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League of Legends Build Guide Author shinigamibb


shinigamibb Last updated on June 16, 2011
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solo on 3 vs 3

dont try to go solo against jax or udyr (they are the worst enemies of anivia at early and late game

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Pros / Cons

-Very high burstdamage output
-Easy farmer
-Wonderfull supporter both offensively and deffensively

-very hard to play/master
-in some ways squishy
-very mana reliant
-has high burst damage but not allot of sustained damage.

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Summoner Spells

i choosed heal and clarity because with your heal us anivia . for your enemies it can be mostly impossible too kill you because u have one of the best passives on the game. so this can give you time too run into your turret when they are trying too kill you in gangs...
clarity is a good choice because at early game you will need it if u want too play an aggresive game and going in your spawn every 4 minutes..
so while your enemies will be in their base (because they have 2 )
you can be healed easyly and push your lane (alone)

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Skill Sequence

well . i believe that anivia have very good skills .. 1. your combo and the most dangerus for your enemys . flash frost with frost bite (be sure that when you use it your enemy is frosted)

2.crystalize you can easily run away through jungle because you can block the path of your enemies.. you can also save your teammates but becarful it is easy too destroy your team with this skill

3. your ulti slows and do damage too yout enemies per second. (it have low mana cost so relax and use it when u have too) you can also farm easily with this skill because it have a very small cooldown
You can see this as a second health bar, though during these six seconds youre unable to act or do anything and are mostly focused by everyone on the opposing side. When you find yourself in a situation that youre destined to die from(when you go into an egg), try to find the possible safety of your team. And hope that they dont focus you when are in egg form during the team battle. Usually when you die and there is no one from you is team nearby the egg wont help.

Flash Frost
The opening ability of anivia simply put :P.

Again just like frostbite this ability has 2 sets of damage.
1-when flying it does the first half of the damage and slowing him
2-when it lands it does the second half of the damage + stunning and slowing him
How it works, just like most cast in a direction abilities you point a direction you want to fire it at (usually I pick the direction where the enemy is at xD ). You fire the ability towards the destination you have chosen, and when you feel like it has to stop you press the ability again. The Key with this ability is to put it directly in the enemys path. Anticipation is required, you need to guess what youre opponents is going to do in order to use this ability to its full potential. When you have successfully put Flash frost in the path of an enemy its not done yet. Now you need to time the exact moment to get both the damage from the first half of the ability, and the second half (numbers 1 and 2).

I time this by a visual reference, I wait for the moment that flash frost is just behind the target before I let it land. Since in order to get the first half of the damage, Flash frost first needs to pass thru the enemy, if you let Flash frost land when its directly on the target, It only gets the second set of damage resulting in a loss of 50% of the damage you could have done. When youre escaping on the other hand its more useful to let it detonate on the target then behind the target since damage isnt youre concern at that time. After you get the ice effect on the wanted target you move in range for Frost bite, be careful though since this requires you 2 move into close range. But most opponents are already ****ting their pants since they know that youre going to hurt them bad xD

The most useful ability anivia has, in my honest opinion. This wall can be used to block entire forest lanes and split teams in half, this can be a decisive factor.

Ice ice babyyyyy, just love this ability. Its a tide turner, it can act both as a vision ward and as a lane blocker. In advance I will explain why I pick this later on in my ability list and only 2 ranks before level 10. The main reason is it offers the same thing imo at almost all the levels of the ability (yes I know it increases in size), the wall will just keep its function and only slightly increases its usefulness since you cant block entire creep lanes with it, but you can block forest lanes with a good placed rank 2/3 Crystallize wall. So there is no reason in my opinion to get this ability up fully at first. I fully agree with getting 1 or 2 ranks of it but thats all you need.

Why get it at level 3 or level 8 ?(look at skill list) I get it at level 3 when Im not middle lane solo and either top or down with someone else. And I get it at level 8 when Im mid solo lane.

Level 3 crystallize : When Im not soloing and up or down Im allot more vulnerable than In a mid solo lane(sounds strange but thats how I experience it). I get crystallize at level 3 because it both gives me a shield from potential melee targets and because it gives information. When you put it in the high grass it reveals whats inside of the grass. Giving you valuable information of what youre enemy is doing and where youre enemy is located, this is key to warn yourself and others of a possible gank. This is my primary use of this ability throughout the game (using it as a sort of clairvoyance)

Level 8 crystallize: When Im soloing mid I rarely pick it before I reach level 8, since I dont find any use for it. 90% of the time youre opponent is a range in mid solo lane and planting a crystallize wall behind him to block his path is almost impossible, or even risky for you since you expose yourself while doing so. I can understand it if you use it to block youre opponent after a successful combo move, but usually if youre opponent has enough health left he will just run away since the combo moves are the only way anivia can do allot of damage. And you will have to auto attack him down, and the crystallize might give you 1 maybe 2 extra hits at its max. From my 200 + games as anivia being I saw no use for picking a early crystallize when soloing mid. (if you think/experience different be happy to pick it earlier or at level 3 like I do when partnered with someone else)

General use of crystallize.
I explained that you can use it as both a lane blocker and as a vision ward (clairvoyance). Now how to use it in the best way to get either, the result that you blocked enemys or gave useful information by using it as a vision ward.
First off how does the skill work, its different to most abilitys that you just point in a direction it and it does the rest. With crystallize you need to place yourself(youre hero) correctly first in order to be lined up perfectly to get the desired effect. The general mechanic of how Crystallize works is like this.
imagine a long line,

and in the middle of that line is a dot this dot is connected with you. And moves parallel with you, where ever you put the dot the line will be both as long on both sides of the dot. Try to think of it like a Clock that has a stick attached at its pointer at a 90degree angle, where ever you point the pointer the stick will keep a 90degree angle towards the pointer. Its hard to explain with my limited amount of knowledge of the English language. So my apologies for that.

Blocking enemies: this is how most anivia players use it. The idea behind blocking enemys with this ability is stopping them in ones movement or separating them from their teammates during team fights. This is done by putting the wall between 2 obstacles. This can be successfully done with a rank 2/3 crystallize in forest lanes. But doesnt work fully on creep lanes, since those lanes are just too wide. But what you can do when you want to block off an escape route or tunnel them to a certain location so you can cast youre combo moves on that spot. Is by putting the wall with 1 end of it against one of the outer walls of the creep lane, so that they have to cross on the other side. Effectively forcing those to make an unwanted turn that can turn into yoUre advantage.

Vision wards (clairvoyance): This way of using crystallize is unknown to most anivia players.(from what I have seen) As explained earlier you use crystallize to gain information(vision) in a certain area previously hidden by fog of war. You gain this by placing part of the wall in the area you want to see, and it reveals it just like a vision ward for a short period of time. There are several ways of using this effectively.
You can either just plainly put the wall in the area where you want it to be. But you can also use the terrain to your advantage, since crystallize jumps over obstacles and walls. And can reveal both sides of a wall if placed directly into a wall/major object. Giving you an effect much like clairvoyance.

The combo ability of anivia this is youre kill shot

This is your main source of damage in hero fights, this is what kills youre opponent most of the time. As you can read from the ability it has 2 sets of damage.
1-normal damage, when the target isnt slowed by an ice effect
2-double damage, when the target is slowed by an ice effect
Anivia has 2 ways of applying an ice effect to a target, thats with Flash frost and with glacial storm.
And since double damage is preferred since you would much rather hit your opponent for 200 then for 100 ^^. Its key to put an ice effect on the target before hitting them with frostbite. When putting a ice effect on a target and hitting them with a Frostbite its a combo move since these 2 moves naturally follow each other.

Glacial Storm
Lovely farming ability, but keep an eye on it, it drains you dry within seconds.

how it works:
You target an area within youre casting area and cast the ability, and cast it again to turn it off. It deals a fixed amount of damage every second for as long as you have mana and are close to the location where you casted it. Turning it off at the correct time is a must, this can drain you within a couple of seconds if you dont have allot of mana or regen to recover it. I mainly use it in short bursts in order to execute the combo move with frost bite. Or as deterrent to scare opponents off or halt their advance by slowing them. I also use it primarily to farm creep waves, since you can annihilate creep waves with just this cast for a few seconds. Though keep an eye on youre mana and should be used wisely early/midgame.

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dont use abillitiew to minions till level 3 . because u need your mana for attacking enemies...
and always keep some mana. to get away when they try too gang u