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Varus Build Guide by Rhinoqt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rhinoqt

ADC S4 Guide

Rhinoqt Last updated on July 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, my name is Rhinoqt In league of legends oceanic and Varus is my most played champion. His winrate is 55%. Not impressive BUT he is the champion i learned how to adc on. He has good hp shred with his w, his q is a good long range kill secure, his e provides good crowd control and his ultimate is a good initiator/escape But has a reasonably long cooldown and should only be used if necessary. Please note that this is also my first guide so I will try do the best I can.

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Pros / Cons


+Good Damage output
+Good Passive attack speed steroid
+Good crowd control
+Hard initiate ultimate
+Good harass with skill combo


-Long Cooldown on Ultimate if you use it wrong
-Missing an ultimate can win or lose a game (HAVE TO LAND ULTIMATE)
-Subjected to bully tactics from corki/leona combo
-Yet again, cannot stress how important the ultimate is!!!
-Mana hungry if not played correctly
-Lack of effective escape, W only provides an aoe slow, may or may not save you.

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Skill Sequence

I usually begin with a point in W because of the passive extra damage. The only downside I find is I last hit minions with a little bit extra health, making other ad carry champions a little harder to last hit on.

Make sure that, if you want to engage a champion, try get 3 stacks of blight on the target before you use E to crowd control and explode the blight, the extra damage really adds up. Try save q for when the enemy champion tries to escape. Its long range makes it excellent for killing fleeing enemies.

Varus and his ultimate can be huge game changers in lane or mid to endgame. It locks down whoever it hits and also spreads to surrounding enemies. I often have missed numerous ultimates, but the last one to land turns the game around drastically. Used properly, Varus Ultimate is awesome.

So Auto x2 > q for easy trades in lane
Team fights Ultimate > auto x3 > e + Auto x3 + q for fleeing targets

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The reason I played Varus is because of his kit. His ultimate is awesome to lock down enemies, His e gives awesome crowd control when you need to run away or slow an enemy down
W and Q are both awesome for hitting an enemy hard and finishing an enemy off.

Varus has a really nice passive. It acts as an attack speed steroid. When you kill a minion, varus gains x amount bonus attack speed. When he kills an enemy champion, this amount is doubled.

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I generally play Varus passively until I know I can out-trade the enemy ADC. It is very important to note that in team fights or lane that you position yourself behind the melee minions so you are "safer" from jungle ganks BUT can follow up on attacking the enemy adc if need be.

I am at a low elo, but varus was the champion that i learned on. His skill set is great for pushing up a lane quickly if need be. His ultimate + e are good escape tools. The only downside would be lack of escape options when his ultimate is on cool down.