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League of Legends Build Guide Author H4TTr1cks

all purpose jungle guide !

H4TTr1cks Last updated on July 10, 2013
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so you think you can jungle?

I have been playing league for a little over a year and a half, my biggest pet pev so far is junglers with the lack of knowlage on HOW TO PROPERLY JUNGLE! so this is my fyi to ensure gg.

i will go over proper procedure for junglers to ensure a dominating force in the jungle no matter who you choose to jungle with.

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lets start

first is starting items lets get this going , for the majority of junglers ap and ad alike starting with hunters machete and health pots is a good way to get your jungle going

although there are some champs with significant life steal , fiddlesticks for instance can get by with an Amplifying Tome and your choice of health pot or mana pot

and with some ad champs you can start with a long sword if it builds into your first item with the same health or mana pot

be carful though these starting items are meant for aggressive and or champs with very high sustain early game, yorick is a very good example of this, he can start with a long sword and health potion and be fine, he clears with full health due to the life steal on his e.
but in most cases its best to start with the hunters machete

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map presence YO!

As soon as you hit level 3 or 4 start GANKING!! of coarse if your health or mana is low and you need to return to base then do it , but get back in asap take one camp at the most and head for your first gank. a good way to establish fear on the opposing team is to perform a gank line as soon as you can , even if you dont get a succesful gank it will put pressure on the other team and they will be wary of ganks and pushing too far due to the fear of a gank coming in. ill show you here
follow the numbers on the picture according to whether you start red or blue the route may change

if you start red remember its reverse, gank the lane closest to the last jungle camp you finished and MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN!!!

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"OMG IM SORRY THEY HAVE IT WARDED I CANT GANK!!!" ever heard or thought that well have no fear there is a way around it most times

usually supports will ward up high in river close to barron and dragon , if not there they will ward in the river bush or in tri bush if they are on that side. dont sweat it though you can get around that and perform a counter gank. ok so here is what you need to do 1st ask if the enemy has warded , if so where, know where the wards are and move around them your goal is to get into the bushes on the lane wall and wait for your oppertunity to SMASH! remember this well though , you have to get in unseen , which means you have to work with the fog of war , this strategy works best when the lane is pushed or reset at the middle of the lane, STAY UNSEEN , i cant stress that enough use this picture as a reference

use this stratedy whenever necessary personally i love this style of gank , the shock factor is great , almost always you can pull a flash out of the enemy if not the kill , they just dont see it coming. i even use this gank when i know there arent any wards in river, just because of the shock value.

though counter ganks on top and bot are viable when the lane is warded , mid is a different story , generally speaking it is difficult to get around a ward in mid bushes and close the distance quickly. at any rate make your presence known to the lanes , and make them fear the next gank or when their wards wear off.

constantly be looking for new ways to gank, depending on the champ you are using new oppertunities may present themselves to you , ie jumping over walls, becoming unseen, and use of cc. a good jungler use's unorthodox ways to get in lane and mess the enemy team up.

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proper jungle etiquite

yes junglers you are not actually ganking to get your own kills , i dont care what youve been told or what you think. early game you should not be out for blood unless you are counter jungling. your job as a jungler early game is to provide your teamates with oppertunities to gain the upper hand in lane by turning a 2 v 2 into a 3 v 2 or a 1 v 1 into a 2 v 1 ALWAYS try your best to get your teamate in lane the kill , it will give them the upper hand as the game proceeds their lane will get much easier if they have kills under their belt. naturally if your lane is not able to seal the kill , then finish it, but try your best to get your lane the kill always. dont linger and camp lane unless asked to by your teamate, for one you will loose jungle time and gold earning oppertunities, you will also sap experience from your teamates. be fast get in get results and move on to the next task!

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counter jungling

counter jungling is always a pain in the neck for a jungler especially early game. if you can learn to perform counter jungling it will become your best weapon no matter who you jungle. first off you must be able to predict where the enemy jungler is going and where he will be next ie what lane he will gank next , what camp he will be taking next. always try to stay one step ahead of him! if you know where the enemy jungle is then get into his jungle and take his jungle camps but dont get greedy, leave on monster at any camp you steal and ward his buffs whenever possible. a good counter jungler will make the enemy jungler afraid to even wander his own jungle!!! smite steals and jungle ganks will make the enemy jungler very frustrated and afraid to move through his jungle much less farm his jungle camps. the down side on counter jungling is you yourself in turn become a target for a counter jungle , so ward your buffs so you can catch him and make him regret entering your neck of the woods!!

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dragon and barron

as a jungler dragon and barron must be of top priority late game , dragon is very important early game . so get out your note pad and pen , dragon respawns 6 mins after taken, write the time down so you will remember when its time to go get it again , barron respawns 7 mins after taken do the same with barron. also try to take the pressure off your support by warding and maintaining vision on barron and dragon at all times , a clutch situation will pay off if you have vision on these two important locations on the map. so as soon as you can ward up and keep the vision up.
also dont forget your buff respawn times , the blue buff and red buff both spawn 5 mins after taken , if your counter jungling knowing this will really pay off and cripple your enemy jungle. its a sure fire way to beat fear into your opposing jungle.

in team fights on barron and dragon , HANG BACK no matter if you can be more help fighting you have smite your objective in these fights is to steal dragon or barron. stay out of sight and wait for your moment to get in and smite barron or dragon. timing is everything , and hopefully your team knows this as well and wont jump the gun on a counter attack on barron or dragon.

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i think thats all ?

PLEASE feel free to comment with questions or concerns , if you think i may have missed some important strategies or advice feel free to let me know

i am H4TTr1cks avid jungler, i jungle whomever i feel like jungling no champ is out of the jungle for me.

add me and lets play a game

ps forever stuck in elo hell bronze 5 is the worst :(


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