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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Alistar Build Guide by Lord Tili

Alistar, the omnipotent cow

Alistar, the omnipotent cow

Updated on August 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Tili Build Guide By Lord Tili 5,159 Views 3 Comments
5,159 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Tili Alistar Build Guide By Lord Tili Updated on August 16, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Alistar
  • LoL Champion: Alistar
  • LoL Champion: Alistar
  • LoL Champion: Alistar


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite




Alistar is at the moment one of the strongest Champions in League of Legends.
Whether or not as an Suppoter at bot or an Ap burster at mid or top Alistar shines out.

Why is Alistar so strong?

    -Amazing CC
    -Lot's of damage even without Ap items
    -Strong ultimate
    -Good passive for farming and extra damage

This Guide is focused on Ap and Support Alistar and also shows you the builds for full Tank and Ad Alistar. Even if i dont recommend these last 2 Builds they are fun. But please dont play them in Ranked games!!!
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- Pulverize: Great CC on more than 1 Target wich cannot be reduced with CC reduction.
- Headbutt: Great for pushing Enemys around or harrasing them.
- Triumphant Roar: Heal on all Teammates around you. The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds every time a enemy near Alistar die.
- Unbreakable Will: Strong Ultimate to stay in the middle of the teamfight.
- Trample(passive): Alistars new passive deals all enemys around him damage after he cast an spell. Not much damage but not to be neglected.

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For Runes i prefer the ones wich i showed above.

Runes are depending on your own playstyle so you can build more offensive or more defensive.
For Support Alistar armorpenetration is very strong for early harassing.
Also good are Offtank Runes like armor, magicpen or more health.
Just think about your playstyle and choose your own Runes.
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Skill Sequence

Ap Alistar:
    Max Headbutt(W) first for more damage
    Then Pulverize
    You can choose heal if you get harrased and if you need it

Support Alistar:
    Always max Heal or pulverize First
    Headbutt only one time for charging
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Summoner Spells

Whats good on Alistar:

- in 99% of all situations the best summoner spell
- Good Spell to slow enemys, to help you teammates and for chasing
- Good Spell to finish (Dont pick this with Support Alistar your not the kill stealer)

Whats Ok on Alistar:

- If you like it. I dont like it but its good for chasing and escaping
- Its teleport. You can help other lanes and defend tower
- Its a spell wich can save lifes if its skilled in your masteries.

Whats bad:

- Its not necessary
- You hava mana regen runes and items
- You can jungle Alistar but its not good after the nerf
- No
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There is no real order to buy your items. You buy what you need is the main rule.

Ap Alistar:

You should buy a dorans first for mana reg and ap.
If you can stay long on the lane buy an Needlessly Large Rod.
If you don't farm good buy boots and then Sheen. Finish Rabadon's before lichbaneLichbane.

Support Alistar:

Actual its not important wich items you buy. Buy aura items and lot's of wards.
You can start with diffrent items but good for you and your Carry is an Mana Manipulator. Try to get all money/sec items but dont forget wards. Important items are Sight Ward.
Also an early Oracles can bring your team an great advantage.
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Try out

The W Q Combo is one of most important things you should work with while playing Alistar. cast Q instant after W to throw the enemy in the air at his position.
Cast W after Q to throw the squishy enemy into your group.
You can autoattack once while Headbutting.

Just try this a little bit its not very hard.
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Ap Alistar:

Give them your dam Headbutt right in their face.
If you want to finish them cast W Q and Ihnite Ignite.

Support Alistar:

Just Support and babysitt your Carry. Buy and place as many Wards as possible.
Try to throw the enemy carry in the air with W Q Combo. It's always better you die instead of the carry. Supporting don't seems hard but it isn't as easy at it seems to be. You should look at the map to prevent ganks place wards at good places you should protect your carry and bring him some kills. At the same time the carry trys to lasthit.


Cast Heal if you loose Health. What a special trick.
Don't be afraid of the enemy or you will loose. Normal Casters farm better because of their range. Start to harass the enemy frim the beginning of the game. Try to get him away from the minions. If you walk back you will lasthit some with your trample.
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Ap Alistar:

Your like a normal caster but with some diffrences.
    You stand in the middle of the fight.
    if you get focused you activate your Ultimate.
    Thats all. Simple but effective

Support Alistar

    It sounds stupid but your the ****ing tank for about 6-8 seconds.
    You initiate with
W Q Combo.
Activate your Ultimate after getting the first damage. In teamfights you must initiate but also protect your carry and heal all teammates.
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Tank and Ad Alistar

These 2 special builds are non-competitive. They are fun for trolling but not usefull in Ranked games. Your tanky enough with Support Alistar and make more damage with Ap Alistar.
Also jungling is a topic with Alistar. You can jungle with Ad or Ap Alistar but other Junglers are stronger. Ad Alistar is an old build from the days when his passive was 20% more damage on tower.
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Watch Streams they will bring you a lot.
Sorry for english fails.
Thanks for reading this Guide until the end.(If you dont read it burn in hell or just copy Runes, Masteries, Items and Skill Sequenze)

Guide will be patched soon.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Tili
Lord Tili Alistar Guide
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Alistar, the omnipotent cow

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