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Shyvana Build Guide by moos123456789

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League of Legends Build Guide Author moos123456789

Am i waiting for a gank? (Jungle Shyvana)

moos123456789 Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Mid/Late Game

Get The The Brutalizer ASAP,you need it for the extra damage you will make. Then to finish the build,get two Phantom Dancer's And a Infinity Egde.Why you need Infinity Egde? You need it for critical strike chance!And your attackspeed will make your crits more likely to happen faster and kill champions faster.

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Early Game

When you start as a jungler,ask one of your teammates to help you with the small golems on the bot lane because you dont have the strenght yet..Pick up Wriggle's Lantern as soon as possible for the needed armor and attack damage.Also your Berserkers Greaves will help out alot because for the movespeed and the attackspeed.

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Summoner Spells

Well,I like my Summoner spells.Smite for the minions and Exhaust for the ganks.

Well,here are the Optionals:

1.Flash (I wont reccomend it because you get alot of movement speed in this guide)

2.Clairvoyance Well,not that good choice.I should not get it.

3.Heal No,just No.

4.Ignite If you want it,choose it.

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IMPORTANT:SEE RUNES FIRST Well,these are all just plain runes for Shyvana.Crit,Attack Speed,and Movement Speed Runes,And some Cooldown Reduction runes.

I wont reccomend others,as these runes are the best for Shyvana.(If you have better runes,post it in the comment section).

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Jungling (LVL 1 to LVL 7)

First,start of with the golems at the bot lane.Ask an teammate to help you.WARNING:DO NOT USE SMITE AT THE GOLEMSAnyway,after you finished the golems,Kill the wraiths.After you killed them,go directly to the wolves.Then wait until you are lvl 4/5 (Ganking is optional) Then go to the red buff.If you are not feeling confident you are going to win,ask an teammate to help you.If not,Just use smite ASAP.Now,if ther is an enemy jungler in the opposite team,use the Wriggles Lantern's Ward to scout your or the enemy jungle.

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Farming With Shyvana

Okay,now to farm,you use your first skill point on the W skill.The W skill famrs most of the time.Its a really good farming tool for normal minions or jungle minions.It also gets you a larger duration extention to farm minions for a slightly longer time.You are soonly a higher level then your enemies.Its handy to max your W ASAP but i level the W with my Q.

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Team Fights

Now,Shyvana is the best in team fights.Her ult will devastate enemies with your teammates.In Team Fights,Use your ult behind your enemies and pull them to the turret.It will have devastating effects on squishy targets and tanks will mostly not survive it aswell.
I use my ult in a team fight whenever i can.Because of me,we win most of the team fights because of my ultimate being so powerful.

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Farming is easy on Shyvana. Your W and Q can farm exceptionally well at mid-game levels like level 9-10. If you are ganking,make sure when you have pushed the opposite laners out of your lane you should farm minions with your Q and W. If you are ganking a lane with a partner like Swain you can let him set up a trap with his rooting ability and get off an easy kill for your team.