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Anivia-Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Anivia-Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Updated on June 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 1 5 5,276 Views 8 Comments
1 5 5,276 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 Updated on June 5, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse



This build has a purpose that I think Anivia could definitely accel in if given the opportunity. Anivia's Passive, Rebirth, allows Anivia to be resurrected after her health reaches 0. This Passive has a cooldown, however, it still surprises any attacker to a great extent if the timing is right. This build provides a good look into how I use Anivia's Passive against my opponents to beat them with the element of surprise by being both potent in my AP and being able to take more punishment than my foes expect. This build is how "I" play Anivia and is experimental. This is a build for those who aren't afraid to step outside the box. Enjoy.
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Pros / Cons

Before I start this build, I find it necessary to tell the reader what I think is good about my build and what may need revising.

1. Good Mid
2. Able to take a lot of punishment
3. Has good escaping abilities

1. takes time to get used to
2. Mana Dependant
3. Mejai's Soulstealer

Pros- I find that this build has a few aspects that you won't find in any other builds. The first aspect is the ability to take a lot of punishment. You're probably asking yourself why Anivia, a caster, would need this. I think that it is very beneficial to Anivia's Passive. By stacking armor, magic resist, and a little AP, Anivia is a worthy foe

Cons- This is where you as the viewer might be getting skeptical as to what I'm doing. This is where you can take notes and think about how you can make the build better. This is the place to do it. The main problem with this build to me, is mana. Although you get it through Frozen Heart, it is still listed as my last item. I would recommend using the Chalice of Harmony or Archangel's staff in early game as a solution. The Mejai's Soulstealer is one of the most powerful Ability Power items in the entire game if used to its full potential. I put this as my first item because Anivia does get a lot of kills. So, by making her more durable, she does not lose Soulstealer stacks. This makes her more potent and have quite a bit of AP perhaps by mid game.
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With my Runes, I try to supply that extra Utility that I don't get from my items. So, I try to base my Runes offensively for a better early-game. I start out with Greater Marks of Insight. This supplies good Magic Pen that you would get from a pair of Sorcerer's Boots. This gives you about the same power that you would have and more. Next, I move into my Yellows making sure to get the Greater Seal of Clarity. This gives Anivia that desperately needed Mana regen that I don't put in the Items. I would almost recommend making more arrangements to put these mana runes into the build more. Then of course, I move into cooldowns making sure to grab the Greater Glyph of Focus for that standard-caster cooldown reduction. Lastly, I move into the infamous Flat-Health Quintessences that I love so much. It just provides an all-around more durable game.

I did put the Greater Glyph of Intellect in the main description as a hint that you may want to use that for mana issues.
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For my masteries, I go 9-0-21. I make sure to grab spell pen and cooldowns in my offensive tree. In my Utility tree, I did something I little crazy near the top. I needed the mana, but I also needed 21 masteries. I made a happy medium and still gave myself a little death reduction time and some Preservance. Next I got a little left over masteries to use on experience gain. The main thing here is Expanded Mind which gives you mana that you otherwise wouldn't get. Next, I get my movement speed and Flash cooldown reduction. I then finish by simply getting my Cooldown Reduction. These should prove to be pretty good mastery choices.
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This is where I'm always afraid that I'm Dr. Frankenstein, looking at what I've created. I have one thing to say......It's alive. Anivia is alive.

Items- I start off with an Amplifying Tome to later become my Mejai's Soulstealer. This supplies my early form of ability power that modifies almost all of Anivia's moves. I grab the health pot right out of spawn for some healing. Next, In get Mercury Treads. This is to supply an amount of Magic Resistance to be a ,for lack of a better word, tanky Anivia. This is what will hit your opponents off guard and will ensure your epicness. Aside from helping with status effects, it helps with your movement speed. The reason I made the build is next. The Guardian Angel supplies an immense amount of armor and gives you a second life. This literally gives Anivia 3 deaths before 1 of them actually works. It's fantastic and I like that strategy behind it.

Next, move onto the Void Staff. I love this item because it's like a Last Whisper, but with Ability Power. It's an all-around great AP item and it gives you that extra kick to your moves when needed most.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an absolute mush on Anivia. It supplies armor and ability power. Aside from Anivia more durable, it gives her the active skill of clearcasting. Rendering you almost invincible, this makes for a good 2nd Cleanse when in team-fights. It is perfect for getting out of scummy debuffs and annoying crowd control effects.

Finally, I finish with Frozen Heart. this supplies more armor and mana to add to Anivia's already pwnage get-up. I like this item because it not only gives you more mana, but more resistance. I think that this is an important aspect of my Anivia.

Alternatives- I think that Magic-Resist may come off short in the end. If you're going against a magic-heavy team, you may want to pull a little swap and replace the Hourglass with the Abyssal Scepter.
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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is nothing out of the ordinary on Anivia. I get all 3 skills first. I don't see the point in maxing your wall at first. It grows wider in rank, buy your damage is more crucial. I then alternate between Flash Frost and Frostbite. These two abilities prove to be your main damage out put. Flash Frost's stun will prove useful in team fights, and Frostbite will be that good nuke that nobody sees coming. Lastly, I level up my Ultimate whenever possible. This is common knowledge and I stick to it.
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Summoner Spells

When you look at Summoner Spells, you already see some that are pretty interchangeable. It go's down to what you want to accomplish and what suits you.

For this build, I use Flash and Cleanse. Cleanse supplies that status-effect freebie that lets you escape if exhausted or slowed. Because Anivia is usually very squishy, this may prove to be a useful tool. I get Flash next as an escaping and catching ability. It's possibilities are endless and so are its uses. I like this spell on a lot of the squishier champions that I play. It provides a good Defense and a good Offense.

Spells That You May Consider
Ghost- this is a big one. It is interchangeable with flash. It gives you that movespeed that may be crucial to your escape. I just think it's nice to have a better offense where you can just Flash, cast, then leave. It's all a matter of personal preference

Ignite- This can always help with Anivia's damage output. I like to use this on casters a lot. Always a good choice on Anivia.

Teleport- If you're laning in mid, it may be beneficial to have this in case the person that you're laning against never takes the blue pill. This can be useful for map control as well

The "NO NO" Spells

Smite- There is no point. Your Ult can farm the **** out of minions

Rally- For the sake of the children, please don't

Clairvoyance- I don't like this spell on Anivia
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That about wraps up this build. I think that this build has what a lot of players are looking for, but I want everyone to please try it before rating it. When early astronomers thought that the world was round, they were ridiculed, but they were right. I want any people who play Anivia to give this build a chance and the benefit of the doubt. It is a fun way to play Anivia and I hope that you all will think so as well.
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Update 1.1 As I have said, this build is getting corrected as it is posted. I took what some of you said into account and realized that just resistances were not enough. That is why there is an updated item purchase at the top. I'll try to satisfy all parties on this one. Just please keep up the feedback and I'll keep trying to make it better.

Update 1.2 I have again tinkered with the build. This time I focused a little more on defense pre-build and a little more on combat stats in-game. I added and Archangel Staff for extra mana that Anivia needs. I also added a Philosopher's Stone because the regen really helps on caster characters. I hope that you guys keep giving me feedback regarding the new build.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1
Awesome Pwnage1 Guide
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Anivia-Champion of the Frozen Wastes

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