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Thresh Build Guide by Technotic

AD Carry AD Top - AD Mid - ADC Bot Thresh Guide

By Technotic | Updated on January 24, 2013

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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In general you want to build higher attack damage with high crit chance. The higher attack damage you have, the more it scales to your Q passive ability. This build can be used for AD Thresh in top/mid/bot. Generally the AD Thresh jungle doesn't work out too well. I hope you enjoy the guide and my general thought on it all and please give any positive feedback you may think of.
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Spells are entirely up to you. Obviously you want your flash for the quick engage/escape, but the other spell is totally up to you. Your champ has multiple slow and CC spells so exhaust isn't really needed. The typical liking to a second summoner spell would be ignite; although I enjoy teleport as a second summoner spell. Teleport allows you to be nearly anywhere in the map at anytime. I enjoy teleport the most because if you return to base from a fight, you can quickly get back into the fight without losing much exp or gold.
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Items are pretty basic. The key about AD Thresh is the high damage. His Q passive gains boost from his attack damage up to 200% based on how long you wait. When playing top you can easily poke top lane with hard hits. When playing bottom you still passively have that extra damage even if you continuously hit the target. The damage won't be 200% obviously but it's extra damage. By level 3 you can easily hit 400+ damage(not including resist) in 1 shot if you build right.
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Simple enough; you want to max out your Q as fast as possible(being that it provides damage to you basic attacks. Next you want to max your E so you can push or pull the enemy with moderate damage and the slow% also increases. It's good to have one skill point into W to help allies out. The shield is useful but since you don't have a lot of AP, the ability won't absorb much.
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Your offense mastery points should be as follows. I especially want to point out the frenzy mastery since the build puts you at a high amount of crit chance. Your defense mastery points is somewhat up to you. I personally enjoy the extra health and the extra health regen for sustainability. I also add one point into armor resist since that's what you're going to be fighting most the time at the start.
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I enjoy having good physical pen in the start to bypass the enemies already low on armor resist. Other than that you need the attack damage and attack speed by default.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Technotic
Technotic Thresh Guide

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AD Top - AD Mid - ADC Bot Thresh Guide