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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdroitThirteen

Amumu, Lawlz GG

AdroitThirteen Last updated on September 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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As far as the runes go, you may question. I originally had the runes for a caster, but as I was playing Amumu and I noticed I do pretty well so, give it a try. If you prefer not to, feel free to go ahead and grab yourself some mores tank runes.

Masteries are pretty basic. I use a 9/0/21 build.

GHOST - As you play Amumu in this build, you'll find that he is pretty good at chasing people down. It especially helps to use his massive ranged Bandage Toss Ability.
FLASH - During team fights it can be hard to position yourself to ult. Flash is an easy way to position yourself into the middle of a fight if needed.
CLEANSE - If you are in fact in the middle of a fight and are being mashed with CC this is where cleanse comes in. Getting your ult off is very vital to a fight, and since the other team knows it's coming you may have trouble getting it off. (silence, stun, etc.) Very helpful to get your ult off.
TELEPORT - I normally don't use this, but I mean getting around the map in a split second and always backing up your team with your ult is very heplful.

Other spells i've never really tried, but go ahead and be open minded if you feel like there is something better to use.

ABILTIES are also pretty basic.
TANTRUM - You wanna get this up early because well, it really is your only damage dealer.
DESPAIR - I tend to get this a little later into early to mid game. I don't grab it in the beginning because frankly the mana input is not really equal to the damage output in early game.
BANDAGE TOSS - Basic stun which doesn't really need to get upped until it's the last option. Once ya got the stun ya got the stun ya dont' need more than that.

This is where you really got analyze the team you're versing now. I find that BOOTS OF SPEED is a good item to start with and well 3 pots is always nice too. Tantrum is a good harrasser in the beginning and it's pretty easy to get off when you're faster than the other team. If ya take a little heat when harrassing with tantrum just use a pot.
Most of the time I choose to go with NINJA TABI for the armor, but you really gotta check who you're versing because you will be getting crushed with CC if it's out there. If it is, go grab yourself some MERCURYS TREADS.
Next is SUNFIRE CAPE which is always a pretty good tank item. Gives health, armor, and a little side of ability power with it's 40 magic dps.
Next would be RYLAIS SCEPTER. This item is very important because when you're in a team fight your spell damage is slowing everyone down from despair. The ability power in this build really is mostly for despair as you will be sitting with this toggled on in team fights.
Next is GUARDIAN ANGEL. I really like getting GA somewhat mid game because it provides a little of everything that a tank needs. Armor, magic resist, and being revived when you die.
Now once again, you gotta analyze your opponents again. Above in the item build i stuck a sunfire in there but this can really vary. If you are versing some heavy melee, i'd go for some THORNMAIL. If you're versing some heavy casters, i'd go for BANSHEES VEIL, not only does it give magic resist but it gives some nice mana and health too. Or let's say you're team is heavy casters, you could go for an ABYSSAL SCEPTER. Lowers the other teams magic resist, gives you some ap, and gives you some magic resist. I dont' give this item to often, but if the opportunity arrizes, go for it. Also another choice is sunfire cape again. Maybe you just straight up wanna be more tanky. You can't go wrong with this item. Feel free to buy this again. Now, if you really start to notice that you're living pretty easily throughout the team fights, you can go ahead and grab yourself some more ap. I personally like to go with ZHONYAS RING. Sometimes I do skip out on a tank item and just snag with some quick ap. I mean, maybe you dont' wanna save up for the whole zhonyas ring. You can always grab a cheap ap item and then continue on with your tank items.

Now that I have explained what everything does for it's particular reason. I'll explain the basics for fights.
EARLY GAME - You're going to want to harass the enemy team using tantrum. Since you have boots of speed and are faster than them, this should be no problem. If you do manage to take some heat, dont' forget to use your health pots. Also, if you tend to have a lot of mana and you're not using too much of it up. I like to go for the bandage toss then tantrum combo, then just back off. Also, at level 6, this is the time where you should go ahead and grab golem. You're going to want to have golem as often as you can in this game. It is very vital to constantly have despair on during fights. I REPEAT VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE GOLEM. (plus the cdr towards ult is nice)
EARLY TO MID GAME... I GUESS - Amumu is a great tool to use in ganking. Initiating with bandage toss, kiting with despair ( I find it's better to kite than just sit and auto attack and take some more heat from melee dps ) then ulting when they're about to run away. Also you can bandage toss again if it's up for a great stun tool. Also, don't be afraid to TD. Amumu is a tank so he can take it especially if you got your bandage toss up. This is where you should use ghost.
END GAME - Team fights you always gotta know when to initiate. Bandage toss is a great initiator, but if you do it when you're too far away. You'll die before the 2 seconds it takes for your team to get to you. Getting the ult down will takes some practice, but when you get it down you'll notice you're just a bit OP. Also team fights will work the same as ganking. Spam tantrum, always spam near the squishies, kite with despair and bandage toss the guys that try to get awaay. If you're versing Ezreal or kass or someone like that, you're gonna want to stun early and hope your team can kill them b4 they flash out. Remember what i said before too, it's better to just kite around with despair on than rather just take some damage that you will recieve from other auto attacks and melee dps champs.

If you've managed to read all of this, I hope you don't suck as Amumu. This is pretty much everything I do and I'm proud to say that he is my main. I always get great stats and this is just a champion that I never do bad with. The build is kind of expensive, but I do manage to normally get to the 5th item. I dont' know if I'm always getting fed but, it works out well for me and hope it goes the same for you.
To me, the only thing i'd really consider changing is the runes. I mean i didn't really intend to use them with Amumu, but I noticed I was doing pretty good so I just stayed with it.