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Malzahar Build Guide by Kortekai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kortekai

All-Lanes Malz: the Hybrid Swarm

Kortekai Last updated on April 5, 2017
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I decided to begin updating this guide for this season after a series of intensive experimenting with the new Malzahar rework, and its successive updates. Currently, the guide is build-only, but I will be adding descriptions, explanations, and tactics over the next several days. Thank you.

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Malzahar: Then & Now

Malzahar was the first champion I ever played in League,and even though I spent a short time maining Jax and some supports, Malzahar has been my absolute favorite since back in Season 2. Since that time, I've been fascinated by how his voidlings work, and always wanted to optimize their role in my playstyle. Now, with all of the reworks and changes I've had to make, I'm still confident that hybrid Malz is a strong, viable pick.

When there are Diamond-level AD Malzahar builds, adding the extra AD and on-hit effects to Malzahar's voidlings certainly has an impact. My build maintains a modest amount of AP items--namely Rylai's and Liandry's--gives Malzahar an adaptable style throughout a game, ensuring he can pump out damage no matter what the opponents throw at him.

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Update & Edit Log

I do intend on adding to and updating build guide at various points over the years, so I'll keep a track of any and all changes to it here. I look forward to all serious comments and critiques on my build, and will take all of them into consideration as I continue my progress through the ranks. Here is a direct link to my Malzahar match history for Ranked Summoner's Rift games:

Malzahar, the Hybrid Swarm

1/13/2015 - Date of publishing. Build-only with some notes and brief descriptions.
1/14/2015 - Added Item Purchase Order. Giving reasons for why things are important, and when (thank you Cipher for the suggestion).
1/20/2015 - Edited all sections. Added a note on Nasus. Added "What I've Learned So Far".
3/31/2017 - Updated guide for latest season. Included other lanes.