALL outclassed by Mystic Shot. Its only redeeming quality is that it is the ONLY (other than your Trueshot Barrage) skill shot on the books that passes through everything it touches, allowing it to potentially damage the entire enemy team. use it at later levels to "double shot" (fire Mystic Shot and Essence Flux almost simultaneously at the same target) a target for boosted damage.

Arcane Shift - Invaluable. This skill is a save your *** "Oh SHI-" button and a damage dealer/initiator all wrapped into one neat skill.

It is great for harassment at level 2. Right after you kill an enemy wave of creeps, use this skill to flash toward the enemy champion and deal him damage from the skill, then let Ezreal fire an auto attack, two if there's time, and then fire a Mystic Shot. This combo will SEVERELY reduce enemy health at early levels. if you get the bad guy low enough right there, use your summoner flash + auto attack + Mystic Shot to finish him off and earn your firstblood.

Also, use this skill to flash through the walls to continue to deal damage from behind that wall, or use it to gank unwary enemies.

NOTE: this skill is EXTREMELY lenient on passing through walls, especially when compared to Shen's dash or Tryndamere's ballerina spin. Even if your range ends just on the other end of the wall, Ezreal can still flash to the other side, even further than summoner flash. Experiment with it to get comfortable with the distance, then use it in game to your great advantage.

Trueshot Barrage - The big finish. This skill can be applied to three different circumstances, and they will be listed in order of highest priority.

Usually you will save this for headshotting a fleeing, low-healthed, bad guy. It's perfect for the job, and provides satisfying results. Just predict were he will be in the fog of war, and fire a careful shot for an easy kill.

Another great application is to initiate. If the enemies are all bunched up together in a bush, or are one behind another in a lane, open with true shot to shave of 2-5 bars of health from each champ. This almost ensures an easy team fight.

Rising Spell Force - Cool passive and doesn't have very many clever uses. Every time you hit with an ability you get 10% attack speed. stacks up to 5 times (50%) and can last up to 6 seconds. Great if you use Trueshot to initiate as you will more than likely get 5 stacks of the jump. Also, when soloing an undefended tower, focus your auto attacks on the tower while spamming Mystic Shot at incoming enemy creeps. This will allow you to optimally take down the tower as you will have 50% attack speed.


Flash - doubly effective on Ezreal because he has the 'best' blink skill in the game. It also allows Ezreal to 'double flash' which always catches opponents off guard.

Cleanse - is the most effective survivability skill (next to flash) available to you. Ezreal should have no problem evading damage, unless he is disabled. He cannot be easily disabled if you have cleanse. Cleanse is better than heal because it allows Ezreal to avoid huge damage instead of eating it and trying to recover some of it. Heal will only make up for a fraction of what you have taken, and won't ever save you from lethal damage taken when you are disabled.

Exhaust - decent. gives you 3 seconds (PLENTY of time) to get away from a relentless chaser. Also helps you chase more, and is slightly more useful than cleanse in firstblood ganks.

Clairvoyance - Excellent for finding that recalling squishy and killing him with Trueshot. Also , useful for spying dragon/lizard/golem and stealing it with a Trueshot. (Oh, so saytisfying. 'MY BUFF'). Essentially having eyes everywhere is VERY beneficial with Ezreal.


Clarity - very good for Ezreal if you are the type of summoner that wants to spam Mystic Shot a LOT. I however have never had a need for it and flash and cleanse are more beneficial. Flash and cleanse can save your life, Clarity can't.

Ignite - Ok at best. The range brings you closer to an enemy than you ever want to be, and if you ever are that close, his lasers should be able to melt an opponent down before ignite is necessary. And again, it can't save your life.

Ghost - Lacks the element of surprise that flash has. Especially when you double flash. But, if you must, its a viable replacement.

Teleport - only on Summoner's Rift, and please, only if you absolutely need it.

Fortify - Only somewhat decent when only you have it. Better if the entire team is equiping it, because a heavily pushed tower can be fortified for a very long time.


Heal - Cleanse is better. You've already read how.

Revive - With such high survivability, you shouldn't need to be gunning out of spawn with revive.

Smite - A jungle Ezreal doesn't exist, to my knowledge, and even if it does, this build will not help you jungle. Do not take smite, you won't need it.

RALLY - I have never used it, so I can not make a desicion on whether or not it is good, viable, or bad. I would not recommend it only because flash and cleanse are better.


Strategy and Items

Understand that Ezreal excels in the following:

1. Range - Ezreal has global reach with his 650 base dmg ultimate, and very profound range with his Mystic Shot.

2. Damage - Mystic Shot reach 500 base damage by lvl 9 and be fired every 2 seconds. (WOW) and his ult can finish off fleeing bad guys with 4 or less bars. his attack speed passive + critical chance from items/masteries allows for some heavy hitting basic attacks as well

3. Mobility - Arcane Shift, Summoner Flash, and Trinity Force offer Ezreal very superb mobility, especially on Twisted Treeline. With the ability to pass through walls with arcane shift, (and sometimes two walls in a row with Arcane Shift then Summoner Flash) and the added speed from Trinity force, chasing and escaping is a no brainer. If the enemy catches you, its because you over extended way too much, and if an enemy gets away, then, hell, they deserve to live.

Ezreal lacks in these areas.

1. Ability to take damage - Ezreal is by no means a tank. As such he is to remain behind walls and at a distance when in team fights. The only way to offset this, while still maintaining a high dps is to purchase a fortitude elixer or add Frozen Mallet to your item build in place of infinity edge.

2. Crowd Control - Ezreal gets eaten fast when he is disabled. When disabled Ezreal cannot deal damage or escape. Being an easily killed dps champion crowd control is very effective. That is why Cleanse is a must have skill. The only crowd control effect that ezreal can escape from is slow or snare, because he can still Arcane Shift to safety.


Twisted Treeline

1. Laning Partner

Ezreal excels at soloing top and laning bottom. he can compliment virtually any lane partner. If you aren't attacking the solo lane, then you want to ideally partner with someone who can take damage and disable enemies for you, facilitating your killing spree. Sion, Shen, Alistar, etc. are very good partners.

Another ranged damage dealer is good for the start of lane phase, because you can use your superb range to bully enemies away from xp, but you risk being ganked toward the end of lane phase because both of you are very easily killed. Examples: Ashe, Ryze, Teemo.

2. Starting Items

After deciding your lane (and partner), you have two purchase options. Start with either longsword and a health potion. or Start with an Elixer of Fortitude and health and mana potions.

The sword gets you nice early attack damage and invests 415 gold in Triforce or Ghostblade. This is a standard purchase and always a good move.

The second purchase option leaves you behind in gold, but allows you at least 4 minutes of lane dominance, or a little surprise for an over extending opponent. If you go the 'all potion' route, don't consume the Elixer until you commit to a kill. your opponent will likely try to kill you first because you only have ~435 health at level one. however, consuming the Elixer immediately gives you 11 attack damage and 230 health. Those two extra beads of health will allow you enough time to take down your opponent and ensure firstblood. The money from firstblood (400G) refunds your elixer cost and then some. Afterward consume the rest of your potions accordingly to restore mana and health, and continue laning.

3. Early Laning Tips

Early on in the game, you need to identify if you are fighting a pusher, or a killer, and use Mystic Shot accordingly. If the enemy is not focusing on farming and is rather focusing on killing you or your partner, smack them with Mystic Shot often to wear them down and set them up to be killed. Examples are Akali, Olaf, Jax, etc.

If the enemy is focusing on farming and pushing the lane, try to push faster by last hitting minions with Mystic Shot. Examples of pushers are Morgana, Heim, and Kog' Maw.

Early in the game, you need to be somewhat conservative with your mana so you have enough to lane it out or enough to spend on ganking without having to go back to fountain and lose out on some xp. So, spend your ammo on Mystic shot wisely, and focus on getting an early kill if possible, or focus on getting that xp.

You usually want to head back after you have fired your first Trueshot. At this point you have gold, possibly a kill, and probably low mana.

4. Item Development

When you head back, you'll have anywhere from 500-2000 gold, depending on how skilled your opponents are and how long you were able to farm. It has been argued and statistically proven that Brutalizer and sheen boost your Mystic shot almost equally, but since you started out with a longsword, it is makes more sense economically to but Brutalizer first.

Then either purchase my lvl 1 boots, or my mana crystal for sheen. Also, take elixer's of fortitude and 90G wards whenever you can afford them. The elixers allow you a good health and damage boost, and the wards are particularly advantageous because you can easily arcane shift to gank someone out of position, especially if you have a ward spying on them.

After Brutalizer is built begin working on Trinity Force until it is built, getting upgraded boots anytime you think it is necessary, then go back and finish ghostblade. Ezreal's core build is this:

From here, continue to lane or teamfight as the game progresses, but always be ready to blink away through a wall if you are unexpectedly ganked, and always keep your distance, preferably behind a wall, during teamfights.

Your fourth item is very situational. Frozen Mallet is a good choice for some added crowd control and health. This gives you even MORE survivability because you can slow enemies with Mystic Shot and basic attacks, and the health is nothing to sneeze at. Oh, and you get some damage. Always nice.

If enemy tanks are stacking armor, get Black Cleaver. With this, you effectively add + damage to Mystic Shot because of Tri Force's Passive ability. Also, Mystic Shotnd basic attacks reduce enemy armor by 12 each hit up to 60 reduced armor. Have fun tank shredding.

Infinity Edge is listed because the crit chance stacks with Ghostblade and Trinity Force giving you a total of 49% crit chance. Also, with the added bonus from Trinity Force, and the 110% damage you get from Mystic Shot, each of your Mystic Shots now deal a staggering extra 272 damage.

Now, you certainly have enough damage to last you the rest of the game, if it is still going. Banshee's veil saves your life a lot, by negating crowd control that cleanse cannot. Malzahar's grasp, Blitz's yank, Vladimir's extra ultimate damage, are all negated if Banshee's Veil is active. Not to mention it could save you from a high damage spell like a Tibbers stun.

The Quicksilver Sash is only suggested because if you make it to your sixth item, the games should be almost over. Quicksilver Sash acts as an extra cleanse, and is cheap compared to everything else you have purchased. However, a sixth item is always situational and should be left to your discretion.


Switching out minor things, like different shoes, or when to purchase certain parts of Tri Force are viable, and are ok if you prefer other items.

Boots of Sorcery are ok for a small oomph to Trueshot and Arcane Shift.

Boots of Swiftness are 'meh' because Trinity force gives you a speed boost but being a little bit faster never hurt anyone.

Mercury Treads are just a tad too expensive, and since you have cleanse and shouldn't be in a position to get targeted, I wouldn't recommend them, but again, It's up to you.

The fourth item can fluctuate, but it is what gives you your late game damage. So, if not Infinity Edge, still focus on something with big damage.

The sixth item is completely up to you, but I recommend something that allows you to run or withstand damage a bit longer, because you should have no problem killing things. If by some stretch enemies are STILL proving too beefy, then get some damage. But, often enough a game won't even last that long.

Tips and Tricks

1. Arcane Shift can be used to detect and hit stealthed enemies. Akali in her bubble, Shaco after he deceives, anybody. Here's how you do it. Use Arcane Shift to blink to where you think the enemy is and make sure there are no other enemies around. Watch as the yellow homing arrow travels and note where it stops. (If an arrow dind't release, then nothing is within ~700 of you) Wherever it stops is the location of the stealthed enemy. you can even fire Mystic Shot and Essence Flux in that general direction and maybe get a lucky kill. (I've killed several stealthed Shaco's and their responses were very satisfying).

2. Double Flash Trick. You are chasing an enemy back to base and he decides to hide behind that outer turret and continue to farm. If the enemy is down to about 3 bars, and Trueshot Barrage is on cooldown, you can towerdive very effectively. Get in position to Arcane Shift into the base, then jump in, hit with homing arrow, auto attack and Mystic Shot for a sure kill, then Summoner Flash out before anything or anyone can hurt you and happily recall back to base.

3. Give the base a front door. When you are fleeing in lizard jungle and trying to get back to base, just Arcane Shift pass the wall by your nexus to safety; a Shaco or Tryndamere would be crazy to try and chase you. Very efficient for getting away or backdooring and undefended nexus.

4. I mentioned earlier, but stealing buffs with Ezreal is hilarious, relatively easy, and beneficial for you or your team. If you know the enemy is getting dragon buff, place ward inside from top lane through the wall, and wait for dragon to get low enough. Then fire off a Mystic Shot or a Trueshot to steal and recall. Works for lizard buff, too.

Some Final Calculations

I will going more in depth with this later, but here is a preliminary quick ad dirty calculation: Mystic Shot deals 140 + 110% attack damage. With my build you have 233 attack damage at lvl 18. Trinity force adds 130% of your attack damage to the next attack made after using an ability. The game considers the activation of Mystic Shot an ability, and the hit an attack. So you effectively have 140 + 240% attack damage every Mystic Shot.
Thats 700 damage a pop. 50% chance critical at 250 damage, thats statistically 700 damage every 2 auto attacks. With 50 armor penetration those numbers hit for nearly true damage.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment or give me a shout out if you see me in game.

-x tokenfrokid x