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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hell_Pet

Akali rapes jungle

Hell_Pet Last updated on October 19, 2010
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Hello Mobafire and welcome to my 7th build.

First I want to say thx to Kethali and HeAt for my inspiration. Credits go to these guys, I coudn't do it without them. So vote their builds +1! They deserve it.

Back to the build. This build is for those who want to jungle with Akali, Akali is squishy early game and can't do much until lvl 6, so that's why I send her to the jungle.

Pros while not jungling and pros while jungling:

Your buddy has a mate which can help him in narrow situations
No chance of getting ganked in the jungle
You can defend the tower better

More map control
Faster lvling
Better chance to farm
Surprising attacks
More fun (my opinion)

When she is jungling she is very rune and mastery dependant. I will explain why:

Akali's passive is Twin Disciplines. At 20 bonus AP, 10% of her basic attacks deal extra magic damage. And at 10 bonus AD, she gets 10% spellvamp.
So that's why I choose flat AP runes so I got more than 20 AP to deal more than 10% extra damage. And I put 3 points of my masteries in Brute Force so I have 3 AD extra already, then I buy 4 Mark of Strenght runes for 1.38 AD and I buy a doran's blade as my first item. That means I got 3 + 1.38 + 6 = 10.38 bonus AD! And that means my spells also got some spellvamp, me likey. That were her most important runes.
What you want to put in Seals is kinda your choice but I take 9 Seals of Resilience for armor which will protect me better against the jungle creeps. The other 5 Mark runes is also your choice, I prefer to take some armor and magic penetration which will also help me in the jungle.

Ok, now you of course want to know how to jungle with her? I will explain it right now!

Early game (jungle):
Start off with a doran's blade and health potion. The route is fairly easy:
Golems --> Ghouls --> Wolfcamp --> Recall1 --> Lizard buff --> Golems --> Ghouls --> Wolfcamp --> Golem buff --> Recall2 --> Golems --> Ghouls --> Wolfcamp --> Others lizard buff --> Rape

Blue = Use smite
Yellow = Use health potion
Indigo = Lvl 6
Recall1 = Buy 3 health potions
Recall2 = Buy Amplifying Thome, boots and 1 health potion

Mid game:
You are done with jungling now, you should be lvl 6 now or else something went wrong. You can still jungle a bit and wait until you see there's a chance of ganking a lane. Try to finish your boots and rylais as fast as possible now. It are Akali's core items.
Then I buy Hextech Revolver so I got more spellvamp and some AP. Guinsoo's Rageblade is also one of the must items when playing Akali. Very usefull when in fights, destroying a tower or farming creeps. If you want you can first buy this item and then go for a Hextech Revolver.
Anyway, after you get your Guinsoo's Rageblade, complete your Hextech Revolver to a Hextech Gunblade.

Late game:
There are some things you can do which depends on the situation. Most of the time I first buy a Black Cleaver for epic damage. But as your last item their are 3 items which are good. If you think you are too squishy, buy a Guardian Angel, if you want to do epic damage with spells buy Zhonya's Ring and if you want to deal more damage with spells and smashes buy a Lich Bane! It will also give you a little magic restistance which is nice.

Got any question? Ask them!

Thanks for reading, please vote, comments are welcome.