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Alistar Build Guide by SnapBackKilla

Alistar-In depth guide to the utility tank.

Alistar-In depth guide to the utility tank.

Updated on July 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnapBackKilla Build Guide By SnapBackKilla 6,588 Views 3 Comments
6,588 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SnapBackKilla Alistar Build Guide By SnapBackKilla Updated on July 10, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello mobafire! Snap here, this is my first build on mobafire (don't be too harsh) and it's for my favorite champ, Alistar. Alistar is a very flexible champ that can be built as a utility tank or as an AP burst (as displayed by shushei). For this build i will be focusing on a utility tank alistar. As a utility tank, you will be putting out minimal damage, you will have supreme lane control, and you will be virtually unkillable if you don't get caught out of position.
As a utility tank your job will be to:
1. Initiate a team fight
2. Disturb team fights and force enemy carries out of position.
3. Help secure kills, chase down champions, and save teammates that are being pursued.

Abbreviations used:
AD=Attack Damage
AP=Ability power
CDR=Cooldown Reduction
AOE=Area of Effect
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Pretty simple rune setup:
Seals of mana regen because you get a bit mana starved until you get a soul shroud.
Quint and marks of health, you are a bit squishy early game
Glyphs of CDR to lower the time for your headbut and pulverize.
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I like to go with a 9-0-21 mastery setup. The 21 in utility is mandatory but the 9 in offense can be switched out for 9 in defense if that is your preference. I find that it works better early game to go with a 9 mastery in offence.
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Alistar has only 3 core items for this build. The are ESSENTIAL for getting in position to land your crowd control effects. The (should) take care of most of your mana problems. The will help you get a good health base. The rest of your items are based on the enemy team comp.
There is a handful of items that I will build depending on their comp.
The next item I build after is a if the team is AP heavy.
If the enemy team is not AP heavy, build a after
If the enemy team is REALLY AD heavy, build a after your Thronmail
If the enemy team is REALLY AP heavy, build a after your

The core is pretty straight forward.
1. Pick up the for your starting item.
2. Rush
3. Build
4. After that is complete, take a look at the enemy teams comp. If there is a mix of AP and AD on the enemy team, continue with the stock build. If the team is leaning towards being AP heavy or AD heavy, Build , , and accordingly after
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is as follows:
I pick up first for a surprise bush scare. The stun with can help secure a first blood for one of your teammates.
After I pick up my if i am being harassed or low on health. If you are not being harassed in your lane, pick up second.
If you picked up second, get your triumphant roar third.
After the first three levels, (obviously) level up your whenever you can. Get your to level 5 as soon as you can. If you cannot level up level up . And for last, level up to finish up.
So to recap this long paragraph:
-> -> ->
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Summoner Spells

and are essential for this build. No substitutions will help for this particular build. I will explain how these spells are essential for being a utility tank and how these spells will help you secure many kills for your team.
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The Alistar combos

There are two basic combos that you need to master as an Alistar player.
The first is for lane control and getting players out of position.
The second is for pursuing a running champion and securing a kill on a champion with low health.

The first combo is as follows:
-> ->
The second combo is a much simpler combo and is only used if you and on cooldown.

This combo is all about timing. You will dash towards the enemy with headbutt and you must time the correctly to do a dash + knock up combo. This is an essential combo for stopping a fleeing enemy. If you perform it correctly, you will dash towards the enemy and stop him dead in his tracks.
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Fighting with Alistar

This section will be the largest but the most important. The concepts in this section are essential for becoming a useful Alistar player. This will be broken up into 3 sections:
Early, Mid, and Late game.

First, let me start off by explaining your early game. The main reason I prefer to get first is for the early first blood. If you are using this build for a solo queue, it's not likely that your team will arrange a level 1 fight, but can help you secure a kill in lane and also stun the enemy if they are pursuing a teammate at level 1. I can't count how many times I have seen a squishy face check a bush at bottom lane and get stunned/exhausted and I had to come in with my knock-up and save their ***. This is the primary reason I take Pulverize first.

Early game: The superior lane control and AOE heal with Alistar makes a perfect character to lane early with a ranged or melee AD carry. Alistar can move enemy champions wherever he wants in lane. If you are pushing your lane hard up to the turret, you might want to consider a gank at mid. There is a basic shock and awe technique with Alistar and is as follows:
Get within flash range of them and make sure that you have your and ready to cast. to the enemy and quickly cast to knock the enemy in the air. The pulverize will give you enough time to get yourself into position for a headbutt. Once you the enemy, walk behind the enemy and them towards your team/teammate. This will do a hefty amount of damage early game and put your AD carry in a position to chunk at their health. The , , combo will catch the enemy off guard and at the very least, make the enemy recall or you might even kill them. This combo can also make for a perfect gank. If you are pushing your lane past the river, quickly run up to the bush, get your flash ready and headbutt them into your teammate at mid. Additionally if you are being pushed, this combo can be used to get your enemy deep into the turret range.

Mid game: During mid game you will be roaming quite a lot. Your main job during mid game is to roam to different lanes. Use your flash combo to earn your teammates kills. You want to watch lanes that are being pushed to the turrets. Use your passive to clear minion waves. Also, beware of attacking an enemy turret while using your heal as your passive will attack nearby champs and force the turret to attack you. You will always want to be the initiator in a team fight. Be cocky, with this build, you will be very difficult to kill along with your ultimate. If you run in 1v5 while your team is hidden nearby, you will want to pop your ult if you start to get focused and try and knock up as many champions with your . Try to focus your on squishy ap champions to get them away from the team fight. When the enemy team's main damage output is stunned and out of range, the enemy will not be able to put out as much damage.

Late game: You will once again want to initiate a the team fight. Try and go in first before your team, give them the illusion that they have the upper hand in numbers. Once you start to get focused, pop your ultimate and save your to try and knock up as many champs as possible. once again, try to knock away the main damage dealers on the enemy team with your . Make sure to pop ghost if a enemy is fleeing away, with your boots + ghost, you will be Usain Bolt compared to them. Once you are in range, and the other direction OR if they are low enough health, use the + dash combo to secure the kill. Be careful with your headbutt. You can often save an enemy with your headbutt and your teammates will not be very happy about it.
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Utilize your godlike qualities as Alistar to knock the enemies around to where you want them to be. Use your lane control to help secure teammates kills early game, and last, make sure to make the enemy want to focus you. With this build, you will be running around with a supreme amount of health + armor + magic resist.
Try out my build and tell me what you think about it!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnapBackKilla
SnapBackKilla Alistar Guide
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Alistar-In depth guide to the utility tank.

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