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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tsasuki

Akali, Unkillable and OP

Tsasuki Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Hello and welcome to my second guide, a guide for becoming the ultimate regenerating powerhouse assasin. I rarely get negative results using this, and once even got a solo quadra in the enemy base. They came at me with 3 people (tf, malphite and some melee AD champ i cant remember) while i was at below half hp. Offcourse i ran, but when i noticed they were catching up to me too fast i just dropped my bubble and waited for them to gather near me. I jumped on tf, seeing he was the squishiest of them, 3 shotted him down and vamping my way back to full health in a second. Needless to say the melee soon followed, along with the AP that decided to come help his team. Malph was close, but in the end he couldn't tank my regen either and went down too. Tada, quadra! I was kinda fed that game though, but you will be too if you use this build.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i use Flash and Exhaust.

Flash is just plain awesome for getting in range for your R, or for getting over a wall when the time comes you really need to get out.

Exhaust is great for declining that carrie's damage while you steamroll him, or for getting that annoying tank off your back while you chase that squishy.

I really never use any other spells, these just seem to work best for me. If you however feel otherwise, go ahead and mix it up a bit.

Never use these though:

Heal : just plain useless on this build, you will already be regenning like mad.
Clarity : Pretty obvious
Rally : Haven't ever found this usefull on any champ.
Fortify : leave this for your tank/support.

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: First skill to max out. This by itself doesnt do that much damage, but activating the mark will make for them loosing a huge chunk of life. If earlygame you manage to pull off activating it, they will cry for their mommies and run to their base. Or they will die.

: An allround great skill, making you invisible, slowing your enemies and upgrading your resistances. Has a great amount of uses.

: Good farming skill, also nice for dishing out that nice AOE damage when for example your standing in an enemy akali's (who hasn't read this build, and will be no match for you) bubble.

: This is what makes you great. It allows for super easy activating of your Q and your enemies will never get away from you, as long as you use the stacks wisely.

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EarlyGame; this is the most painfull part of Akali.
You start with doran's blade for the extra hp, along with your runes you should have both your passives at level 3-4. I allways take the defensive masteries to allow you to survive your early game better.
If you have a good lane partner who can keep your enemies at a distance or net you a early kill or assist, that's great, but i tend to play defensive until i get lvl 6, trying to last hit some with your mark of the assasin and maybe harras with it a bit too. Level 6 is where the fun starts though and you will want to be in the brush while you are not farming. Wait for that champion to walk too close, put your mark on him and dash at him for some great burst, if you cant kill him don't worry, you probably scared him enough to be able to farm freely for that rageblade. When you have the rageblade, look for lanes that could use an assasin to come help them, or just go and kill that person solo farming a lane.
Once the gunblade is finished you should already have netted yourself some kills, and with this item the kills will start racking up fast. General skill order for killing will be:

Q -> R -> Hextech Gunblade -> autoattack -> E.
the slow from the Gunblade will allow you to keep up without having to use your R. Once the slow runs out, just Q -> R again and put your shroud so that it's just slightly on him, and the larger part of it in front of him (you should have already done this if he decides not to run but take the fight to you; how stupid of him, he just dug his own grave).

Your bubble Twilight Shroud is your best friend, it's an aoe slow, a great escape tool and it allows you to take that extra few hits because of MR and AR bonus. I once was about to die from a karthus ult, but because i put down my bubble right before it hit, it allowed me to survive it with just 20 hp left.

With this build your also amazing at playing mindgames. If you see a squishy while you are low on hp, go into brush or bubble and wait for him to enter thinking he can kill you easily.
He has just made a great mistake, because just Q->R->auto-attack and you are back at full hp and they are down by a LOT, generally in under a second.

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In teamfights, you get in after the major cc has been wasted. They should've used it on you, but since you were standing out of sight they wasted it. GG.
Dash in on someone random or low hp, and put down ur bubble and locate their ranged damage dealing carry. Use your kill-skill-order and blast him down. If there are more carrys, prioritize the one dealing most damage. Your ult is great for getting every kill you want, since it is on very low CD and refreshes stacks when you kill something. Dash around, Kill 'm all. That is your job.

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Advanced use of your ultimate

Shadow Dance is great for more than getting up close personal.

I'll do some examples here.

Example 1.

Their entire team is on your *** and you are sure to die if you dont do something smart very fast.
Solution: Drop your bubble! They will continue to walk in the direction you went, or gather around it. Most often their will be someone further away from the rest, use this to your advantage! Jump on him! (you will likely be heading back towards their base, but no problem, that's ideal)
Check for creeps, as soon as you see one (albeit in jungle or on lane, as long as it makes the gap larger) jump on it. You will now be building up distance, and depending on wether it was a jungle or lane creep they might have already lost you.
For example; you are from the upper team, they from the bottom. You are in the brush slightly above their mid tower. You will be dashing and walking so that you go between their 2 towers to the other side of jungle, dashing wraiths is great. They will either give up, or be lured directly into your team.

Example 2:
Towerdiving behind enemy minions.
Dash, get your kill, and immediatly dash back on enemy minions to minimize tower damage.

Your bubble and ultimate give you countless opportunities to troll your enemies.

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I hope you enjoy slicing your enemies apart and hearing them ALL-chat "OMFG AKALI NOOB UR OP" with this build.
I will go more in depth on her when i have some more time.
Rate&Comment and give me some feedback :)

If you downrate, tell me why you did so. I allways get the feeling people randomly downvote guides...