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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShoeShine

Amumu - Off Tank - Jungle & Team Buffs

ShoeShine Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all,

This is my first build and I'm doing it with by far my best champion: Amumu. Amumu can be a pain early game if you're laning with him. While I prefer to jungle him, it is very difficult without runes and masteries. If this is the case for you take Fortify instead of Smite, and buy a Doran's Shield first and then go into the same build I have posted above (Without the five health potions).

NOTE: This is an off-tank build. It won't work if there isn't at least another off-tank on your team. Will of the Ancients allows your abilities to heal you but you will die quicker if you are focused. If you want to play Amumu as a main tank, skip Will of the Ancients and add a Thornmail to the end of the build.

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Runes don't vary much for Amumu builds:

Greater Mark of Insight x9: Magic penetration will help Amumu do extra damage which is great in mid-late game team-fights because Amumu AoE's everything with Despair and Curse of the Sad Mummy.

Greater Seal of Replenishment x9: Mana can be a problem with Amumu at nearly every stage of the game. These will help with that but not solve the problem. You will need blue buff as often as possible.

Greater Glyph of Shielding x9: Magic resistance will add to you tanky-ness at all stages of the game.

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The masteries are pretty straight-forward. I don't put two into Defensive Mastery because I don't think you need them, but if you want them go right ahead. They will help a lot on your first jungle run if you don't have all your runes yet.

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Start with the classic jungler's build: Cloth Armor & Health Potion x5.

After you first jungle run, go back and buy a Ruby Crystal and as many Health Potions as you have money left over for, and head back into the jungles.

After your second outing, get Boots and Null Magic Mantle. You are now able to gank if you would like. It is harder at level five than when you have your ultimate at six.

NOTE: Some people say Amumu shouldn't use his Ult if it can't get two or more people. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is no such thing as a wasted Ult if the target died, and the blue buff you will have nearly always early on will give you cooldown reduction.

From here on you just follow the build and gets things as you can. Ganking is quite easy with Amumu once you're used to it, you should be able to have a pretty successful early and mid game, which allows you to get your Sunfire Cape quickly. You won't be able to tank a team fight until your Sunfire is done.

The build only varies with Force of Nature. If your opponents are more AD, get a Thornmail instead, if not, continue the build as is.

If the game is long enough for you to get to Guardian Angel, sell your Aegis to help pay for it. Aegis Buffs are not as relevant in the late game.

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Skill Sequence

Despair is what makes Amumu able to jungle. Without your first point here you can't make it.

The next two points go into Tantrum, while you have blue buff, you can spam you tantrum while jungling.

If you want to gank at level four, put your next point into bandage toss. If not put another into Despair and get Bandage Toss fifth.

After that it goes R > E/W > Q (Alternate E and W).

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Summoner Spells


Flash: Great for jumping in to Ult when there's creeps in the way. Great for escaping or chasing through walls (Although your Bandage Toss will take you through walls).

Smite: Required if you're jungling.

Ignite: Good spell for Amumu, ignite weak champions as they flee from team fights, or if you're laning use it early to get the increased AP.

Fortify: Great to have one or two on a team and usually isn't brought by anyone. You can even throw fortify while you're dead and any damage dealt while fortify is active gives you kills/assists.

Ghost: Good substitute for Flash, also useful for keeping up with enemies who are running away as Amumu can just run next to them and Despair them to death.


Heal: I don't feel you need this but if you're new to Amumu it can help out a lot.

Clarity: Another I don't think you need yet helpful while learning, make sure it doesn't become a crutch.

Rally: Not really used at all outside Ranked play but can be the difference in team fights.

Exhaust: Similar to ghost, good for stopping escaping enemies, and keeping chasing ones from killing you.


Teleport: Amumu isn't great at pushing lanes, he's okay at defending them, teleport is a waste for him.

Cleanse: Not needed here.

Clairvoyance: Very useful but not your job, a carry should have this, not you.

Revive: No.

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As I said above: THIS IS AN OFF-TANK BUILD. You need at least another off-tank for it to work well.

Jungle to level 4 or 5 and then start ganking.

Take their jungle if their team has no jungler, ward their blue and try to steal it with your smite if they do throughout the game.

Play cautiously until you get your Sunfire Cape, then you'll be tanky enough to survive initiating team fights.

Amumu is a great initiator, probably the best in the game. If you're playing arranged, try to couple his ult with other AoE ults like Kennen, Galio, Fiddlesticks, Rammus, etc. Makes for great team fighting late-game.

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When jungling, you need to start at blue.

Your jungle route is:

Blue Golem - Wolves - Wraiths - Red Lizard - Mini Golems

Without full runes and masteries as well as practice you probably will not be able to get through all of it on you're first time out.

It also helps to get the top lane player to assist you with Blue Golem on your first attempt, but make sure you tell them to get out soon enough that you get all of the experience.

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Pros / Cons

- Great Initiator/Ganker
- Great Team Buff
- Does AoE Damage in Team Fights

- If something goes wrong with your first blue and you can't get theirs, you're very behind.
- Very susceptible to early gank right after you finish Blue Golem.
- Heavily dependent on good Mana managemet. (DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DESPAIR ON)