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Shaco Build Guide by Summ1rname

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Summ1rname

Akyns Chaot: Dominating the Rift [S4] tanky shaco build guid

Summ1rname Last updated on November 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why would i even want to play aa tanky shaco?
There are multiple reasons for my decision to try out which build i could use to play a tanky shaco in soloqueue jungle. Soloq most teams play very agggressive early what makes shaco a great jungler. He can clear his first camp very fast and without a leash and can even steal the enemies red or blue without really getting in danger (-> anyone atacking him before the buff spawned would run into the boxes). His ganks are aabsolutely deadly since his q provides him a flash, stealth and one crit hit at the same time and he has a slow on hos normal attacks and if he throws his e. Anyhow in soloq i struggled with playing him. If i had to camp a lane without getting some assists (e.g. garen or vlad top) i was behind for the rest of the game because i lost my ability to assassinate a target in a very short time. Even if i got fed i sometimes wasnt too useful in teamfights becaause i got bursted down after hitting the first target (the clone has only 75 % health and attack damage so you can easily find out who i am by clicking on one shaco and looking at the stats). Thats why i decided to play shaco as an ad-offtank with feral flare. I get the damage early so the ganks are a pain and then i start building tanky so its not too easy to kill me.

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Why Feral Flare?
Usually, Shaco concentrates on ganking instead of farming the jungle. Anyhow, feral flare is really worth:
1. shacos main damage are his autoattacks and he benefits a lot from the attack damage and attackspeed even if you werent yet able to get enough stacks for some magic damage
2. the clone also does the magic damage with his normals, thats pretty strong once you got some stacks
3. Free Ward
4. Only Lizard might be worth thinking of, but the DOT is not really somethign youll need with shaco and you only could trigger it with normals
Why no Infinity Edge?
Since there are limited item slots (which someetimes is very sad) i only get 1 crit item. Statikks gives me attackspeed (synergy with Feral flare) and the 100 magic damage are really really strong early, especially if you used q). Anyhow you can get IE if you want since your shiv will also do slightly more damage.
Should i pick MoM, Wits End or Banshees if i need MR?
MoM increases your damage, i would get it if im fed and want to do some more initial damage when i gank with my q, plus the shield is a super cool thing. Banshees gives you health and blocks one aability, i would pick it against teams with a) lots of cc or b) a OS-maige (veigar, LB) or if i need health in general because i get focused. Wits End gives you attackspeed and steals MR. It is useful because 3 of your abilities (4 if you count your q with statikks), statikks, feral flare and some of your teamates deal magic damage. Anyhow, i only get Wits End if i am ahead and not afraid of being focused because it neither grants a shield nor some hp and less MR then banshees and MoM.

Im gonna play shaco jungle in rankeds a lot now and will update this guide, maybe with some basic jungle/gank advice and stuff. I would be glad if i would get some feedback (also on mistakes, im not native english speaker) or if you would want to discuss the items or decisions i made with me :)