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League of Legends Build Guide Author noam123412

Amumu the tanky dps

noam123412 Last updated on April 16, 2011
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Hello all Amumu players out there! I give you the new (no not really new but I can barely see anyone do it) way to play Amumu! No more invincibly annoying tank. Instead of getting the damage let's deal it!

So let's get down to business.

One more thing this build is for Amumu playing in lane not jungling. I guess it can be converted but I will be honest I just can't pull jungling off and I don't really want to. I'm doing good in lane and I like staying there.

Just one last side note, in this build I will talk about the difference and the advantages and disadvantages of playing Amumu as a DPS not a Tank. This is not a build for new players, first learn how to use Amumu as a tank then get to this build.

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Pros / Cons

1.Still a good tank.
2.Way more damage.
3.90 Magic Pen.
4.An even Better initiator.
5.In good games can become the carry.

1.Much squishier then an all out tank build.
2.Can become useless against good teams with a lot of cc.

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My Item build the main reason I'm even writing this!

core items:

Philosopher's Stone- great hp and mana regeneration Amumu needs them both badly plus that bonus gold, it will help you greatly getting to your real items.
Sunfire cape- in my eyes one of the most important items for Amumu. Great defense and offence works perfectly with despair.

Sorcerer's Shoes- 20 more magic pen adds up greatly with everything else in the build.

Abyssal Scepter- another 20 magic pen but this time all your team benefits from it. plus you get a good amount of magic res and ap.

After that everything I have is a suggestion.

I like Rylai's Crystal Scepter for that extra health and slow so those bastards's won't run away so easily (in case you are waiting for cooldown).

Zhonya's Hourglass is also a very nice item to get. Good armor and Ap, plus that nice active to make yourself invulnerable while they lose even more hp from Despair.

I also like getting Will of the Ancients from time to time it gets you nice spell vamp and a nice Aura to help your team mates.

When that game really goes well I like taking Rabadon's Deathcap to finish them off faster.

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

First of all runes.
Magic Pen is the name of the game for me, so both the Greater Mark of Insight and the Greater Quintessence of Insight are obvious choices for me.

Greater Seal of Clarity: Amumu tends to cry a lot so you have to be able to feed those tears or you'll dry out pretty darn quick.

Greater Glyph of Shielding: Amumu steal needs a lot of tank capabilities so magic res is very important.

I will tell you the truth that's how I build it that's how I like it you can do as you want. You can ignore me completely here it might even be wise I don't know.

Summoner Spells.
Same here I just love both teleport and heal I find myself gaining kills with them.
Do whatever you feel like here. This is what I like.

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Skill Sequence

I always start off with Tantrum nice damage reduction and a good farming ability, which in start are both, extremely important for Amumu. The longer you last in lane the more xp you get and amumu is pretty useless until level 4-5 so you need this! Also Amumu is very item dependent too the more money you get the faster you get to sunfire cape.

After that I take Bandage Toss. You need the ability to fight back and chase those bastards when they start running.

Then get another level or 2 in tantrum so you get that bit more survivability and farming ability. Then max out Despair and of course your ultimate when possible.

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Early game(and a bit after it)

First of start with Regrowth Pendant. It gives you great survivability regenerating 3 hp a sec so don't be afraid to get hit, you'll get that hp back pretty quickly. Get a mana potion if you like, I usually trust on my mana regeneration runes but it is useful. Lane with someone that can do a good amount of damage but won't push creeps too much, Amumu is useless pushing towers.

Play defensive until you get to level 3 when you'll actually be able to do some damage. After that still play defensive but don't be afraid to jump at them when you see the opportunity.

When you get around 700 gold get back to base buying both Philosopher's Stone and Boots of speed.

Save for Giant's belt then wait until you have 1500 gold and go buy Sunfire cape, from this point forward you should start owning, start playing aggressively. Also from this point forward you can kill them blue golem buff very easily so do it whenever you can and get the dragon pretty easily too, the dragon is very important he is a steady stream of income for your team kill him as much as you can!

from now on just follow the build and get items as you feel like the critical part for Amumu is the start when you got that right the game is yours.

if you follow this build in late game you will be able to take 3-4 Champions alone! With your ultimate and both area of effect abilities.

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Yes I know my writing isn't good but I ask you to read it and try it out.

I'm not competing for the best writer but I do think I got one of the best offensive builds for Amumu.

So if you want a good offensive Amumu build Try this out if you want a player's guild to how to play Amumu go look somewhere else.