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Anivia Build Guide by hrffd

AP Carry Anivia Build - Articuno

By hrffd | Updated on November 1, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Ability Order


This is pretty much a build I have been putting together myself from playing Anivia for a while. From her appearance and so much frost damage, I think Articuno set it as a nice name.

The point of this build is pretty much to have people tell me what is wrong with it and why. The ONLY downside I see to it is that she of course takes too much damage (but it's Anivia), and that some items may cost too much money near the start.

Leave me some feedback please, i'll continue to update the build to my liking anyways, just AP damage :)
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Summoner Spells

The reason I choose ignite over anything else is obvious. Anivia can't exactly burst someone or 1 hit them, ignite can take them down for that little health they might have left after a Q - R - E combo.

As for Ghost, I will probably get criticized for it. I feel Flash on Anivia isn't exactly the best because she is so slow. And if she even gets slowed/stunned, she's done. So ghost might be able to help her get away faster after a Wall + ult slow and maybe a stun thrown back.
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When going mid lane, most people grab boots and 3 health pots. Because Anivia is so mana dependent, I think sapphire crystal rules over boots because she's slow anyways.

Get the tear as soon as possible for mana regen, and to start off your ability/mana buildup for archangel staffs passive, since it carries over.
Then we go to Archangel staff. It may cost a lot early game, but it's amazing for your ability power buildup late game.

The chalice is really good early game because it helps pool your mana as you use it, especially when you harass your lane. You can go straight Tear - Goddess if you think it would be better, then archangel staff after since you won't be missing much with it early game.

Rest will be filled in, in a while.
League of Legends Build Guide Author hrffd
hrffd Anivia Guide

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Anivia Build - Articuno