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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fornever

Amumu, the Underdog

Fornever Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Tank Amumu/Dps Amumu

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 9

- This is a guide, not a build. Building any champion is situational, this is just to help start you off. Also, skill makes you do well, not a build.
- Thank you ahead of time if you read my guide, I encourage you to rate on your honest opinion. If you rate up or down, i'd like you to leave a comment saying why. Thank you.

Abbreviated Terms
AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
DPS(er) = Strong Auto-attacker
CC = Crowd Control
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
OOM = Out of Mana
MP = Mana
HP = Health
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

Amumu the Sad Mummy

Why play Amumu?
I don't think theres any group who wouldn't need him. He's one of the best tanks, with that AoE stun ult. Especially nice if your team doesn't have too much AoE. Also he's extremely cheap being only 1350 IP in the store. So even if you just want to try him, you won't have to complain about how much you spent on him if you don't like him.

Tank Amumu

    High Health
    Good CC
    Great for team fights
    Pretty good damage
    Great farmer
    Extremely cute
    Tank destroyer

    No mana means your useless
    Can't push at all
    Cooldown Dependant
    Hard to master
    Terribad dance

- First, I start with You won't be able to buy a pot but thats fine, the health regen will keep you alive.
- As soon as you get 365 gold, go back to buy your Philosopher's Stone for the health regen since you don't have pots, and mana regen so you don't run out so much and you can stay in lane longer.
- Now why did I choose ? I really didn't, I change my boots for every team comp. If theres more melee, I get , if theres more casters, I get , and if theres really not much of a threat i'll get
- Really, you can put this item off until you HAVE to go back, but the next item is for the health, and because its leading up to your most important item,
- Why is this your most important item? Because Amumu is very AoE proficient, and this adds to that, also giving much wanted health and Armor. Even if there isn't any Melee on the enemy team I would recommend this. Helps in team fights aswell.
- Now theres some options, if theres some casters bothering you, you can either get or what I prefer, which is because I enjoy high health, so its kind of good against melee and casters simply because of the health.
- is just for added health and health regen, if you don't like this or don't need it you could go for something else like another or even a since Amumu doesn't have a slow. Plus some ability power is nice.
- Guardian's Angel if your never dying, then feel free to replace this with whatever you feel like getting. My only other recommendations though are if your doing very well, then get an ability power item such as

Now being a tank, either you or the support are going to have to buy the wards so your carries don't have to. So I like to buy them after I get my if there is stealthies on the opposing team, buy if not then buy sight ward. Some good placements are__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Summoner Spells:

One of the most Viable options, good for getting away if your not slowed, which is why this goes good with . This is my personal favorite for Amumu, because if somebody flashes for you, you can bandage toss them and keep running with . In the long run, unless you're slowed, will out-run , but thats why you get both, so you're now pretty much a flee. ;D

If you just got slowed when you used , then you can and by the time they catch up the slow will be over and you'll be ghosting away. Mostly for "Oh ****" situations. You could even through walls to get away, the ultimate annoyance. Why do so many people like ? Because it can get you out of the most sticky situations, almost 70% of the time. Great for getting yourself into position for a teamfight as well.

Other options:

Compliments ghost, or maybe you just don't like . (Who doesn't like ?) Also helps getting out of sticky situations where you're stunned or something. Also, it gets rid of every debuff on your, not just one. So it can save you from say ult/ignite combo.

Amumu is basically support anyway, so why not support your team some more? is great for finding the enemy and ganking them. Or if your team doesn't have wards, or they just ran out of time. You can some common spots where you think the enemy might be, such as: Enemy red buff, enemy blue buff, Baron, Dragon, side brush. Its saved me from running into many ganks. Especially useful on Twisted Treeline.


What your going to initiate the fight with, its a stun with a range. Saves teammates, and ****s over enemies. This can also be used through trees and walls to pull yourself through them if you have enemies on the other side. I'd recommend going into some practice games and practicing with this, it would help you, and your team very much.

Takes out a percentage of enemies health in a nearby radius. What makes Amumu able to take down even tanks easy, also makes him a great Jungler. Activate this right before you initiate with even on squishies it should be used, the extra damage helps and goes well with your

The spam ability. You take less damage passively, and activate to do a good amount of AoE damage. Use this every time its up on enemy champions, unless they're running. It has a cast time so it might be hard to catch up if you use it while chasing.

What makes Amumu so valuable. An AoE stun that does quite the damage. Used along-side with Tantrum and Despair you can take someone down quick, or a whole team.

Amumu is definitely a tank, and with that said he does enough damage so he doesn't need to go into the offensive masteries. He just needs as much health, money, and mana regen as possible.
Also, you could take the point out of Meditation and put it into anything you want.

Greater Mark of Vitality

All seems pretty standard and self-explanatory. Just tried to keep all primary runes, and maximize survivability as well as some damage. Thanks to Searz

Who you want to lane with:

Any strong dps, preferably ranged. (Amumu's passive reduces magic resist, mages are best to lane with)

Vlad, Ryze, Teemo, Malzahar, Corki, Miss Fortune, Twitch, etc.

Who you want to lane against:

Any tank, or squishy. Somebody with little CC.
You can take out tanks quick with your despair, and just stun any squishy while your lane partner bursts him down.

Early Game
Farm minions, if your minions push too far go jungle a little bit. Your lane presence doesn't mean much because everybody overlooks Amumu. Now, how to harass with Amumu? Stay in front of your creeps so they can't get exp, if they come too close and try getting creep kills, you should have up so just until they run away. Just deprive the enemy of their exp.

Middle Game
Should have your first , at least. People should be grouping up and ganking now. Being the tank, you're the initiator, when you see the enemy, turn on then run in and someone, preferably a carry.

Late Game
Most likely working on your or even . This is where the most fun comes in, where people are targeting you now because you've pissed them off with your while your carries take them down.
- How to go about a team fight: Don't ult until they're about 50-75% hp, unless your team is taking too much damage. Keep up at all times, and as much as you can. If somebody is doing too much damage, should stun them long enough to make a difference.

Good combo
-> -> -> -> til' dead.

Note: If you want a hybrid tank/dps Amumu, you can mix these two builds and just be creative.

DPS Amumu

    High Health
    Great for team fights
    Great farmer
    Annoying to the enemy team

    Cooldown Dependant
    Bad early game champion
    Hard to play

- For items, I like to start with a , same as the tank build.
- And of course I build it into a Philosopher's Stone for the much needed mana regen and gold. Amumu isn't too great if he doesn't have a lot of gold.
- Amumu is pretty slow so as soon as I get enough money I go get that build into for the magic pen, which is one of Amumu's main sources of damage.
- Depending on how the game is going, get something to lead up to If the game is going good, get first, if its going bad, get a first to lead up to your I like this item because its got ability power to do damage, health to just be annoying, and a slow so they don't get away, plus Amumu has no slow.
- Now I never start with a Catalyst the Protector first to lead up to my because by the time you've got your you'll have enough health, in which case you need more ability power because you can never have too much. So get your first and lead it into your
- Now if you can't get in one trip back, pick up a Kage's Lucky Pick for the gold and ability power. The gold is what makes it worth it over Now, with , people commonly make the mistake to use it when their target is almost dead. WRONG. It does a % of your target's current HP, so it's best to use it after your
- And of course the infamous for the amazing ability power. Now, which item to get first to lead into your ? Just get whichever item you have enough gold to get.

Summoner Spells:

This goes on just about everyone one of my characters, I love it. Great for catching up or running away, and it out-runs . You could swap this for without a problem though, it's really just personal preference.

We're trying to be as DPS-like as possible, and since Amumu doesn't have a DoT, why not give him one?

Other options:

Instead of getting a Philosopher's Stone, you could get Clarity. The Philosopher's Stone is cheap so I went with it, and it gives gold per 10 seconds. I also like to pick up what lacks from my character as summoner spells.

Maybe you wanna chase even more, Amumu doesn't have a slow so Exhaust wouldn't be a bad option. Definitely not the best though. The miss isn't that important 1v1 but if someone is destroying your carry it could be useful.

Mage type champions don't get much benefit from the offence tree, and utility gives us cooldown reduction and much needed mana regen.


Again, pretty self explanatory.

Who you want to lane with:
A stunner/slower. Preferably ranged/mage.
Ex: Ryze, Morgana, Anivia, etc. Vlad if you want two dps/tanks in a lane. (I know Vlad isn't a stun/slow)

Who you want to lane against:
Any melee dps, preferably without a stun.
Ex: Master Yi, Akali, Dr. Mundo, Shen, Kassadin, Olaf, etc.

Early Game
Get as much exp and gold as possible, run closer to the enemy so your lane partner can harass without being hit.

Mid Game
By now you should have your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and maybe even Rod of Ages. Now you're a pain in the opponents ***, start ganking. You can initiate if you want, but the rest of your team needs to be damn close if you do.

Late Game
Late game you should be a monster, stunning your opponents and spamming Tantrum while Despair ticks their health away. Amumu is kind of like Singed, a dps/tank thats melee but uses ability power. Even with a DPS Amumu, Amumu is still very team oriented, you want to stick with your team for maximum effectiveness. Don't waste your ult on a single target, try for 3+.

-> -> -> -> spam.