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Amumu Build Guide by ALostPastor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ALostPastor

Amumu: The Happiest Mummy

ALostPastor Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Alright, I've been playing Amumu for quite some time now, and this build is here to tell you just how insane he is. I'll cover some crazy play and combos I've done, and why you shouldn't let anyone tell you to jungle. Lets begin.

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Alright these are very much your choice. Amumu is sturdy enough that any standard tank runes will do. The set I show here revolves around early game, where Amumu is horrifically strong. Flat Armor and MR are always a good choice, as when combined with a Regrowth Pendant early, you can lane forever. I love dodge seals on almost every champion just because they're so freaking good. Trying to lane against a champion with dodge runes And the mastery AND heath regen AND armor AND a damage reducing passive??? Good times for the mummy.

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These are very much to personal preference. The set I show here is my favorite but theres plenty of room for customization. Just make sure you take that point in exhaust, which I'll talk about in one second. Obviously, as a tank youre going to want to have 21 in defense, but how you go about that doesn't have to agree with my way. I really like the early game sturdiness of MR and armor, but a few other players like the AP and Attack Speed from Ardor. People, the day that AP saves you, give me a call.

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Summoner Spells

Flash. No question. At all. If you're sub twelve and reading this guide, don't play Amumu because your teammates probably won't help you anyways.

Exhaust. I love it so much with Amumu. It serves two obvious purposes. To kill and to protect. Offensive exhausts are astoundingly good with Amumu. While its active, you are faster than they are, meaning they are taking constant damage from your W. You should also be auto attacking them, making their magic resist drop to unfair levels. Throw in a few E's in there and a kill is easy assuming you're with a decent partner, or they started about half health. More on that later though.

Ignite. On a tank? Yup. Most definitely a reasonable choice. Because Amumu is such a point-blank, all-up-in-your-grill kinda champion, as soon as an enemy outpaces you, some trouble starts to arise. So what do we do? Cry on them for as long as you can then light them on fire. That'll teach them for not understanding.

Smite? I don't feel that Amumu should be jungling all that much, but if you so choose to, you miiiiight wanna take this spell. All I have to say about it is don't be stupid. Use it when you jungle, don't walk-by smite their siege creep, as tempting as it might be. Late game, save it for dragons and barons.

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Skill Sequence

Alright this is a fairly damagey skill set. Its based off hundreds of games with this champion and its a little tougher to use if you're just starting out. I take one point in my Q for obvious reasons, as early game stuns are always nice and its one of the more hilarious initiations in my opinion. From there, I max my E as fast as possible, because it allows for excellent creep control as well as the Amumu auto-zone, a technique I'll cover later. Take alternate points in your W and E taking ult whenever possible as always. Theres no need to take any early points in your stun because its simply not designed to be used that way. Its a fantastic initiator in lane, use it as that, not as an AP nuke.

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Alright I'm just gonna run down my list quick and explain everything.
Regrowth Pendant: Gotta be the best opening item for Amumu. Combined with a mana potion, lets you lane as long as you want, and it builds into Philosopher's really quick.
Philosopher's Stone: Great item early on, as it counters the mana cost of your W, making the zoning even easier.
Boots of Swiftness: You're gonna want to be pretty freaking fast with Amumu. Be it for ganks or for chasing down enemies so you can cry on them, speed is absolutely necessary. These are really the only boots you should need to get.
Banshee's Veil: Early Banshee's is a great way to shut down enemy mages. Depending on how your lane is going you can get the Catalyst or the Negatron first, your choice. At this point, you should be late in the laning phase, or juuust moving on from it. Either way, I cant think of a better early item for Amumu.
Sunfire Cape: So hilarious. A beautifully tanky item, and you now have about a trillion sources of damage. Walk into a creep wave with your W and E going and the stream of red numbers that results is hilarious. But seriously, you become so insanely scary when you're close to someone that enemies will naturally shy away from you at this point. If they don't, show them why the should.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Now this item is interesting. The AP does scale with all of Amumu's abilities, but thats not the big reason why I suggest it. The health combined with the slow is a devastative combo. The one thing Amumu lacks is a natural slow. With Rylai's, you can chase enemies forever, dealing allllll those different sources of damage we just talked about. Scary stuff.

Now you may notice I only put five items here. This is because the sixth item in your build should be individual to the game you are in. Any game where you have enough time and gold to afford a large sixth item is a longer game, where itemizing is very important. Therefore, this last item should be chosen depending on the other team comp. I will make a few suggestions though: Quicksilver Sash, Abyssal Scepter, and Lich Bane are fun ones to take late game.

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Lets break this down.

Early Game: You're freaking crazy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Amumu pre-level six is one of my favorite parts of this game. You can hit someone from halfway across the lane with a stun, and then just standing near them deals insane damage. Give your laning partner a ping or two before you go at it and you two should have no trouble at all dispatching squishies on the other team. That said, there are some other things to note besides this:

Farming. Amumu has a remarkable ability to farm considering his large amounts of AOE damage. That said, unless your partner is a true support, you should not be farming. Your job is to get assists, not creep. Let your DPS laning partner handle that one. Your job is this.

The Amumu Auto-Zone. Good stuff. Amumu naturally comes with lots of damage around himself. This scares the buhjeesus out of a lot of enemy squishies, as I'm sure many of you have experienced. Use this to your advantage. Just by standing around their mage creeps, you can effectively push the other team out of last hit range, and on a good day, out of experience completely. Should they decide to attack you, remember who you are. Stun one and let your partner get in close, and cry all over their sorry ***es.

Mid-Late Game: As soon as Amumu hits level six, he becomes one of the most devastating champions in the game. Teamfights are paced as he wants them to be. Use this to your advantage. If you see a good time to fight, go for it. Pull yourself in with bandage and give your team just a second to catch up. The other team will likely beat on you here, but you're a tank. Deal with it. Ult as many people as you can when your team is in range and start pressing the E key as fast as your hands can go. With any amount of damage, your team should be able to pick off a few squishies on the other team before they have a chance to move, at which point the fight is basically over. Repeat this process essentially until the games over.

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Just keep in mind that Amumu is a tank. Despite how much I talk about his glorious damage output and whatnot, you should not be the one getting all the kills. Give those to your carry. This can be challenging with all those different ways to deal damage, but try your best.

Concerning Ranked Play: Unfortunately, much of the world recognizes how insane Amumu is, and once they reach 30, can't wait to ban him. Amumu is very often banned in ranked play I'm afraid. If someone does not ban him, show them why they should have.

Anyways, have a good time guys. Even if you can't do ****, just stick through it. Regardless of fedness or not, you can still stun their entire team.