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League of Legends Build Guide Author JazzDeath

Amumu, Jungle Deepz!

JazzDeath Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all, and welcome to my Jungling DPS build for Amumu.

This is basically a build that goes hybrid between a popular Bipolar Fireball build on this site and a more classic Tank/Jungle Amumu build. I ended up creating (Or modifying, if you will) this build after playing the Bipolar Fireball build extensively and realizing that its biggest weakness lay in the laning phase; this was my solution to this problem.

Amumu is, let's face it, an absolutely horrible laner early game, and he is at his best when jungling; Your team will get more experience overall, you will make a suitable amount of money with much less risk involved (Laning with Amumu is something I consider extremely risky - it is rarely a safe situation to last hit minions with him.), you will be capable of soloing Dragon at lvl 4 (more on this later), and after a little while you will start to realize and execute the ganking potential Amumu has as a jungler, and hopefully strike terror into the hearts of your foes, even as low as Level 4.

The difference of this guide compared to the more popular Jungling Amu guides is that I do not choose to build Amumu as a pure tank late game but instead opt to build him an Abyssal Scepter in his core build as well as two sunfire capes - This gives Amumu some extra damage from the sunfire cape's passive (40 damage per second per sunfire), gives him higher ability power from the abyssal scepter, which also drops the magic resist of enemies around him, and this combined with Despair and Tantrum makes Amumu something akin to the walking plague - wherever you go, death swiftly follows all around you.

Let's begin with our masteries -

I opt for 1/14/15 masteries, getting a point in Smite (The cooldown AND the extra gold make this a must-have for jungling with Amumu), 14 points in Defense to make him sturdier against minions in his early game, and in general, more defense is never a bad thing with Amumu - the longer you live, the more damage you put out; And 15 points in utility, the main focus being on Awareness to allow you to level quickly while jungling, and on Utility Mastery, which is absolutely necessary to jungle as Amumu.

Next on Summoner Skills -

First off I take Smite - this is non negotiable, Smite is necessary to jungle as Amu. No questions, will be explained later.

Second off, a mobility spell is necessary - I opt for Teleport personally because for me it is crucial that Amumu be able to move around the map to help his teammates with ganks, to protect towers, and to initiate team fights, therefore for me Teleport is the spell that allows me to do all this without splitting myself in half; The only other two Summoner Spells I could recommend would be Ghost, since it can be used as an escape, a chasing tool, or a mobility tool, therefore very versatile in many situations for Amumu, or Flash - Bear in mind Flash cannot be used for mobility like Ghost can, but it can catch people off guard much better so you can blow your ultimate, and is generally unparalleled for escapes; that being said, it is my humble opinion that Amumu should rarely be escaping anything other than someone ganking him in his jungle; if he has to escape a team fight, he either made a mistake, his team isn't backing him properly, or he's worrying too much about his KDR to be playing Amumu (*cough* I'm looking at you, carries)

Let's take a quick glance at Skill Sequence -

Basically, Despair is the single best spell for Amumu to jungle with, period. Forget everything else, the fact that Despair does a percentile of damage based on maximum health, and the fact that with a Golem buff you can basically jungle with Despair on constantly, this ability is godlike and should always be on while you jungle.

You want to get a point in Tantrum at lvl 2 to allow you to doe an extra aoe when fighting the Wraiths, killing them off more quickly, and also allowing you to farm while holding a lane if someone needs to back.

Lastly, you want to get Bandage Toss at LVL 4 , ABSOLUTELY GET THIS AT LVL 4 - this is your primary ganking tool, and at this point you should already begin considering harrassing enemy lanes and killing off overextending or cocky enemies.

Ult at 6 11 16, as always.

Now I will explain the item build while putting possible scenarios and situations you will face;, this is a bit more complex and requires situational awareness and forethought depending on each match.

First off you'll be wanting to start off with a Cloth Armor and 5 health potions to properly solo Golem at Lvl 1; this is basically the only part of my build which never, ever changes.

Everything after this is entirely situational and dependent on how you want to proceed in your current match.

After getting blue buff you will want to clear your jungle in one go, you should be able to achieve this relatively easily with your 5 health potions once you have experience jungling with Amumu. Grab Despair, Start at Golem, level 2 grab Tantrum, move on to Wolves then Wraiths, Level Despair again, go to Lizard and you should have Smite again to finish him off, then finish with both Golems and your first Jungle run should be complete, and you should be Level 4, with around 600 gold. Blue pill back to base to heal up.

At this point you have a few choices you can make, depending on enemy team comp and how well you're doing.

Option One - Solo Dragon. To do this you'll want to grab a Ruby Crystal to build a Heart of Gold, grab a Ward, then Teleport to your bottom lane. Keep in mind that it is optimal as a jungler for the enemy team to never know where you are - try to always be aware of enemy minions, of enemy champions, and their line of sight, and try to stay out of it. Try to capitalize on teams that are too lazy or egocentric to buy wards. If you choose this route, try to make sure you are aware of where every enemy champion is on the map, and make sure to remind your team to call MIAs; also, if you can get help to do Dragon, do this too. I generally place a ward at their golem before soloing dragon.

Option 2 - Grab a pair of boots and go ganking. I recommend this option if you see a lane that needs to pressure the enemies, if your solo lane is near tower and their enemy team is overextended, or if you see any vulnerable enemy lanes. As a jungler you want to capitalize on every opportunity you have to punish enemies for overextending or getting too greedy. You want to make them think twice about pushing your towers and you want them to be paranoid about you coming out of nowhere.

The rest of your item build depends strongly on enemy team composition. 99% of the time you'll want to grab a sunfire cape after a pair of Boots of Speed, but in rare cases where an enemy team has a ****load of CC and AP heroes, I like to grab my Merc Threads before - This not only gives you resistance to CC and also some MR, but will give you more mobility to set up ganks.

Sunfire Cape #1 is non negotiable for this build, trust me - this will allow you to go lane farming mid and late game. Once Amu has a sunfire cape, try to find huge creep waves where there are barely any of your minions left. Run there, place yourself in the middle of their creeps, toggle Despair, spam Tantrum, and let all the minions hit you. With the Sunfire cape, the despair dot, and the tantrum cooldown reduced with each hit received, you can annihilate huge creep waves within seconds, and this becomes an amazing source of income.

Afterwards, build an Abyssal Scepter to finish your core build, being;

Merc Threads
Sunfire Cape
Abyssal Scepter.

In very rare cases I will substitue Merc Threads for Boots of Speed - I strongly recommend against this if your opponents have more than one disabler on their team - there is no bigger bane to Amumu's existance than going to initiate a team fight with his ult, his whole team following, and then Amu being disabled so long that he can't get his ult off. This can easily cost your team an entire match, so consider this strongly before going for the extra speed.

What comes after this core build entirely depends on how long the match lasts and your enemies. Unless the opposing team has extreme AP damage or Disables, I generally build another Sunfire next ; If the enemy team is shutting you down left right and center with disables, build a Banshees instead.

Afterwards, I choose between either a Rylai's or a Randuin's omen - Remember that Randuin's does not slow enemies unless they hit you first, so unless their main damage output is Melee and they are focusing you, get a Rylai's instead - you will do more damage and your abilities will slow, making you an even more fearsome force in team fights, and it also gives you more health - always a good option for Amumu.

If the match lasts this long (Very very rare) and you have enough money left over to substitute your first item, I actually like to get a Will of the Ancients - This gives nearby allies AP, raising their damage output if they are caster types, which is a good synergy with your Abyssal Scepter which lowers enemy MR, and on top of that, gives you Spell Vamp, which late game as Amumu, coupled with Despair, gives him some serious regeneration in team fights.

I will publish some advanced tactics as amumu later, probably when I get around to drawing examples in PAint and recording videos of play examples ;).