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Udyr Build Guide by SAGasarus777

Ahiska's Udyr

Ahiska's Udyr

Updated on September 6, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SAGasarus777 Build Guide By SAGasarus777 1,643 Views 1 Comments
1,643 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SAGasarus777 Udyr Build Guide By SAGasarus777 Updated on September 6, 2018
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Jungle path
This is my preferred path in low elo. After I finish that clear I will look for a gank mid or top. If no gank can be found I will do a full clear, back, and then look for another gank. With this path I always look for a kill, it sets the enemy jungler that much more behind, because you can then take their topside camps if no one comes to contest. Afterwards you still have 4 camps up, and sometimes even a scuttle. This path can put you 2 levels up at the start of the game if you play it correctly.
This is a more reasonable path that I take in my diamond games.(all colors are the same). I also use the same logic for ganks with this path
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Primary Tree

Phase Rush- In my opinion this is currently the best keystone for udyr, the mobility it gives him both in teamfights, and duels. It is simply amazing, and synergizes really well with the other runes in sorcery.

Nullifying Orb - Udyr doesn't have an ultimate rendering nimbus cloak useless, and with manaflow band changed to hitting a champ with an ability, nullifying orb is really the only choice here.

Celerity- Comboed with phase rush and bear stance, the free damage is too good to pass up, and the other runes in this branch are not optimized very well for udyr.

Water Walking- Water walking synergizes well with celerity, so it is kind of a no brainer to take it.

Secondary Tree

Triumph- Overheal sucks, and presence of mind blows for udyr. Nuff said.

Alacrity-This makes up for the lack of the attack speed in the build.

Alternative Runes

Gathering Storm- gathering storm is a rune I normally take when I go 5xx5 where I am full tank, it serves as a nice damage substitution as the game progresses.

Tenacity- Tenacity is also a rune I prefer to take on 5xx5 udyr, it makes udyr that much more slippery, and allows him to dip in and out of fights really quickly once phase rush is procd.
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Normal games I follow a simple q,e,w,r max
Games where I need to be tankier I go q,w,e,r max
Cheese game I go q,e,q,w(very rarely do I do this max)
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Third proc of tiger on standy->red smite->tigerstance again->tiamat->bear stance
Bear stance-> red smite-> tiger stance-> tiamat
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Is a WIP, and I'm too busy with school and work to finish this at the moment
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SAGasarus777
SAGasarus777 Udyr Guide
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Ahiska's Udyr

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