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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeran

Amumu - More QQ

Zeran Last updated on July 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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To start off this build has only been used in 5v5, i haven't gotten around to testing it in 3v3's.

Summoner Spells

Highly Recommended

Exhaust is great for chasing and with improved exhaust you despair will be even more effective. It also puts up a blind which could help if there is to many people hitting on you at once.

Flash is good for initiating and escaping. I use this summoner spell religiously on almost all champions because of the ability to flash behind walls and just being able to get off the first cast.

Ghost is also nice for chasing escaping.

Good Choices

Teleport is OK for map travel i wouldn't pick it up but if you want to be more mobile go ahead.

Cleanse is always nice to take off early ignites and other slows later game.(this is your enemy in team fights)

Don't Bother

Heal - You have the regrowth pendant.
Clairvoyance - Let a support person pick this up.
Revive - Just no.


With this build i go a simple 9/21/0. The points in defense go for basic tank stuff like the extra armor and some dodge and then tenacity because the less damage you take the better. The 9 points in offense go for imp exhaust and for the extra 15% spell pen, the 4 points in sorcery help in that they make your tantrum more spam-able.


    Greater Mark of Insight x9 - More magic pen for despair.
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9 - More dodge chance the better.
    Greater Glyph of Insight x9 - More magic pen for despair.
    Greater Quintessence of Insight x3 - More magic pen for despair.

Item Build

1. Regrowth Pendant - Keeps you in the lane as long as possible(Until you upgrade to philo stone of course.)

2. Philosophers Stone - At 650g go back for this right away, now you can lane almost forever! The health and the mana regen make laning easy. You shouldn't HAVE to go back after you pick up this item.

3. Ninja Tabi - Armor and Dodge Chance? Tank heaven especially with the dodge seals and the masteries. The movement is a no brainer being able to get anywhere faster is nice.

4. Sunfire Cape x2 - Sunfire capes are (in my opinion) the best item for Amumu. 400 Health + 45 Armor stats are nice, but the icing on the piece of cardboard is the 40 magic damage to nearby enemies. Combine that with the damage from despair... Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby babe.

5. Warmogs Armor - At this point the game should be over, but if it goes on longer grab Warmogs. The extra HP and Regen is extremely nice. [Luxury Item]

6. Sunfire Cape - Another Sunfire cape will only help you at this point.

7. Situational - If a game does go on this long you have a few choices. First of all sell the philo stone you wont be needing it this late in game. The choices i would go with would be...
A. Guardian Angel if you are thinking you might die in an important team fight.
B. Randuins Omen if you are feeling like your unstoppable this will make you even stronger and with an active slow no one will escape you.

Early Game(Lv 1-6)

Start of laning with someone who has a good DPS output, can be melee or ranged(i prefer ranged laning partners). You don't want mid leave that to the Carries. So far my favorite laning partner has been Twitch, but other good choices are Ashe and maybe Ezreal, assuming someone else is going mid of course. You get tantrum first because you want to hit tons of minions, make sure to use it to last hit a lot. You want to run back for your philosophers stone ASAP! Now your free to just chill in lane with your partner and farm the creeps. Don't be afraid to bandage toss the enemy champions and attack them, if you have 1 of the 3 champions i listed above laning with you you'll most likely kill any champ that tests their boundaries.

Mid Game(Lv 7-14)

Now your ready to engage some unsuspecting champions! Make sure if you are going to gank someone you have someone else there with you. Solo Amumu wont die but at this point your damage out put isn't amazing. Get a couple of kills(or if your me get KS'ed and get assists) So that you can afford your first Sunfire. After you grab you Sunfire tell your team to start pushing so that the enemy team has to engage you in a team fight. Amumu is THE KING OF TEAM FIGHTS! Try and catch the enemy team grouped up, and make sure your team is aware of when you are going to engage. If need be, flash into the crowd of enemy champs with despair activated. Pop your ultimate and pick a target and tantrum spam like crazy. If they aren't dead from all the damage your team is doing at this time, bandage toss and finish the runners off.

Late Game(Lv 15-18)

Late game is a lot of team fights. This is where Amumu excels the most because of the Sunfire's you have. Push as a team and make sure you always engage first, you need to be right in the middle of everything. You can tank turrets especially if you have the Warmogs armor so don't be afraid to run at them if you have no minions. Consider picking up baron if you think you need a little more edge to push your team over the top.

Neutral Buffs

I don't feel like Amumu needs them, early game you could pick up golem to make it so you don't have to return to base for the philosophers as soon but its not really needed. Leave these for the other champs that really need them.