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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Akali the AD Fist of Shadow

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on October 29, 2010
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This is a new look at one of LoL's most unique champs. Most Akali are AP or hybrids, so I wanted to try an AD build, with some AP sprinkled on top. Ive also made her a lil more durable to an extent.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Masteries arent what you would think for Akali, or not that Ive seen. Ive choose 9/21/0 to make her a lil more durable. Akali can do great dmg, but at the same time she cant stay in a fight too long. This will give her some longevity once she engages.

Now before you jump ahead and call BS, I know she can use to get away, and ect, but if she has no brush to help her juke, she its open season on her when its over.

Also, Shen shouldnt be the only one that can take some punishment lol.

Now for Summoner Spells. and . Why? Well is always get for CC, not to mention it gives the MR and armor debuff. Both increase her dmg output. will help her get out of those heavy CC moments. Again, can help, but if she is in the open it wont do much good, if she is low on health. Its always nice to have that extra survival ;)


Ive taken as my 3/5 spell. This is how I prefer to last hit minions, harass, and its the best way to start burst. She already has some Mpen so she will be doing great dmg from the start. Add the effects from Cripple and she will be doing more. Not to mention she will have the spell vamp bonus from her passive. Laning wont be an issue.

Next is Cresent Slash. This is one of her best farming skills. It also scales great with AD, which this build is built on. It also deals physical dmg, so with my ArP, this is a powerful skill early game when Armor is low. Add Cripple from improved , and it will be effective. Always get at least one rank of . It has many uses, and if you have a great team comp, you can get this first. If you have champs like or , expect them to get the best from or .

Of course is gonna be fun. It give her great mobility, and she will gain more Spell Vamp as she gains more AD. She has Mpen, so she will be hitting like she has some AP.


Marks I have ArP. This is an AD based build, so ArP is what I want. Also, since Akali doesnt have issues closing the gap, these will always be useful. Not to mention, Cresent Slash is physical dmg. More dmg means more dmg from her passive.

Seals Dodge to add on to masteries. Its a nice stat for her to have.

Glyphs Health Per LvL. Im making her builky, so health is always good.

Quintessences ArP here too. Its someting I do when playing Physical dmg champs.

There are a lot of different runes that can work well with Akali, but these are made for her AD power and Longevity. They work out well.


These Items will make you think fail, but its not.

This is a fav for me. I use this with almost any AD build I make. The thing I like about this item is the stats are great, its easy to build, and once you get it, you are a beast. This will allow Akali to chase without having to use her ult stacks. It will also make cresent slash hit harder. Making farming and team fights more effective.

is a good item for Akali. If you play her like the ninja she is, stacks will come easy. I had no issues getting stacks. She is a Hybrid based champ, but she can AD very well. Her AD based passive will be nice since she can spam her abilities some what.

is the AD version of . This will make sure that you get the kill. You also get some life so its a great item. What I like about this is its potential in team fights. Cresent slash deal physical dmg, so it should be effected by FM. That will make team fights much more controlled. If you are teamed with a nasty AoE champ, this will help them land those AoEs.

is one of those items that just belong on Akali. It helps in a few ways. Gives both AD and AP so she has full passive. Its stacks come fast, so she gains more power for and , and she will attack faster. This will make chasing better since she will attack faster. More procs ;) Plus the more AP the more spell vamp she has. This is the sprinnkle of AP.

is the final item. But I would build parts of this early in the game. The reason for this is the power Akali gets from it. The only thing that does not benefit her is the mana, but everything else is great. It will also help with her burstiness. Ill exlpain this later on, if you cant see how.

NOTE: Since there are many items that have many smaller parts, [icon=Trinity Force size=30 for example, you will want to make these items early. I like to start with > > . All easily obtainable. Making these early should help you throught out the game. If you want you can flip and . This build can be built in almost any order for that matter. BUt I cant stres making Ghostblade first. I always do well when I make it first.

Other items If you find that you are being targeted, is a must item. Again mana dont help, but it adds to your survival. Maybe a if you are against a lot of phsyical dmg champs. is a nice item too. Nothing like an Akali with extra lives.

Game play

Early Game

Grab and and head to your lane. You will be harassing and last hitting with Mark. You will be a lil more tanky with the defensive masteries, so you can stay in lane a lil longer. Once you hit LvL 2 you can start farming. Since Cresent Slash is a physical dmg skill, ArP will effect it. So you can go into the middle of creep waves and use this. farming is so much more fun this way. Of course you will want to get boots as you go.

Mid Game

By now you have your Ult and Ghostblade and possibly SotO. These will be great for harssaing and such. You will want to work on or . You will be able to chase better and you get a lil more burst from it. This might not be coming together, but it will. Just work on Trin Force and FM and you will be good to go. If you want to rush Rageblade, thats fine too. Build accordingly.

Late Game

Any well played Akali is a beast by now. Full stacks, killer mobility, and snagging kills like no one's business. You should have almost everything by now. If you find that SotO is a bust item sell it and complete what you dont haev done. You should be fine though. Being a lil tanky will help with group fights and ganks.

1v1 and Jungling

As far as burst champs go, Akali is one of the best. With + proc> >auto-attack consuming and proc>Twilight Shroud size-30 to slow>Get the kill.

Jungling is something that Akali can do, but she does it for the Lizard buff. Thats the one thing you will want with this build. Being auto-attack based, lizard buff is a must.

Ganking and team pushes

Ganking is like 1v1. You find the carry or the slacker and burst them down. You will want to lead with so you dont have to spam to catch up. Use to get the kill if you can. Save that energy.

Team pushes you will want to stay back, unless you are flanking. If you are gonna Ult in, drop shroud, and burst targets, that fine. But know that you will be focused. No one likes to see Akali come out of nowhere and start burssting people. You will need to be very ninja like. Watch for slackers and those that are over extened. Just dont Kill steal.

Friends & enemies

Supports: , , are all great. They all have things that set up kills or boost Akali in some way.

Slowers/Stunners: , , and my fav

Haters: Oneone that can target her while in . When I say target, I mean that can dmg her while she is in it. is one such champ. Nothing is worse than waiting in it, and getting d.