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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beasthandle

Amumu's Melting Faces - The Complete Guide

Beasthandle Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Why Amumu?

-Amazing Tank that drops a ridiculous amount of dps
-Great in 1v1s mid to late game
-Literary melts heath bars away
-Can single handedly turn every team fight around with a proper placed ultimate

-Slow start


Bandage Toss
Learning how to properly aim this is essential to being a successful Amumu. Just like all skill shots it has a travel time. You'll have to learn to lead and sometimes predict how and where people move. Landing this as an initiator or while chasing usually is the difference in securing a kill. This is always a terrain manipulator, learning the spots you can pull through walls is a huge plus. It can leave you with an escape root and so sweet pulls to stop runners in their tracks.

This is what makes Amumu a killer, combine this with 2 or 3 sunfire capes and you can watch the health bars tick away. A very strong anti-tank skill and when I say strong I mean scary strong, overconfident tanks will get shot down by this skill, all the while you melt the squishy's away. The sustained dps this provides should leave you on top of 90% your 1v1 battles (Mid to late game) regardless of enemy champion.

Your farm skill with a decent passive combined with masteries will have melee creeps hitting you for zero and reseting the cooldown rapidly. A solid dps boost in team fights, especially if your being focused.

Curse of the Sad Mummy
Amumu's bread and butter. Nothing like a bandage toss to initiate, a flash in between their whole team, then dropping the curse. With a solid team this skill should win you your teamfights. Don't be afraid to pop this to ensure a single kill, or to get away from a bad spot. Besides, you get cooldowns back but you can't get kills or deaths back.

*As a side note:
While learning Amumu or even veterans of Amumu you have to make sure your not initiating to far away from your team, this will get you and your team killed.
Communication is a must! If your ults on CD and your about to throw down let your team know!
Lastly, Don't be afraid to die! But when you do make sure the other team is going with you.

Skill Order

Tantrum maxed first over despair
Reason is simple, an early 4 or 5 skilled tantrum will let you farm not only effectively but rapidly. The sustained dps from despair is nice but for farming you want to be in and out. In mid and late game there is a lot of downtime. Use this time wisely to rack up the gold. Also, despairs dps is weak early to mid game due to lower heath pools.

Rank 1 Bandage Toss
The damage is irrelevant and the cooldown reduction is nothing to get excited about. Over any other skill you can level this fails in comparison.


This build will run you around 12,000 gold total. When you have extra gold buy wards. They are cheap and can win games for you.

*Last 3 Items are in no particular order. Get what you feel is needed more!

Starting Item
I have started games with a wide variety of items. Dorans shield gives you everything you need and combined with Clarity you will have massive lane staying power. The longer your in a lane the faster you level and the more you can farm. Which you will need to be doing a lot of.

Rush your first Sunfire
Once you get 1 of these and are level 6+ you can gank and start to put points on the board all while your farming the jungle. If their team is composed of mostly magic you can substitute this out for a rushed force of nature or guardians angel. But even then it is rarely the case and I wouldn't recommend it.

Your call, 90% of the games I go with Tabi's, the other 2 options would be Mercury's Threads and Swiftness. But all in all rarely do I find myself in need of the reduced CC duration. Swiftness is nice, but that extra dodge and armor from Tabi's is a lot more helpful.

Guardians Angel
A solid choice for every champion. Good stats for tanking and an awesome passive. Only get this if your struggling staying alive. If they can't kill you go ahead and pick up the next listed item before this.

Force of Nature
Compared to Banshees Vail it holds more magic resist, movement speed, and lots of health Regen.

Amumu can take some massive hits with this build and live to tell about it.

Situation Items

Rod of Ages
Good stats all around. Problem is unless you get this first or you have a epic long game it becomes worthless. This first over a sunfire cape is not a good call. If your not getting this as your first item, not much reason to get it at all since it takes a while to beef up.

Rylai's Scepter
Slowing tears is fun.

Abyssal Scepter
More magic resist is always welcomed, combined with your passive late game can leave non tanks with 0 magic resist.

Items to skip

Chalice of Harmony
You have Clarity for a reason.

Philosopher's Stone
Amumu doesn't depend on the Regen this provides, and the extra gold is nice but not extraordinary. Spending the extra gold on this pushes your cape farther away. Not recommended.

Full AP Items
Unless the other team is just god awful your first job is to tank. Second is to Dps. Ap Items that don't contribute in some way to your tanking capabilities need to be left alone.

Summoner Spells

I know what your thinking...Clarity?...really? I've ran with just about any combo of summoner spells you can think of. The combo of the next 2 stood out game after game.

Amumu is a very mana hungry champion! Before I started using Clarity I was always in a situation were I didn't quite have enough mana to pull of a kill or continue farming. Thinking the whole time, "Man, if I only had more mana". Forcing me to either dish out the money for a chalice or to recall, Clarity solved this problem. It gives you ganking power when its up, as you will be able to pop despair, bandage or flash in and hit your Ult/Tantrum. Between level 6 and 10 doing this combo will leave you will little to no mana. Pop clarity while they are stunned and boom, now you have a full mana pool and can chase the runners or be able to stay and continue farming. Gives a huge boost to early game which is needed. Also with Clarity talented it's a nice boost to your team as well. People feel confident with a full mana pool, and this can provide that feeling.

There are 2 reasons I prefer this over Ghost. First, It's a instant cast that clears ground 3 or 4 seconds quicker then ghost can. Second, a terrain manipulator. This can help you chase down the champions that escaped the battle. Which is why I love this with Amumu, flash into a fleeing champion with despair ticking means free clean up kill.

Clarity and Flash net me more gold and kills then any other 2 spells combined.

Other Options

Not a bad option, and I have it as a number 3 pick up. Can go offensively and defensively. Still, for Amumu Flash will beat out Ghost in every way.

Can help you farm and get you to where you need to be for team fights in a hurry. Not an amazing choice since Amumu is terrible at soloing towers.

Can let you finish kills early game and a good complement with despair, overall I wouldn't worry about picking this up.

Haven't used this with Amumu too often. Never really felt needed, leave it for your lane partner.

Only for full jungle builds.

To Avoid

Unless your feeding, just don't

No with some no on the side

Weak late game

These are very situational, leave them for the support players


Straight Magic pen. here. No other options. Gives you a solid dps boost.

There are a few choices here:
Flat Hp or Hp per. level
MP5 (If you dropped Clarity)

If your not using dodge seals drop the dodge mastery and pick up something else.

Two choices:
Magic Resist
Cooldown reduction

A case can be made for MR, but overall the extra CDR will benefit you more.

Flat health, with dorans will put u around 835 hp to start the game. This helps counter Amumu's slow start.

Neutral Monsters: The Jungle is a huge part to playing Amumu. You can take down the smaller camps very fast. If they are up and your passing by go ahead and stop for a second for some free gold and Xp. Around 5 or 6 you can hit up the jungle and grab blue and red buffs plus clear the place out. Just make sure your not leaving you lane to be farmed or your tower to be downed.

Golem or 'Blue Buff'
Golem plays a huge role in Amumu's game play. Whenever possible pick this up. It allows you to have despair ticking at all times and a huge amount of cooldown reduction. If someone else asks for it go ahead and help them get it. You do have Clarity and your teammates will love you for it.

Lizard or'Red Buff'
If your around and its up stop to pick it up. It's helpful but you can live without it. Pass it to physical carry whenever possible. Try to keep it out of the other teams hands.

You can solo dragon around 9 or 10, with a teammate at 6 or 7. I'd recommend a heath pot just to ensure you don't die. He spawns at 2:30 game**** and is around a 5 or 6 minute re-spawn after he is killed (Not sure of exact time). Keep a eye on that game clock. Controlling him can lead to an early advantage in gold and Xp.

Play Style

Early Game
If Amumu has a weakness, its here. Even with his slow start paring up with another stun or disabler can net you some early kills. But be cautious, your attack speed is **** and more often then not champions will get away. Try to last hit with tantrum as often as you can.

This is where Amumu starts to pick up. By now you have a sunfire or two and can farm quickly. Make sure your team doesn't pick a team fight without you and try to land some ganks whenever possible.

Late Game
By late game your a full blown ball of fire that can soak up hits with the best of them. If your team isn't winning your team fights your not doing your job. Be aggressive at this point if you haven't already been. You will be surprised how many champions you can take on without being destroyed in seconds, even in non-feed games.

(More to Come)

Good luck!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away! Thanks for reading my first guide.