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Amumu Build Guide by JFC3750

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JFC3750

Amumu - Are you crying now?

JFC3750 Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and personally one that I find works really well to both support your team get kills, and also to handle many 1v1 situations that you may find.

Please leave some criticism or kudos for my build. I hope I've covered everything if you have any questions feel free to ask me or if there are any suggestions or parts I missed.

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Pros / Cons

Amumu is my favorite character because he is great for engaging fights with his Bandage Toss, he has a great Ult and he is capable of tanking towers, minions, and champions! This build really starts to shine around lvl 10 once you've got your cape and warmogs armor.

Huge HP
Great early game initiator
Great team support (Stuns, AoE, Engaging Fights)
Good in 1v1's (In most cases)
AoE Damage
Cute little guy ;)

Short on mana early game
Slow at minion farming early game
Low damage output early game

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Summoner Spells

I took teleport to be able to recall and get items and get back quickly as well as to support other team mates at their towers or return after you've died. Ignite may be worth it as you may often find yourself leaving the enemy with very little hp.

Flash is great for chasing enemies with your AoE as you can get in front of them and finish off the last of their hp and it is also a great tool to retreat.

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The rune's I chose aren't set in stone but they will come in handy. Mana regen is very key early game as this build does not cater to having a lot of mana until a little later. The magic penetration is going to help with your AoE damage and the cooldowns are just going to help you cast quicker in tight 1v1 situations.

Again not set in stone, just something that I find works well.

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I went with 9/0/21 because Amumu is going to need those crucial mana regen points. An alternative to the utility board can be the sacrifice in time spent dead for either movement speed or spell reduction ect ect... With this build you will also get some penetration in your spells, excellent cooldown reduction and a little extra xp to get you lvling quicker.

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Please note in the buy list I didn't note any of the synergies, now what I usually do is just grab a synergy when I can afford it.

Regrowth: I grab this first to help survive in whatever lane you chose along with a mana potion in case you have an enemy who is really pushing you back you can be a little less conservative on your spell casting.

Sunfire Cape: I like to take this first as it will help you farm minions and chase down enemys with it's great AoE damage in unison with Despair you can really notch their health down. I recommend buying the Giant's Belt quickly to boost your hp early game.

Boots Of Swiftness: I take these boots so you can chase down your enemy's with your AoE damage (cape, despair) as well as get to your lanes quicker and run away quicker ;)

Warmogs Armor: This is a great item to really boost your HP, now you can take this first over the Sunfire Cape, whatever works for you. Also with minion/champion kills it gains bonuses into your HP and Health Regen :D Great for late game tanking and staying alive.

Rod Of Ages: I take this next as once again not only does it give you more HP but it also has some AP, so now your spells are going to start really hurting. Note: The longer you have this item the bigger buffs you get from it. (HP, AP)

Morellos Evil Tome: I take this next item for its AP and Mana Regen. Can be substituted for something that may suit the game your in and who you are facing.

Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart: These are the final items to my build and I get them for their armor increase, mana, cooldown reduction. This also can be substituted for the game that you are in.

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Early Game: Early game your going to want to try and get as many last hits on minions as you can for gold. When the opportunity arises for a straight shot for your bandages I usually take it just to stun them and get a hit or two in then retreat. Don't try and go for the kills until about level 6 when you can cast the alt and you have tantrum and despair ready.

Mid Game: Once you've gotten a few more items you can start tanking minions for gold and your AoE will help greatly with that. You can now initiate some team fights or finish off retreating enemies with ease.

Late Game: Once you've got all or most of your items you can pretty much run around with despair on and your AoE will do a decent chunk of damage and when you throw in your team and stuns no many champions will survive :D.

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This character is going to be phenomenal late game and really help your team get the W. This build greatly looks to the AoE damage to chase down champions and pick away at their health.

Once you get the combos down to bandage toss, tantrum, despair, ult most champions will crumble at your feet :)

Thanks to Alder42 for the initial suggestions.

Enjoy making people cry.