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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AmoreiTehGjeni

Amumu-QQ Rage In that Jungle

AmoreiTehGjeni Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey, so you've stumbled across my Generic Amumu guide! Hopefully you can enjoy reading, and learn a few things along way.
Ill be covering the awesome QQ Rage combo, exactly why i think Amumu is the best jungler in the game, and just to help you understand Amumu a little more.
If your one of those people who is only going to read the Introduction, here are some things to keep in mind

Do read the guide in full, you might find it worth your time, if not tell me why! I do wan't to know honestly.

My masteries are a little bit different to the usual Jungle masteries for Amumu and most other Junglers but I think it works just as well and is a more viable late game masteries build. I do add in the 9/16/5 and I dismiss it, I use it myself sometimes, I just find this works better for ME

Remember this is MY guide, you can change it however you wan't, don't feel constrained to this EXACT build which I use, change the masteries, the items whatever, although do try one game with most of what I suggest too give you a better idea of how it all works and gels together, like a good guide should.

Trolls- keep in mind that I did spend my time on this, don't just down vote it because it makes you happy, I wan't the community to see this so I can make my own little mark, keep in mind your not the only ones in the world, and I don't want this guide to go missed because I do feel it could really help some people out, and make them a better Amumu

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    -Brilliant Jungle
    -Fantastic CC
    -Makes a team-fight won
    -Can do a fair amount of damage
    -Great ganker

    -Not as defensive as some Tanks
    -Can't afford to mess up the jungling 1-4
    -A little bit of a slow start

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Core Items

IMPORTANTRemember to buy Sight wards, I usually get one the first time I go back, and then 2 on the next run back, and try to keep dragon covered and my solo laners lane also. At 15 minutes, I switch out my Solo laners Sight ward, and put it at baron, this way you will still see a mid running in for the gank, but you will also keep an eye on the baron buff.
Cloth Armor and 5 Health pots are usually a must have for any jungler, it alows you to easily take care of the blue bluff quickly, you should conserve your health potions, using one health potion to every camp
Blue buff Golem - Wolves - Wraiths - Red (If possible, sometimes i find myself with not enough health, and dont want to wait around for the health potions to work the magic, sometimes it's better to conserve your blue buff go onto double golems and come back for the red.) - Double Golem camp. Keep buying Health potions until about level 9, by then you will have (5) Tantrum, and you shouldn't have any trouble killing the mobs quickly.

(I took Hog out to compensate the nerf...)
Mercury treads are also essential, unless of course for some reason your team has no AP, then obviously get Ninja tabi or magic pen, Magic pen for the better Ultimate, and ninja tabi for the Armour and Dodge.
Aegis of the legion gives fantastic Magic Resist and high Armor, for 1925 gold, it's a snip, it can really make your early game, im going to run in and not die, a damn sight easier. Once again it also helps with your jungle, and by now you should be making sure that you are picking up dragon consistently with your team. Plus the Aura can really help in Team fights, early on and in the later game. Also now that HoG has been nerfed, make sure to build your cloth armour into this.
Randuins Omen is a fantastic item, it gives 80 Armour, and also it gives you 300 health at your face and some 25 Per sec regen, which is basically your own lifesteal. By far one of my favourite items in the game, maybe not so fantastic in all situations, but aslong as there is someone who does AD then i have this item. Theres a 20% chance for a slow on hit, and also 5% cooldown reduction, faster ultimate. Plus the activate gives a 2 second slow, which helps you pop your ultimate on more champions in the team fight. +0.5 seconds more slow time for each 100 armor the opposition has, which is basically telling you, 'plz kill tank easior...'.
Rylais Crystal Sceptre is just *Drooooooool* your QQ or Despair as some noobs will call it, slows the enemy team along with ganking them, once again helping you with placing your ultimate. Your bandage toss Slows and Stuns now. And your Tantrum slows aswell, with the added +80 Abil power everything does more damage, and with the +500 health, who wouldn't buy this item? Bi-Winning.

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Amumu's attacks reduce the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35 for 5 seconds.

Basically makes your ultimate more powerful, fear the sad mummy, fear him.

So Amumu, skills are fantastic! Damage CC he has it all, his QQ Rage combo is massive damage and incorporates for an awesome little jungler, this yordle is by far superior.


Throws a bandage to target location. If it hits an enemy unit, Amumu will pull himself to the enemy, stun them, and deal 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+100% of ability power) magic damage.

Amumu's awesome initiate, heres how you use it to it's full potential.
1. Jumping onto targets to initiate a team fight, you can jump into the action, stunning somebody, and slowing if you have your Rylais, to initiate your team fight properly, put on despair, and use your bandage toss to jump into the enemy team, popping your ulti and spamming Tantrum, use your bandage toss to CC the enemy your focusing throughout the fight.
2.To escape, amumu can use his bandage toss for escaping, you can use it to jump onto an enemy creep, or a jungle creep through a wall, if placed well, it's a second flash.
3.To simply harass, this is if your not Jungling, fly into the enemy with bandage toss, use your tantrum and despair, and get your team-mate to DPS with you, this usually results in a kill if timed well.
4.To simply speed up a jungle kill, although dont use it unless you have blue buff, it's a big mana drain.

Toggle: Nearby enemies take 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 magic damage plus 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 (+1% of ability power)% of their maximum health each second.

Amumu's imba jungling spell. It's pretty simple to use effectively.
1.In the jungle, each time you go in to fight some creeps, this should be on, it will drain mana though! Make sure you have your blue buff. And if your not using it, turn it off, it's not worth wasting the mana on.
2.With Rylais this will slow, making it a great initiater, click your W then use your Q you'll slow the enemy team for a better R. If you have a rylais you can also use it to run away, it won't always work but it's saved my life a few times, pop it whilst running and any melee who has to enter the radius will be slowed.
3.Simple minion farming, if the minions are pushing a little to hard, incorporate this with your E and eat those minions up for some sweet gold.

Passive: Amumu takes 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 reduced damage from physical attacks.

Active: Amumu deals 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 (+50% of ability power) magic damage to surrounding units. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on Tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Your main DPS ability, owns the creep, owns the players and it's easy to use. Your Rage. Also gives you more Armour.
1.Simply use this to farm the creeps like a boss, each time your hit the CD is reduced so it's usually up within 2-3 seconds and thats at level 1, it does great damage. This is the second part of your QQ Rage combo, run into the creeps (or the enemy team using Q it's the same theory) and Despair (QQ) and then throw a Tantrum (Rage) It will take care of any creeps, making amumu one of THE BEST JUNGLERS IN THE GAME.
2.Using it with your Rylais, in a teamfight you will be hit a fair amount, making the cooldown insanely low, use it to keep the slows going, and the damage high.

Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units, causing them to be unable to move for 2.5 seconds, dealing 50 / 100 / 150 (+35% of ability power) magic damage to them each second.

Amumu's ulti is one of the best in the game, an AoE snare, the team cant move for 2.5 seconds, and it also does fair damage. 2.5 seconds is enough to take out a main carry on the opposite team, so make sure you place this well, it can really make a team-fight won or lost.
1.There really is only one use for this, don't be using it on the creeps, save it for the players, bandage toss in, keeping W up then bam, when you know atleast 3 can be hit, bam blow your ulti, make sure your team is ready to initiate though, using this ultimate well requires a good amount of team communication, it it won't be used to it's full potential, which is terrible, because it can make a team-fight won or lost. Simple.

So thats Amumu's skills, overall a fantastic set of skills, combine them with that crystal sceptre for some amazing CC. Use his QQ Rage combo for some great jungling, and destroy in team-fights.

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Quints-Flat Health. An early extra 78 health is vital, it helps so much with the jungle, making it possible to get to level 4 on the firt run, (including Red buff aswell as blue) I don't see any alternate to these.

Seal-Resil, flat armor. The early extra armor is another must have in the jungle, it alows you to make full potential of the early jungle, i really dont see a viable alternate here either, just generic stuff.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is a choice, early on it gives little magic resist but at the end of the game it's massive, if you want early magic resist dont chose these, although if jungling i dont see a real need for it, it wont assist you in the jungle, so whats the point, by level 10 it's giving you a fair amount of Magic resist anyway. About 1.4 per rune.

Mark of Magic Penetration, this gives more damage from your despair and tantrum early on, i don't see why you wouldn't get this, it makes your jungle quicker, making you take less damage from the creeps to make for an easier early gank. Also gives you more damage on your early gank, so you might be able to take an early kill for the item early on, before leaving the rest to your carries. (C'mon we deserve 1 kill!

Thats it for runes, pretty generic stuff used over and over again. I don't see many other options except maybe changing the glyph to(warding) For early magic resist.

All together the runes an quints will set you back around 12-13k IP so get saving!

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Skill sequence

I personally don't feel that there is a specific skill sequence, as Amumu is not a killer, but a support.
But to make some use of this section, I will talk about how I would enter a team-fight and use my CC's to make it won.
If a team fight begins, you need to be in there first, taking the early damage and cc'ing the enemy team so your carries can destroy them in teh facorz.
Basically to start press W (Your Despair)once your despair is up use your Bandage Toss, Q and enter the teamfight, try to use your Q on the char with the most lethal stun, then making sure your team is fully ready to jump in and fight, pop your Ultimate, then spam R your team should be focusing the carrys and you should try and keep the enemy tank CC'ed especially if it's Rammus or Shen, seen as they have a nasty taunt. Keep using R with W up and use your Q effectively, if you can do that, and focus down the CORRECT enemy team-mate then you should be able to pull the victory in the team-fight and grab the ace.

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Summoner Spells

Theres 3 different Summoner spells which i will take when using this build these are-

Smiteis your first summoner spell, with Amumu I find this to be an essential part of your setup and I don't see another alternative to this summoner spell, not on Amumu at least. It simply deals 475 Damage to a creep, making your blue buff that much easier, and by the time your at red buff it should be ready again for that fight, try to use it at the end of the fight rather than at the beginning.

Flash is optional, I use it as a second get away, if I can't land a bandage toss to escape then I have flash, it can also help with your ultimate placement, if you bandage toss in and you find yourself a little off where you intended to land your ultimate, flash onto the spot and pop it. It can also be used to get into a position that arises where you could land the snare on all 5 of the enemy champions.

If I want some more map movement/awareness in a game then I will take a Ghost, it can be used to catch up to an enemy champion with ease so you can land your Bandage Toss.

Other options
This is definetly a viable option, it gives you the tank more control over the map, you can get to a fight easily and quickly if there is a friendly minion or tower nearby. Although this wont aid you in a fight, so be cautious about taking it, I still find Flash or Ghost to be much better options than this.

A possibility, a summoner spell I used to live by, although now I don't find too much use for it, it can be used in a team battle to heal your team up a bit, or in the jungle along with smite to make your a give you a smidgen more survivability, although I wouldn't personally chose it, it doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

Although it would be my last choice of the four summoner spells use, it could be incorporated into a team fight to help with your ultimate, or to catch a player running with your Bandage Toss, it does lower the enemy champions stats also, but it would be suitable for one or two of your carries to take this, over you, nevertheless a great summoner spell.

Summoner Spells You Really Shouldn't be using

I see no need for this, if you are jungling you should have the blue buff on at most times, making this a fairly useless spell.

Im yet to see any case where rally is viable, buff it up Blizz- I mean Riot!

Again not for this tank, great with Rammus, not with Amumu unless you feel you really need the extra tower defence (Which you really shouldn't) leave this one at home for now.

Massive cool-down and I don't really see it helping Amumu in any way.

Leave this one for your supports, it won't aid you in any way.

Thinking about it this COULD be used, although your a tank, you shouldn't need it really. It could be used if you get stunned in the middle of the enemy champions before getting a chance to pop your ultimate. But really once again, not a summoner spell I would advise you take.

Don't want to take any kills, leave this one for your carries as well.

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I find my masteries a little bit different to some and i'd like to point out that I only have one opportunity to show my masteries (make moar ploz Matt) This is the build I use the most, but you could also use


I use a different build which DOES work just fine, I find it about equal to the other, a little better for me, but once again this is MY build, you don't have to follow this exactly (i'd also like to thank anyone who has actually read the guide to here, if you do find the masteries wrong please don't downvote because of that).

I use 9/0/21
3 into Archmages savvy for more damage, simple. 1 into plentiful bounty for the improved smite. 4 into sorcery to make your abilities cool-down quickly, making your R even more potent, then 1 into Archaic knowledge to make everything a lot more potent.

I don't go into Defense, ikr man im crazy downvote me omg...

My favourite tree, utility. I find this a bit better than the defensive build for jungling, the armour etc is nice, but i'd prefer even more regen. (This is about the only part of my guide that isn't completely generic, so pay close attention to this, and if you doubt that it will work try it! Honestly, it won't mess everything up, trust me <3)

So I throw 3 into perseverance for the health and mana regen, and 1 into good hands, although if your using Ghost or Teleport throw 1 into Spatial accuracy or haste instead of good hands, the less time spent dead doesn't make that much of a difference, I just use flash instead, so I don't need it. On the second bar I simply put 4 into awareness for the extra XP, I find the extra XP to be vital, much more important than expanded mind (Thanks to Jebus for the suggestion) it speeds up the process a ton. next bar I put 3 into Meditation, simply for the extra mana regen once again, Amumu is a mana heavy character and I do find this to help 'ME' alot. I take 2 in Utility master for increased Buff duration, simple, why not. I put 3 into quickness for more map control, and a quicker jungle and 1 into Blink of an eye for the reduced flash cooldown. I stack 3 into intelligence so i can use my R Q and E more often, and then 1 into Presence of the Master for a very short flash and Ignite.

Once again I stress that this is NOT the usual Jungle masteries build, but it's something you don't have to do, there is more to the guide than just the masteries I use, don't down vote because of it.


This is the usual build, it stacks more armour and health, still with the magic pen from offensive and mana regen from utility to sum that up quickly.

That covers the masteries, once again, try my masteries build out in the jungle! I find it is just as good as the more usual 9/16/5 BUT in the end game, I find the Utility tree much much more useful than the defensive tree.

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Going to simply mark out the initial jungle route for levels 1-4
The red and blue mark the jungle, the order is from Blue buff golem-Wolves-Wraiths-Red buff-Double golem camp. Pretty simple stuff and this will get you to level 4, remember to keep your W on in each fight, and use R to take them down, make sure to have a health potion on in each camp. There isn't a lot I can say about the jungling, it's a very simple sequence, just make sure to keep the buffs up and sight wards dotted around in the correct places (In the solo laners bush on the stream, outside baron at 15 minutes and outside dragon, + at the enemys Blue. Make sure your whole team is getting sightwards, over the game you could waste around 1500-2000g on them if only you buy them, not worth it. As the jungler you NEED to be coming out of your jungle frequently to assist your team with ganks, this is an absolute must.

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12 April 2011 the Guide was released and created.
12/04/11- Removed HoG from the guide because of nerf.
12/04/11- Changes 4 Expanded mind to 4 Awareness (Thanks to Jebus Mcazn for the suggestion)
12/04/11- Simply took the - out of the title.

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What you can do for me.

Tell me if there is any problems with the guide, and ill try my best to get them fixed, alert me to any mistakes, including grammar and most of all comment, and give your opinions, if I like your idea, or enough people suggest it, it WILL go into the guide, thank you for reading and happy Amumuing.